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So you have chosen to become a Mage. The Mage is weak of body, but incredibly powerful in the arcane. The advantage of the Mage is the ability to strike down the enemy before they can reach you.

In addition, Mages always cast spells. You will be pressing the keys on your keyboard constantly.



The mage is the powerhouse of Fiesta Online, meaning they do the most damage out of any class. To make up for this extreme damage, they have very low defense and will die the quickest of any class. When soloing, try to remember this.

  • Mages have tons of skills. Use as many as possible before the monster gets to you.
  • While mages have a variety of long-range spells, they also have a few short range spells in case a monster slips by and can be used on multiple monsters at a time.
  • At later levels the mage will get many AoE skills and upgraded versions of their beginning skills. While these are strong, you don't have to stop using your weaker ones either, giving you an arsenal of spells.
  • Most spells require the mage to stand in one spot but they have a few that can be thrown while running. Save these encase a monster gets too close.
  • You get the Dispel spell at later levels, which allows you to remove curses.
  • At later levels, you can use Nightmare to cause a monster to run away if you are taking too much damage.


While mages can solo fine, mages in parties can use their spells without having to run away and not having to worry about their health as much.

  • Remember that Dispel spell? Well, if you have a cleric in the party, you can remove an ailment that afflicts your party without items.
  • Just like an archer, mages can pull monsters back for the fighter to redirect the aggro onto them. Unlike the archer though, mages will deal more damage and might already kill the monster before it gets to the party.


There are two types of weapons for mages: staffs, and wands; both are two-handed weapons. Staffs have less damage, magic damage, and critical% than wands, but they have higher aim and a higher attack rate than wands. Practically, their damages (physical) and attack rates are irrelevant for mages: damages from spells depend on the total magic damage of that cast, while the cast rate depends on the spells casted. Unlike fighters, mages do not have weapon-specific spells.

Choosing between using a staff or a wand

Apart from the above differences, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • When enhanced to +9, the difference between the total damages of the two types of weapons (of the same level) increases significantly
  • The difference in the accuracy of a basic staff and a basic wand of the same level is small, compared to the effects of aim scrolls
  • Green weapons have a variety of mods. Increased aim, base magic damage, critical%, +INT (which adds directly to mdamage), +DEX (which adds directly to aim and evasion), +END (which adds to HP and defense), +SPR (which adds to SP and magic defense), and +STR (useless as far as spells are concerned), are all possible on either a staff or a wand. It is likely, with the right mods, that a green staff is superior in all practical aspects to an NPC wand, or a green wand with less desirable mods (if they are enhanced, the wand will still come out to have more magic damage at +9).
  • Bear in mind that the +END mod also adds to HP and defense; both are highly desirable for mages. The presence of highly desirable mods may take priority over the effective magic damage
  • Dungeon Boss weapons (King Marlone, Zombie King, Giant Goblin King, Chief Guard, Giant Orc Captain, and Giant Harpy prefixes) have elevated aim, magic damage, and critical% compared to NPC ones. Additionally, they may have mods (up to 4 sometimes), some of which will further increase the aim and magic damage of the weapons. Even without taking into account the mods on these weapons, they are effectively green weapons with +INT, +DEX (just the aim), and increased crit%
  • If the staff or the wand is blue, then congratulations! There is really no need to ponder at this stage

The differences between staffs and wands are not as clear-cut as the differences between maces and hammers are, so more thoughts should go into the pick. The best way to do this is to compare the weapons in concern side-by-side. Weapon stats aside, staffs and wands have dramatically different appearances; this may well affect your preference. Also, both weapons, when enhanced to +9, can be either cyan or pink.


Mages Armor

  • Much less defense than any other class, But more magic defense.
  • As you are first starting out I would recommend you keep up to date on all your armor so you can take a few hits from the things you can kill.
  • As you level up you will notice some armor has a green name and that some armor even has stat bonuses. Stat bonus's are what you should look for with any mage here is the best route to go you will also need to be a skilled money maker to afford these items check out the money making guide.

Stats in Armor

  • INT is extra attack power and doesn't everyone need that?
  • END is great! It adds that extra little bit of protection and hp
  • DEX is wonderful for wand user's, if you use a staff you don't really need the extra DEX
  • SPR is more SP and magic defence.
  • Mages never need STR and it is completely useless to any and all mages.

