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The Kingdom Quests



These quests are completely different from what some might be used to. These quests are done with a party and a party is recommended. When a KQ starts, the KQ participants are transported to a private map where you must complete the stated objective. Please be aware that there is a time limit. Also these quests involve fighting a boss monster at the end. When the quest is finished the players will receive a “present box” with something inside. Rewards vary depending on the KQ, from enhanced weapons, earrings and materials, to Blue weapons, scrolls and potions.

Participating in a Kingdom Quest

Icon to click on for the KQ window
The KQ pop-up window
Displayed information in a KQ window

You can enter Kingdom Quests from anywhere you like. It is not necessary to visit Town Chief Roumenus of Roumen or Guard Captain Shutian in Elderine. Simply click on the button with the hourglass and a window pops up showing all the Kingdom Quest you can join. As a precaution, avoid dragging the KQ window around suddenly if you play in windowed mode, or the part you click on the move it may go out of sight; this particular window is not reset by the Reset Interface option.

My List/All: My List shows you all the Kingdom Quests you can join, while All shows you all Kingdom Quests currently hosted on the server.

Title: The name of the Kingdom Quests. When there are multiple Kingdom Quests running at the same hour, they are labeled [A], [B], [C], and so on alphabetically in sequential order of their starting times.

Participants: The number of participants that are currently registered for the kingdom quest. The maximum number of participants depends on the Kingdom Quest.

Recruit Time: This tells you the time frame in which the recruitment for that Kingdom Quest is open. At the end of the time frame, if the participant count has not reached the limit, the Kingdom Quest will be forced to start as is.

Status: The current status of the Kingdom Quest. On schedule means that the Kingdom Quest hasn't started yet (you have to wait until recruit time). Recruiting means that you can join by clicking "participate" in the bottom left corner of the window. In Progress means it has already started and is closed to new participants.

To join the Kingdom Quest, you have to click on a Kingdom Quest and wait till the status "on Schedule" changes to "Recruiting". Then, you have to click on "Participate" (at the bottom left of the window). The Kingdom Quest will start after the maximum number of participants is reached or the end of recruitment time frame. There will be a notice that the Kingdom Quest will begin in 10 seconds and you will be warped to the Kingdom Quest map.

Kingdom Quest Monsters

List of Kingdom Quest Monsters

Kingdom Quest monsters share the same models as regular ones, but with some magnification. This ranges from the barely noticeable, to great enlargement of some monster, for example, the Madness Grave Robbers(Chief Monster) in Spider's Assault. Some even have a change of colour, like the King Kong Ogre from King Kong Phino's Mess.

What sets these things apart from the regular monsters is that they require more effort to defeat. They have comparatively much greater HP reserves (see Monster Index), elevated defence, magic defence, evasion, and damage (much like the Dungeon monsters). For most, the EXP reward from these monsters are not worth the effort (with a few exceptions, Ultra Spiders from Spider's Assault for example). This is the result of the necessity for the monsters to survive at least a few synchronised hits orchestrated by enthusiastic "KQ go-ers" to allow them to deal a moderate amount of damage.

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