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Cleric is one of the classes available in Fiesta Online. While they may have lower attack compared to others, their defense is second to the fighters, and they can heal others.

While it is true that characters can use HP stones and HP Potions, such items have cooldown times, and cost money. A cleric significantly reduces the amount of such items you will need to consume, thus saving money.

Being the only class who can effectively heal others, it is important that clerics heal their party members. Also, clerics can deal damage whenever healing is not required.

The following short guide will provide a few tips on how to effectively play a cleric to maximize its fullest potential.



Unless you are a magnet for other people, you will be soloing. Soloing is where you go out on your own to fight monsters. Clerics are generally good at soloing because they can heal themselves, something no other class can do but soloing for them will more-than-likely take a long time because damage output is low.

  • Heal can be your best friend in most situations but do not be afraid of using HP stones or potions in tight situations!
  • Depending on how many stones you have left, it might be wiser to just use stones/potions for a while or until you can go buy more. Clerics can go through tons of SP stones if they're not careful.
  • Watch your SP pool! Nothing is worse than dying because you didn't have enough SP left to heal yourself.
  • Cure can cure bleeding, as bleeding is considered as poison. However, currently there is no way to tell the tier of a bleeding spell, but there is no harm in trying to cure it once. If it doesn't work, it is because the bleeding is of too high a tier to be cured by your cure.


Clerics are one of the most useful characters in a party because they can heal so there will probably be many chances to join one. Although partying allows each member to get less experience per kill, a party can take down a monster much quicker than just one cleric could.

  • Use F1~F5 to quickly select a party member. After selecting them, you can heal or buff them.
  • Use the "Tab" button on the keyboard to quickly select an enemy. Press it again to change target.
  • It is generally recommended that you attack the monster that is being attacked by your party member, or that is attacking your party member, so that you do not provoke more monsters and get attacked more.
  • The "assist" action is for selecting the target of your target.
  • If multiple members require healing, and you do not have recover or it is cooling, use Heal on the one who needs it most, followed by Restore on the next party member.
  • The one who needs it most is usually the one being attacked.
  • In your lower levels, you will not need to use many HP stones, however - when you get to higher levels and begin to party with people, it's a wise decision to use them on yourself so you can keep your party-mates alive if they have several mobs or more on them.
  • Use invincible if you will not be able to heal fast enough to save your member's life. If you know or believe that such a situation will not occur in the next 2 minutes, you may also want to use invincible to lessen the amount of healing required, allowing you to attack more. It can be also used on the tanker or on yourself while you revive another player.
  • Recast all buffs when they expire. It is recommended that you recast them a few minutes before they expire.
  • If a party member is being constantly poisoned or becoming ill after you cure them, just throw a Restore on them to counter the effects and then Cure them after the fight.



The mace is the basic weapon for Clerics. It's a bit more accurate then a hammer. Its attack speed is slightly higher.
As far as damage goes it's really outclassed by the hammer, if one is having accuracy problems, one should switch
to using a mace but it is not recommended to do this before level 40. It's the weapon clerics start with at level 1.


The hammer is slower and less accurate than the mace. However, its higher damage may appeal to certain players.
Many Clerics will use hammers, then switch to using a mace after level 40.


Cleric armor has pretty high defense and magic defense stats but not the best, so try to keep up with the latest armor for each level unless you have a green or blue piece/set of armor, then you need to make sure the pros out-way the cons of keeping the armor.

Stats in armor

  • Always look for some extra END and/or SPR. END will increase your health and defense while SPR increases Mag. defense, your SP pool AND your chances to do some critical damage, something all clerics need more off.
  • STR isn't necessary but it wouldn't hurt to have some, especially for a mace-user!
  • DEX is like STR, not necessary but would certainly help out a hammer-user.
  • INT is completely useless for a cleric or any other class that isn't the mage



This is your basic heal. Fast casting, and a quick recharge make it delightfully spam-able. Thus, it is very useful when tanking massive amounts of mobs, or keeping yourself alive in PVP.