SPR from armor or weapons does not add critical rate!

  • Armor can have more than 1 type of stat bonus, It can have many INT + SPR + END is what i would look for in the armor. These are very rare and will cost a fortune but they are worth every silver you spend on them


Short Guide

For comprehensive skill data, refer to Mage Skills.

Blue denotes Advantages, Red denotes Disadvantages.
Lv means when you can use first level ([01]) of each skills.
Recommended Empowerment: (high) means highly recommended.

Icon Name Lv Cast
Target Additional
Special Effect Note Recommended
Image:Magic_missle_02.png Magic Missle
1 - 1.8 (level 1)
4.0 (level 2+)
1 Enemy Medium 12.0 - - Cooldown (high)
Image:Ice_bolt_01.png Ice Bolt
3 - 15.0 1 Enemy Low 13.5 Decrease target's travel speed
(Higher level is more effective)
Cooldown is shared with Ice Blast -
Image:Fire_bolt_01.png Fire Bolt
5 - 5.0 (level 1)
15.0 (level 2+)
1 Enemy High 12.0 - - Attack
Image:Lightning_bolt_01.png Lightning Bolt
7 - 15.0 1 Enemy Low 12.0 - - -
Image:Magic_burst_01.png Magic Burst 20 - 5.0 Self(AoE) Low - - Cause high aggro Cooldown
Image:Magic_blast_01.png Magic Blast 49 0.6 4.0 1 Enemy Medium 12.0 - - Attack
Image:Ice_blast_01.png Ice Blast 51 0.7 15.0 1 Enemy Low 13.5 Decrease target's travel speed
(More effective than Ice Bolt)
Cooldown is shared with Ice Bolt -
Image:Fire_ball_01.png Fire Ball
53 0.9 15.0 1 Enemy High 12.0 - - Attack
Image:Chain_lightning_01.png Lightning Blast 57 0.8 15.0 1 Enemy Low 12.0 - - -
Image:FrostNova.JPG Frost Nova 60 2.0 15.0 Location(AoE) Very Low 9.0 - 4 hits in 12 sec Cooldown (high)
Image:Inferno.JPG Inferno 67 2.0 40.0 Location(AoE) Low 12.0 - 4 hits in 12 sec Cooldown (high)
Image:Life_tap_01.png Life Tap 20 1.0 15.0 Self - - Convert HP into SP - -
Image:Dispel_01.png Dispel 25 - 30.0 1 Friendly - 13.5 Remove 1 curse or debuff - -
Image:ChainCasting.JPG Chain Casting 60 - 240.0
Self - - Cooldown will be not generated
when you have this buff
- Cooldown
Image:DrainMind.JPG Drain Mind
60 - 90.0
1 Enemy - 12.0 Fear - Duration
Image:Mana_burn_01.png Mana Burn 31 1.0 180.0
1 Enemy Low 15.0 Burns target's SP Can't use on Mobs only PVP -
Image:Purge_01.png Purge 37 - 120.0
1 Enemy - 15.0 Remove 1 buff from target Good for lure (15.0m range) -
Image:Stifle.JPG Stifle 73 - 60.0
1 Enemy - 12.0 Add cast time to target's casting - -
Image:SpellSteal.JPG Steal Spell 79 - 120.0
1 Enemy - 12.0 Steal 1 buff from target - -

Skill Empowerment


  • Basically we should empower attack power or cooldown.
  • When empowering attack power, the effect is proportional to base attack power.
  • Another way is:
  • To fully max the cooldown times in the following order
  • Magic missile - firebolt
  • after firebolt has a maxed cooldown max it's power for the most attack the fastest

Skill Combinations

Basic Combo 1(5-hit): Missle[max]->Ice[max]->Lightning[max]->Fire[max]->Missle[max]

It's the most basic combo.

Basic Combo 2(7-hit): Missle[01]->Ice[max]->Missle[01]->Lightning[max]->Missle[01]->Fire[max]->Missle[01 or max]

It's the advanced combo. You can deal more damage than combo(1) but need more time for cast all spells, and you will maybe get some damage from enemy. It's risky but you can beat monsters faster. If you need more XP than money, it's recommended style.

