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Like most MMORPG games, Fighters in Fiesta Online act as the main basher or frontliner in the battle field. They are the melee class that wields swords and axes. They also have the highest possible HP and defense since they can wield the best armor as well and they get a large amount of END per level.

The classes for the fighter are:

  • Fighter
  • Clever Fighter
  • Tanker Warrior
  • Battle Warrior
  • Knight/Gladiator



With the fighters high defense and attack, soloing can be a one-sided slaughter and the fighter isn't the one being killed. When soloing, remember to watch out for any monsters that can use magic because a fighter can be defeated very quickly and not even understand what happened.

  • Fighters have many skills to hinder the opponent. Use them.
  • It's a good idea to always keep a 1-handed sword & shield in your inventory for when you go against a strong monster and you need all the extra defense you can get.
  • Unless you have a huge mob of monsters on you, try to get rid of the biggest damage dealer first and then go down the line until you have only the weak monsters attacking you.


Like a cleric, fighters are usually in a high demand for a party for their ability to tank. Remember that you will usually be the point for most fights and will have to keep monsters off your party.

  • If you're the only fighter in a party, it's not a bad idea to just put on a 1h sword & shield as you're going to be the main point for all attacks. When getting swarmed by monster you should try to add as must defense as possible, at least until you get the mob down to a good size to switch back over to your main weapon.
  • One big point you should keep in mind is that you need to keep monsters off your team members. To do this, use any aggro-gaining skills you have!
  • When there are two fighters in a party, you can allow the other person to be a tank while you do your own thing, be it damage dealing or tanking yourself.
  • While it is good to try and keep aggro off other team members, you will probably have a straggler that is going to attack someone else. Use Mock to pull it back while keeping all others in check as well. Do not chase after it! If you do, you will be losing aggro from the other monsters.


Fighters are the only class who has a choice between three weapon sets (1-handed sword & shield, 2-handed sword, or a 2-handed axe) so remember to use that versatility to your advantage.

With damage output in mind, the order goes axe, 2-handed sword and then 1-handed sword & shield but remember that the opposite is true for attack rate, meaning 1-handed sword & shield is the quickest weapon to attack and the axe is the slowest. Keep that in mind when you plan on what weapon you are going to use.

  • One Hand Sword & Shield - Fast speed; Moderate damage.
  • Two Hand Sword - Slow Speed; Moderate/High Damage.
  • Two Hand Axe - Very Slow Speed; Very High Damage.


Just like the cleric, fighters have naturally high defense and HP but unlike them, they have low Mag. defense. Keep this in mind when you go looking for green and blue armor.

Stats in Armor

  • No matter if you're a damage-dealer or a tank, END is very useful to you. By increasing defense and HP, you can survive fighting a mob of creatures or fight off individual ones without having to use a stone/potion.
  • STR is also a great stat that fighters will need. This allows a tanking fighter to dish out more damage and a damage-dealing fighter to defeat monsters at an even faster pace.
  • DEX is a great stat that fighters can also use. With increased chance for attacks hitting and enemy attacks missing, high DEX in a piece of armor can be appreciated.
  • While not a stat most would be looking for, SPR can still benefit a fighter with higher chance of critical hits and a small boost to their already small SP pool.
  • Like almost all other classes, INT is completely useless for a fighter and no fighter should be looking for it.


See: Fighter Skills

Stat Builds

Yaseeda's guide, or "minimum that all should know".
First of all, its good to decide which branch you aiming for, Knight or Gladiator because each one has a different build.

Knight- Tanking class with average dmg potential.

  • Full END- This build makes your character a brick wall with high HP and defense. The biggest weakness of this build is magical defense.
  • 25 SPR/Rest END- Like the build above but gives some SPR for better Mag. defense and critical hits, which will be needed because of this builds low damage output.
  • 50 END/50 DEX/25 SPR- This build gives good evasion and block rate. The SPR is to add some critical and mdef, because END/DEX becomes useless after 50 free points.
  • 50 END/33 DEX/25 or 55 SPR/Rest STR- If you want to make decent pvp knight, its worth trying this build. Just having 25 SPR gives more damage, while 55 SPR provides extra critical and Mag. defense.

Note: You can add STR to any of these builds but make sure you have some stat reset scrolls in case you want to reallocate those points.

Gladiator- Damage dealing class, should concentrate mainly on evasion, critical hits and damage output.

  • Pure STR- The glass cannon of the fighter builds, this allows for your character to do tons of damage but will more-than-likely die very quickly unless your armor has high END.
  • 33 DEX/ Rest STR- Similar to the class above but with an aim boost that helps lower the miss possibility (If you really dont like missing, going up to 67 in DEX should help, but no further.)
  • 50 or 67 DEX/25 or 55 SPR/Rest STR- This build is a little more complex than the ones above as there is a different amount of DEX and SPR for whatever weapon you plan to use. With 2h swords, you should go for the 50 DEX as you will be attacking faster. You can also put 25 or 55 SPR for those critical hits but remember that this is optional and you won't have many points to put into STR. For axe users, around 67 DEX will be better because of their slow attack rate and needing every hit to count. With this, you only have the option to put in 25 SPR because you will have almost no points left to put into STR.
  • END builds- Putting points into END is not recommended for Gladiators due to the absence of a shield for the block-rate boost. However, it is VERY recommended that you make up for the low defense by obtaining armor with high END.

Tips and other Information

As they have been mentioned many times in the guide above, here is an overview of tanking and damage-dealing.

Tanking - While partying with other people, fighters usually become what is known as a tank. They hit the monster first to make it come after them. A cleric in the party continuously heals the tank while the others bombard the monster with attacks. The basic point of this type of fighter is to gain as much aggro from the monsters so that they will not attack your other team mates while they rain down destruction.

Damage-Dealing - Just like the name suggest, the point of this kind of fighter is to deal as much damage as possible. While they can't take damage as well as Tanks or Clerics with high END builds, they can clear out a room quicker than either one minutes faster. While you would normally need another tank so you don't die, damage-dealers are beside the tank taking out huge amounts of the enemies life.

Fighters working with clerics
clerics cannot resurrect and defend themselves or attack. If you notice a rez effort, suggest you help protect the cleric. If you feel like helping but don't want a "kill steal" name, bash the critter, stun it and move on. Clerics can handle a substantial mob without help. They will just take a lot of time. Feel free to stab one of the mob hitting on the cleric as long as it isn't the one being fought. Some clerics might mind this but it is not technically kill stealing because the cleric is not hitting on every bad guy so you are probably not in trouble.

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