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Mages are one more vunerable classes so while leveling always be wary of the creatures that you attack and the aggressive creatures because one wrong move or you gained a creatures aggro, unless you have multiple buffs, your very likely to die. As a mage it is best for you to mostly always fight in creatures that are in your comfort zone (in other words creatures that have a yellow name) because from my experiences I always hated dieing and having to go back the area I was training in (It's just really annoying). Below is a list of creatures you are recommended fighting. However, if you are skilled enough go ahead with fighting the more difficult creatures.

Where to level your Mage

21-25 KQ, Baby bats, Gold slimes, the best way is to get a party(solo works too) and go to the Abyss(go to the battlefield gaurd in elderine near item merchant nina and go to the level 20~ abyss)

26-34 KQ, Moonlight Tomb, also see if you can get a party in Collapsed prison;

35-40 KQ, Burning Hill, Collapsed prison, you can go to Moonlight tomb and solo there if you want;

40-48 KQ, Solo in Goblin Camp; Also try to find a party to Abysmal Summit, or solo, entrance is in Forest Perimeter in Elderine;

49-55 Ancient Elven Woods, Forest Of Slumber, may be hard to find a party; Passage of the Abyss, great exp from mobs, try to find an aoe party

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