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A long-ranged class that uses bows and crossbows to deal damage as well as DoT to enemies. These are the archers, who support from afar or pull the enemy's strings to go where ever they want.

While they can take huge amounts of damage in the beginning, after getting their Area-of-Effect skills, they become monsters who excel at defeating huge mobs of monsters.

The Basics


Even though archers are great at soloing in the later, early levels are rocky for some as they have to stand still and shoot their opponents down. With high evasion and moderate damage output, they can deal damage skills while evading attacks.

  • At earlier levels, it's generally better to get off any skills that take a little bit to load, like Power Shot or Aimed Shot to take down the enemies HP as quickly as possible.
  • Sometimes running away from a monster, especially if you have a scroll that increases traveling speed, and then attack when your skills recharge can help you from dying outright.
  • Even though Multi-Shot allows you to hit many monsters at once, you might want to refrain from using it unless you are confident you can get rid of all the monsters chasing you.
  • Make sure the monster is in the circle area when you use Nature's Protection or it doesn't affect them!


Archers can really shine in a party as support with many of the DoT skills they have

  • Try to take down the monster the tank is fighting instead of attacking other monsters so you don't get aggro put on you.
  • Your DoT skills are immensely useful so use them!
  • Try to stay back when fighting monsters so you won't be caught up in AoE attacks.
  • You should also try to pull yourself away from the rest of the party encase a monster uses an AoE Long-Ranged skill. Even if it seems mean, it's better to have one party member dead instead of two.
  • You can use your AoE skills to pull monsters to the fighter, who can then redirect the aggro onto him, allowing you to minimize the damage to the party.


Archers get to use bows and crossbows

Bows- Faster but less damage.
Crossbows- Slower but more damage.


Archers do not have high defense and will most likely stay out of direct combat. While the armor does help a bit, it's not the best so you will have to try to find green and blue armor that give extra stats.

Stats to look for in Armor

  • Like tricksters, archers have naturally high evasion, so getting gear with extra DEX is a good way to add even more evasion to your character.
  • STR can also be useful to an archer, especially one who is using a bow.
  • SPR is somewhat useful to archers as it increases their critical hit rate, making them more likely to do more damage before the enemy even gets to them. It also increases their Mag. Defense, which is good because most magic attacks are long-ranged.
  • END can be useful to some archers but most have high DEX and can dodge better than they can take a hit. Not a waste but not critically needed either.
  • INT is that one stat that the archer does not want anything to do with.


To increase the skills effectiveness, press K (Default button) to bring up the skill list. At the bottom there will be a blue button named "Skill Empowerment". Click that and put in the skill that you want to enhance. There will be 4 boxes (Each with a up and down button) that is arranged in this manner:

1. (Damage)
2. (Lower SP Consumption)
3. (Increase effect time) "Always counted via seconds"
4. (Decrease cool down) "Always counted via seconds"

Skill Masters:
Roumen = Skill Master Ruby
Elderine = Scout Master Deikid
Uruga = Skill Master Cyburn

See Archer Skills for skill data.


As an archer, you WILL find that your defence is of...a lacking nature. It is difficult to train without a party, but yet it only becomes more difficult to get a party when you reach higher levels.

To avoid disappointment with your archer, first off, when training it is important to ask yourself what type of training you see yourself doing, and then which stats to assign. There are many variations to builds, so there'll be no need to lecture you on where to put your stats, but essentially, you should follow two strict builds as a base:

  • 25 SPR/Rest STR- It is important to get the initial 25 SPR (which takes from level 1-20 to get). Why? Because it gives you a good 5% crit rate on top of your weapon, as well as extra Mag Def and SP. Now, after level 20, you can do whatever you want, but it is recommended you go with STR, for better attacking power. It adds up later on.
  • Pure SPR- This build is controversial: You get an amazing amount of SP, crit, and good Mag Def, but on the other hand you lack some of the power of your STR build brethern. If you can afford equips to make up what you will lack, then you should consider taking this build.
  • Pure STR- Like the build above, this could be a controversial build as it makes your archer a good damage-dealer but unless you get DEX and SPR from your armor, you will die easily if the enemy gets to you.
  • 25 SPR/33 DEX/Rest STR- A hybrid build that allows you some breathing room at higher levels thanks to the DEX but also good amount of damage thanks to the STR. With the extra SPR, you will have a better chance of getting a critical hit.

