King Slime

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King Slime

Chief Monster Chief Monster Summoned Monster Summoned Monster
Level: 17
HP: 2058
Aggro: All
Inflicts Drain Mind Regeneration
Perodic Bleeding Damage
Found in:

Cyclone Hill

License: No


The Chief Monster encountered in the King Slime's Counterattack Kingdom Quest

King Slime has a high level of aggression. Do not tank him if you are a mage or archer. If you do tank him make sure clerics are behind you healing you constantly. Has an AOE attack which causes bleeding damage to everybody in front of it.

HP: 2058

As King Slime is weakened, he can summon various slimes including the Power Slime, Prince Slime, and eventually the Queen Slime is summoned.

Mob Summons



  • You have affronted the sacred gates

Spawn Mobs

  • Slimes destroy them with my power!!!


  • Nooooo!!!!!

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Henneath Rebellion War:

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