High DPS Combo(7-hit, decrease cooldown is required in Magic Missle): Missle[max]->Ice[max]->Lightning[max]->Missle[max]->Burst[max]->Fire[max]->Missle[max]

Magic Burst is also useful when you are fighting with only 1 monster for chain skills. This combo has high DPS but you need more SP.

Another combo(9-hit) (from Sheapy): Fire[01]->Missle[01]->Lightning[max]->Missle[01]->Fire[01]->Ice[max]->Missle[01]->Fire[01]->Missle[01]->run around till Missle appears->Fire[01]->Repeat with other bolts

It's 9-hit! however please note certain between Firebolt[01] and Firebolt[max] a considerable difference in attack power. (Especially, if you have high level of fire bolt or empowered its attack power.)

No Damage by Monsters Combo(from IronDe): Ice[max]-> FB1-> Missile[max]-> Lightning[Max](run backwards)-> Blast[max]-> MM1-> FB1-> MM1 Should be dead without it touching you unless your ice didn't effect it. - - This is the perfect combo for INT mages or mages that have no +9 armour.

AoE Combo: Fire[max]->Burst[max]->Missile[01]->Lightning[max]->Missle[01]->Ice[max]->Missle[01]->Burst[max]->Missle[01]->Missle[01]->Missle[01]->Missle[01]->Burst[max]

When you're in a party and have more than two monsters attacking your tank (suggested to be Warrior/Fighter), this helps. It's suggested for use of level 30 or higher players. As long as nobody needs to be running around unless luring/gathering more monsters into the area, this provides extremely fast grinding. This is not for you if you need to rest/house, because there's usually no time to stop in this kind of grinding session. If you're lucky, you'll make more than enough money to compensate for your consumption.
Make sure you have at least 3 to 4 points on cooldown of Fire, or you might have to throw in another Missile[01] before it.

Solo Chain

You can make your own combo up but basicly you slow it down (Ice Bolt) then do damage to the enemy before it gets to you.


Basically this combo works well for the solo mage and does the most damage in the shortest period of time with the least risk to you when combatting a single enemy with NO WAIT AT ALL. I chose to use level 1 magic missle and fire because the cooldowns are good. anything after level 1 for fire brings the cooldown from 5 secs up to 15 with the ligntning and ice. Keeping fire at level 1 allows for the highest possible attack strings with a relatively low overall mana cost. I will also mention that I used no skill points to change attack cooldowns, damage, ect. I figured that if Fire[max] wasn't going to do AT LEAST double damage why bother waiting 3 times as long to use it? Why not pay less mana and use it more, ultimately achieving more damage in a shorter time. Additionally, more attacks means more chances for criticals, so it's a win-win situation. Plus the fact that starting with ice has a very good chance of slowing the enemy and it's 1.5m farther attack distance above all other attacks the mage has makes it the only obvious choice for the first attack. The first 10 attacks have no gaps between them, so you get 10 attacks before your ice finishes cooling down and usually your foe is dead. If not, wait 2 seconds and start the whole thing over again, plus throw a magic missle while you wait those 2 whole seconds out. If you wanted to phase out cooldown completely, just reduce the cooldown on ice and lightning and you're golden.

Unceasing Chain

Requires: Magic Blast (Level 49), one point for decrease cooltime into Magic Missle. No need to max cooldown time on both MM and FB.

MB -> MM1 -> Fire Bolt [1] -> MM1 -> MB -> MM1 -> Ice Bolt -> MM1 -> MB -> MM1 -> FB1 -> MM1 -> MB -> MM1 -> Lightning Bolt -> MM1 -> MB -> MM1 -> FB1 -> MM1 -> MB -> MM1 -> ...

The idea is the use MM1 as much as possible, using Magic Blast and Fire Bolt whenever possible, and having Lightning Bolt and Ice Bolt as the 2 filler spells. I suggest using level 1 spells for the bolts, since by the time you can use Magic Blast, the additional damage from the level 8 spells pales in comparison to the total damage with a +9 weapon. The SP consumption is low. Damage output is consistent and periodic. Only Magic Blast has a cast time attached to it, but the damage return for it is pretty good. (Edit... I suggest you use Fire Bolt (Max) because by the time you finish your MB-MM-IceB-MB-MM-LB-MM-MB-MM combo your monster would be dead or your FB Max would be cooled)

SP Conservation (AoE)

Make sure you use Magic Missile 1, Fire Bolt 1, and your highest magic burst with all SP decrease.