Note: SPR is very useful to archers and adding more may help. Sprinkling some SPR in any of these builds (except the ones that already have it) will help you out but is not neccessary.

Tips and other useful information


Kiting is basically a hit-and-run technique. Just attack a mob, and keep hitting it. If he gets too close, then run away at a safe distance, and hit the monster again. Repeat this technique until the monster is down. Then run until your spells have recharged and attack the monster again.

Another version of kiting is when you hit a monster, and then while you are running, you use the immediate cast effects like poison and bleeding, which allow you to keep running. This is effective when you are low on HP or soloing.

How to Lure

Luring, a hunting tactic which involves separating a monster from it's mob (group of similar monsters or mix of multiple types) to prevent mobbing (several monsters attacking the player/s) is an effective tactic in both solo hunting (to prevent mobs from mobbing you) or party hunting (so the party can focus on one target and prevent player death by mobbing.

Luring can be done with the following: a bow/crossbow to enable attacking from a safe distance which will prevent mobs from forming, the Nature's Protection skill which will prevent monsters from attacking you (or, at least, remove it's attention away from you), a good party consisting of at least one tank or more (the damage takers, usually Fighters or Clerics), one or more healers/supporters (Cleric), damage dealers (Archers, Mages, Clerics and Fighters who have damage based skill and stat builds), and any other player type necessary for the hunt, HP/SP stones or potions, and scrolls or a Cleric who has powerful buffs (optional, but recommended in higher level areas)

First find a good spot for your team to rest, preferably somewhere where enemies don't spawn, but are near to where they do so the player/s who will lure (an Archer/s) can lure easily. Once you've done that its time to select your victim, a monster that has strayed from their group and is now near your party.

Make sure your party is ready, then shoot your target with a normal shot, to provide less aggro (attention from the monster which will lead you to becoming a target (note: if your party is high leveled then you can do a poison shot, bleed, or any other damage-over-time spell to provide extra damage).

As soon as you have shot run back to your party with the monster following suit. By now, the main Tanker (who should use Snearing Kick or any variation of Taunt) to attract the monster to them and not the other members of the party but immediately use Nature's Protection to destroy any aggro the monster has against you. Now that the enemy is fighting your party its time to step in and deal as much damage possible with poison or any other damaging skills.

Hopefully your party will keep aggro, if not then use natures protection again if it comes after you. Now all you need to do is keep on fighting until he is dead.


If your fighter doesn't use taunt then don't run away as you will probably just get more enemies on you, (although if you are right next to a gate to another field then you can go through it to avoid the enemy).

If the above case happens just stand still and use Natures Protection and HP/SP stones until your party manages to attract the monster.


Every monster has aggro. Basically, aggro (meaning aggravation) determines which Player a monster will attack. The more you attack a monster, the more aggro it will have against you, until it reaches a maximum. Assume that the maximum aggro a monster can have is 99, in which case it will come after you and attack you until you die, or until you run long enough for it to get bored (which is a very long time). This means that you probably have to fight the monster, or lower it's aggro somehow, which is where your level 20 questable skill comes in.

Using natures protection puts the enemies aggro toward you at 1 making you the lowest threat possible.

When a fighter uses Taunt they gain a lot of aggro. See a connection here? By using nature's protection, you can successfully party without becoming the main target, since as an archer you will tend to do more damage than fighters, therefore pulling aggro off of them.

Also, make sure when using nature's protection that THE MONSTER MUST BE INSIDE THE FANCY DOME THAT APPEARS FOR IT TO WORK PROPERLY. Otherwise you're just putting on a lightshow.

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