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Basic Stats Information

Str Strength - Increases Physical Attack Power
End Endurance - Increases Max HP, Block Rate, and Physical Defense
Dex Dexterity - Increases Evasion and Aim
Int Intelligence - Increases Magical Damage
Spr Spirit - Increases Max SP, Critical Rate, and Magical Defense

Note: Damage increase from free stat points add directly to the actual damage inflicted (in PvM situations). For example, Triumph the cleric whacks a Slime for a nominal (display) damage of 1000; slime receives actual damage of 30000. Afterward, he places 60 free stat points into Str, giving him a grand total of 72 additional damage. His nominal damage is still 1000, but the actual damage inflicted rises to 30072 (disregarding fluctuations in this illustration). The usefulness of the additional damage is prevalent in another example, in which Triumph the cleric is trying to kill lots of Blue Clover Trumpy for experience. His nominal damage is still 1000, giving him an actual damage output of 200. He now adds 60 free stat points to Str, and increases his damage output to 272.

In exactly the same way, Int raises the actual damage of magical attacks (hence +Int is only useful to the one class that produces magical damage, Mage).

Endurance and Spirit work in a similar way in that they modify the ultimate damage dealt/received. Each point in End reduces physical damage you receive by 0.5; each point in Spr reduces magical damage you receive by 0.5.

Free Stat Points


  • +1.2 Damage


  • +1.2 Damage


  • 1-50 : +0.1% Block ; +0.5 Def ; +5 HP
  • 50+ : +0.05% Block ; +0.5 Def ; +5 HP


  • 1-50 : +0.2% Evasion
  • 51+ : +0.1% Evasion
  • 1-33 : +0.3% Aim
  • 34-67 : +0.2% Aim
  • 68+ : +0.1% Aim


  • 1-25 : +0.2% Crit. ; +0.5 Magic Def ; +5 SP
  • 26-61 : +0.1% Crit. ; +0.5 Magic Def ; +5 SP
  • 62+ : +0.05% Crit. ; +0.5 Magic Def ; +5 SP

With the max level currently at 115, these are the bonuses "pure" builds would give you.

STR = +174 Damage
END = +12.25% Block Rate; +72.5 Defense; +725 Hit Points
DEX = +19.5% Evasion Rate; +24.5% Aim Rate
INT = +174 Magic Damage
SPR = +11.3% Crit Rate; +72.5 Magic Defense; +725 Spirit Points

  • This includes 1 free stat point every level, 5 from the first job advance, 10 from the second job advance, and 15 from the third class advance.
  • This data was taken from an old Bright Kingdom database, but the info shown here still seems current.

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