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Taken from Outspark, Trickster class info.

Due to their incredible speed and agility, the Trickster is an expert at dealing damage in a short amount of time. They are trained assassins, taught to detect any weaknesses and use them to their advantage. With every slash of a claw or strike of a blade, the Trickster acquires a soul -- living essence used to unleash forceful attacks, powerful enough to bring even the toughest opponent to their knees.

Tricksters can equip either Claws or Dual Swords. They can only wear armor specific to their class and level. Main attributes are Strength (for damage) and Dexterity (increases the ability to evade attacks). To increase your SP (spirit points), ability to use more skills and chance for critical hits, try adding some points to Spirit.

For your skill empowers (under skills button "K" key), focus on decreasing the cooldown time of your important skill such as Claw Swipe and Lacerate. As you grow stronger, then focus on increasing the damage output of your soul consumption skills like Razor Claw and Claw Lunge.



With their high evasion and critical hit rate, tricksters can have be pretty good at soloing. Couple in the fact that they have the shortest time for attack rate and you will see that they can deal a great amount of damage very quickly.

  • The biggest advantage for a trickster while soloing, or even partying, is the soul system. Basically, with certain skills, you will gain a 'soul'. The more soul you have the more devastating an attack that uses up soul is. Even though most enemies will not be able to live through to see high powered soul attacks, they are very useful to get you out of a bind quickly.
  • If the monster is strong, it might be good to try and get as many soul as possible before using them.
  • Keep an eye on your HP. Tricksters have very low defense and you can get defeated without even noticing if the enemy uses a strong enough attack.
  • You don't always have to use skills that give you soul, especially not on smaller enemies. This will allow you to conserve your SP and skills for a bigger foe.


Much like damage-dealing fighters, tricksters are not meant to be the main focal point for attacks, but instead running around defeating other monsters. With their arsonal of poison and Damage-over-Time skills, you can cause a lot of destruction without having to get hit.

  • When possible, try to use a DoT skill on as many monsters as possible. You will lower their health for the killing blow or for the others to pick off easily.
  • Tricksters have a skill that allows them to have an easier time evading Area-of-Effect skills and long range skills, which should be used. It may seem somewhat useless if another party member is the focal point of an attack but you never know when it might suddenly switch off and start trying to hit you.
  • Attack the same monster as the tank to quickly get rid higher level monsters quickly.


Which weapon you choose is up to you really (doesn't really matter until you have to split paths at the last job change). If you plan on going for a evasion route you may consider the latter, Dual Swords for attack damage. Your DEX stat will make up for the lower Aim (compared to Claws). And in contrast you may opt for the Claws if you with to go the full STR build. As with any class, try both out and see which you prefer.


  • Low damage
  • High critical rate
  • High aim
  • Faster attack rate (1.6s)

Dual Swords

  • High damage
  • Lower critical rate
  • Lower aim
  • Slower attack rate (1.8s)

NOTE: The attack rate shown is the combined speed of both hands. If the Trickster was to only hit with one hand the speed would be, for the Claws, 0.8s per hit. So when you think of it that way the Dual Swords is 0.9s per hit making the speed difference minimal.


Even though trickster armor isn't that bad, they have very low defense and can't take that many hits. Try to focus on getting any green or blue armor that gives them boost in areas that are needed.

Stats in Armor

  • First and formost, DEX. With their already high DEX, adding more will benefit them better than the other stats.
  • Another stat to look for is STR. Since they have high attack rates, increasing the damage of those attacks is a wise thing to do.
  • END and SPR looked for but not really required. While they can't really benefit from END in free points, armor allows them to increase their low health and defense while SPR gives them a better SP pool and even higher critical hit rate.
  • INT is not useful for a trickster and shouldn't be sought after at all.


In order to collect these souls you will need to use skills that generate them such as Lacerate and Claw Swipe. These skills have a fairly long cooldown when compared to how fast you auto-attack. So your focus will be lowering their cooldowns so that you can generate more orbs to use your finishing skills.

Claw Swipe
Move swiftly and scratch your enemy. Obtain a soul.
Weapon: Claws
Recommended: Reduce cooldown
Optional: N/A

Jump high and give a lethal scratch to your enemy. Obtain a soul.
Weapon: Claws or Dual Swords
Recommended: Reduce cooldown
Optional: N/A

Razor Claw
Channel the energy of collected souls to unleash a powerful combo.
Requires one or more souls.
Weapon: Claws
Recommended: Increase damage
Optional: Reduce cooldown

Claw Lunge
Slash with your claws and infect your enemy with deadly poison.
Requires one or more souls.
Weapon: Claws or Dual Swords
Recommended: Increase damage
Optional: Reduce cooldown

Chance to decrease movement and/or infect decay damage every second for 10s.
Weapon: Claws or Dual Swords
Recommended: Reduce cooldown
Optional: Increase damage

Threaten your target by brandishing a weapon. Obtain a soul.
Weapon: Dual Swords
Recommended: Reduce cooldown
Optional: N/A

Nimble Defense
Increase your evasion when defending against AoE/long range attacks. Self-buff.
Weapon: Claws or Dual Swords
Recommended: N/A
Optional: N/A

Stat Builds

  • Full DEX- They have a naturally high evasion so it makes sense to fully utilize their best assets. But do keep in mind that your damage will be lacking so you may want to consider Dual Swords instead of the Claws and enhancing your weapon.
  • Full STR- They have a really fast attack rate and with full STR you can be sure that each hit hurts. You will want to invest in DEX/END gears to make up for lost defensive stats and aim as well as enhancing your gears.
  • 25 SPR / 50 DEX / Full STR- Then there is, of course, the well rounded build for any class; the DEX bonus plummets after 50 points invested so we stop there and STR free-stat ignores defense so that is always a plus. The 25 SPR will increase your naturally high Critical Rate and allow for a larger SP pool as well. It is a recommended stat for anyone who are not heavy CS users or just simply love those purple numbers and breaking glass SFX.
  • 50 DEX / Full STR- Similar to the previous build, but without points going into SPR. This is a good choice if you are looking for more of a consistent damage output with still some evasion to hopefully keep you alive. (Note: You may also do 33 DEX instead of 50 for even more damage but at least somewhat of an evasion boost.)
  • END based Builds- This is a no. Just no. While you may think that due to their low HP and defense that they would benefit from END -- they do not have a shield to fully benefit from the free-stat. Get the END from your gears and/or enhance your armour.

Other tips and information

Soul Capture System

It has been mentioned a few times in the guide so here is the Soul Capture System:

Soul Capture System
One of the unique features of the Trickster is their ability to collect souls from their enemies. These souls are then used to execute powerful finishing moves. The souls collected are shown on the target and they will disappear when you consume them for your skills or kill the monster/player.

Here's the breakdown on the damage multiplier.

  • 1 Soul: 100%
  • 2 Souls: 140%
  • 3 Souls: 180%
  • 4 Souls: 220%
  • 5 Souls: 260%
  • 6 Souls: 300%
  • 7 Souls: 350%

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