Gold Hill Adventure

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Map of Gold Hill
The ice door
Gold Robber Boss

The Golden Hill is known for its abundant supply of gold. From time to time this area becomes filled with people with dreams of becoming rich.

1. First dig ores with the pickaxe and search for the key that opens the Ice Door

2. Open the Ice Door and avoid an attack from the monsters trapped inside

3. Move to the next floor and look for the gate to escape Golden Hill

Level Requirement: 20 - 32
Number of Participants: 15
Time Limit: 35 minutes
Lives: 3
Frequency: Every 2 Hours


The map is subdivided into 5 sections, if you look closely, it's actually the same map as King Slime Counterattack but reversed. In each section you need to find a key (iron, shell etc.) which can be found by mining. When the key is acquired, go to the ice door in each section and double click the door. Each time you go to a new section, the KQ group can either split up or swarm together to look for the key. Splitting-up is faster if your KQ-group is strong enough.

After each section, the time will reset itself to a default value, so you needn't worry about running out of time for the last boss.

At the start of section 4 Gold Miner Marlone is waiting, so you should wait and decide who does the tanking before opening the door and also until the whole group is there.

Fighting him is standard. A tank take the aggression, and the others hit him. Clerics and Fighters should only attack from behind, since Marlone has an Area of Effect (AoE) skill.

After another key search you are at the boss, Gold Robber Boss. The strategy is the same as for the mini boss, except he doesn't have an AoE attack, so you can attack him from anywhere.


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