Skill Empowerment:

- 5 points into Power. You heal a lot more if you add 5 points into power. Very important for any cleric.

- For spammabality purposes (insanely fast heal speed): 5 points into Decrease Cooldown Time. Important, especially if you are planning to party a lot.

- 5 points into SP Consumption. Heal doesn't drain your SP so fast. Optional, but it helps.


Image:Bash1.jpegThis is your basic high-damage attack skill, well worth the money and the SP it consumes.[best for solo cleric]

Skill Empowerment Not needed


Image:Protect1.jpegThis is your first, life-saving party buff. It increases Party-Member's Defense and increases Damage done by you and your party. Its effect increases the more people you have in party. Empowerment is unneeded for this skill.


Image:Resist1.jpegSimilar to Protect, but this one increases Magic Defense and Magic Damage of your party. Note that though only Mages receive benefit from increased Magic-Damage, everyone in the party receives increased Magic-Defense. Also gets stronger with more party-members. Again, empowerment is unneeded here.


Image:Cure1.jpegA great healer against the curse of poison. Removes 'Bleed' and 'Poison' debuffs. Archer 'Poison' might still be incurable.


Image:Immune1.jpegThis comes in handy in the higher levels. This skill reduces likelihood of being Poisoned or hit with Bleed DoT. It doesn't completely protect / prevent Bleeding or Poison, merely lowers chances of it. Higher tiers of this skill increase resistance by higher percentages. If you were wondering, at level 31 it increases your poison/illness resistance by 10%. At level 49, it increases the resistance by 15%. No empowerment needed.

NOTE: This skill does NOT resist curses.


Image:Endure1.jpegYour most exciting and effective buff (in my opinion). This buff can be cast on anyone. At level 47, it increases HP by 410, and SP by 390. Very useful when partying, or going against mobs that hit hard. If someone said this buff was bad, I'd tell them to get their head checked. Buff lasts for an hour then HP / SP revert to original values. Empowerment unneeded yet again, in this skill.


Image:Stoneskin1.jpegStoneskin increases your block rate by 1% at level 37, and by 2% at level 51. It is a Self buff, obviously meaning you can't cast it on anyone but yourself. Some people say that 1% block is not really making a difference in practice but it should be noted that ten levels spend on nothing but endurance are needed to reach the same improvement in block rate (increasing endurance is, however, more about HP and defence than block rate). No empowerment needed here.

Bleed and Trip

Image:Bleed1.jpeg Image:Trip1.jpeg Both the same skill, just for different weapons. Bleed is for Mace, Trip is for Hammer. These skills simply do extra damage when attacking, much like Bash. The damage of trip is a little higher then the damage of bleed but trip has a 15sec cool-down and bleed a 10sec one. The damage is around the same as bash. (this is since new update)

NOTE: If you know what weapon you will be using for the level 40s and 50s, buy the skill according to your choice. That way, you don't have to buy two skills, as they are very costly. Example: I know, that for level 40 and 50, I will be using a Mace. Therefore, I'm only going to buy Bleed, since Trip will be pointless to me.


Image:Invincible1.jpegWhen you are in your lower levels, you will not need to use this skill much, but it's still highly suggested that you buy it. When you cast this on a player, the skill absorbs the damage done by the monsters on that person, for ten seconds, effectively acting as a temporary HP-boost. Higher-tiers add more HP. It will save your bottom in the higher levels, when the high damage of many of those darn monsters goes onto a party member, or yourself. I find that empowerment is unneeded for this skill.