Magic Burst[Max]-> Magic Missile[1]-> Fire Bolt[1]-> Magic Missile[1]-> (repeat)

I love to AOE when grinding, it makes things quicker, but it is also sp and stone consuming.If you like to use magic blast, you can replace the 3rd magic missile with it.

Endless Chain

Required level: 20+(for learn Magic Burst)

Required empowerment: Cooldown +5 in Magic Missle and Cooldown +5 in Fire Bolt

Missle[1]-> Fire[1]-> Missle[1]-> Ice->

Missle[1]-> Fire[1]-> Missle[1]-> Burst->

Missle[1]-> Fire[1]-> Missle[1]-> Lightning->

Missle[1]-> Fire[1]-> Missle[1]-> Burst->(repeat)

The combination of MFM(Missle[1]->Fire[1]->Missle[1]) is very convenient. Cast your favorite spell after MFM will become help of the your combo customizing.

For example, you can use Magic Blast instead of Magic Burst if you have it.

heres a pretty good chain(edited in by whitefang) mm1-->fire bolt--->mb repeat

its pretty fast and very low sp is used and theres never any wait good for boss battles when ur the only mage for more damge replace mb with fireball and while it cools use mb agian ^^ hope it helps ^^


  • Full INT- A very generic build that increases the damage output by mages even higher than they were before, basically making them death-with-a-staff/wand
  • 25 SPR/Rest INT- While it doesn't have as much damage output as the build above, it can still take down monsters very quickly. With that extra 25 SPR your SP pool will be bigger and you take even less damage from magical attacks.
  • END Builds- DO NOT put any END into your build, without a shield and with little base defense, the Mage class will only hurt if you put any points into END.

Tips and other Information

Basic Combat Guide for Mages

Mages have high magic attack power but very low physical attack power. So, you have to use spells for the win.

At first, check your shortcut bar and find Magic missle icon. If you can't find it, setup your skill shortcuts before next step.

Image:Shortcut_mage2.png('3' key is Magic missle)

Second, click a enemy for target and press '3' key for cast your magic missle. All spells(and skills) have cooldown time, and you can't cast a spell during cooldown time. You should run away from enemy until your spell is ready(if you have other attack spell and it's ready, you can cast it).

perfect hotkey set - mike2223312

1: MM 2: pick up 3: FB 4: blast 5: ice 6: burst 7: fireball 8: mana burn 9: purge 0: horse - lightning = hp pots S1: sp pots S2: production skill S3: production skill

General FAQ

  • Q. Should we put skill points into decrease SP consumption?
  • A. It's NOT necessary because you use the HP stones faster than SP stones when solo. Also, fighters use the SP stones faster than yours when partying.
  • A2. But putting your first skill point on SP reduction on your magic missle will save a lot of SP over time. I would not recommend putting anymore on any other skill thus you would be wasting potential cooldown and power upgrades
  • Q. Should we put skill points to decrease cool down times for Ice/Fire/Lightning bolt?
  • A. Decreasing cooldown time for Fire Bolt is good, but it's not necessary for Ice/Lightning Bolt. The most important point is to decrease cooldown time for Magic Missle.
  • A2. Dont empower any of the beggining skills unless you can afford a reset scroll because at lv 70+ you wont be using them anymore.
  • Q. I'm poor though!
  • A. At least, you should use a max-level weapon that you can equip (refining is taboo if you have no money). Please defeat a low-level (yellow- or green-named) enemy who can knock it down by receiving damage only a little. You'll also save SP consumption if you max cooldown of Magic Missile[01] and use that, since it only costs 3 SP to cast. Some people choose to grind by Maxing Magic Missile's cooldown and casting Magic Missile[01] at enemies where they can kill the monster before it hits them (or only has enough time to hit you once).
  • A2. Another way of saving money is to not buy the upgraded versions of Magic Missile[01] or Fire Bolt[01] because these spells are better in their base form.

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