  • 25 SPR/Rest END- A generic build for support clerics. They will have decent defense against both physical and magical attacks while the 25 SPR will increase their SP pool.
  • Pure END- A good build for anyone who doesn't want to take almost any damage from physical attacks. This gives the cleric a tremendous boost in survivability with high defense and HP. The downfall of this build is magical attacks as END does not give any bonuses for Mag. Defense and having a smaller SP pool for skills.
  • Pure STR- While clerics do the least amount of damage, adding STR can increase their damage output. Mainly a soloing cleric build as most parties would rather have a fighter to keep the aggro off them instead of a cleric.
  • 25 SPR/Rest STR- Another soloing cleric build but this one allows for more SP as well as critical hits.
  • 25 SPR/33 DEX/ 50 END/ Rest STR- Another solo build. The DEX you add gives you a bit of evasion which always helps.

Tips and other Information

Dealing with rude people

When rude players outside your party demand that you heal them or buff them, and are not polite, you do not have to heal or buff them. In fact, you should not do so. You may think you are helping them, but if you help them you are in fact reinforcing the incorrect belief that they can get what they want by being rude and demanding. Moreover, most players do not like rude people. Instead, it is recommended that you either ignore them, or explain to them that you will not heal or buff rude people. If they harass or stalk you, report them to the GMs (Game Masters) of your service provider and block them.

Kingdom Quests

In a Kingdom Quest, the Cleric's primary goal should be to heal other members of the party. While some players may demand you constantly heal them, you are not simply a walking HP stone and if their lives are not in danger then you can simply ignore them. Thus, if nobody is about to die, focus on attacking the mobs so the KQ will proceed faster. This is especially important in Kingdom Quests such as Honeying where every second counts. One should also note that it is important to heal and cure members of other parties if you notice someone in danger. Being a Cleric is tough and the extra help is appreciated. Quickly revive people that have fallen so that they can be useful again, but don't allow another member of your party to die while you resurrect someone. If the tank dies while you are casting revive, aggro flies everywhere and you suddenly have 3 more bodies to revive. If there are few Clerics in your KQ group, make sure you revive them FIRST before other classes. This is so that the amount of fallen will revive faster with multiple revives, and your KQ will not ultimately fail.

Clerics are not limited to the background of Kingdom Quests. If there are no Fighters or only lower lvl Fighters in a KQ then a tanking Cleric is more preferred. This is not a common situation, but happens enough that Clerics should know what to do to help avoid FAILs. This is especially useful to know in Gold Hill Adventure and Lost Mini Dragon. If a low lvl fighter refuses to not tank then simply let him/her tank, but don't rez (Revive) him/her, because you need to be focused on tanking and preventing the boss attacking others- rather than helping out a brat. The primary goal of a KQ is for as many people as possible to pass and get a reward.

Keeping your party-members (and yourself) alive

Usually, this isn't very difficult, but there will be times you may come into peril. Generally you will only need to spam heal and keep them buffed, but when a party-member gets aggro from multiple mobs, heal, and cast restore, and continue healing. If they are a squishy class (Archer or Mage) or just have too much aggro to handle in general, heal, cast invincible when their health is high, cast restore, cast rejuvenate when the invincible skill wears off (this should grab the hate of some of the mobs not being attacked, and they will aggro you. Just cast restore on yourself and use stones when needed, and keep healing your party-mate.) Remember that although rejuvenate has a 0.8 second cast-time and restore only heals a small amount of hp per second, they are still very useful skills, and just because you're a cleric doesn't mean you should be afraid to use hp stones.

Note: Heal is vastly superior to Rejuvenate due to its faster cooldown, comparable HP healed when enpowered, lack of cast-time, and spammability.

PVP (Player Verse Player)

Clerics are a skilled class; however, not quite designed for one on one PVP. Typically fighter will stun a Cleric so they can not move or heal themselves. Mages will case fear or slow on a Cleric which makes it harder to reach the mage to attack. Archers will poison and diseases a Cleric, and although the Cleric can cure, the Cleric can only cure one aliment at a time. However, Clerics are not useless. In a multi PVP (aka: 2 vs. 2 or more) a Cleric + any class is a good choice.

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