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Roumen Loading Screen



Roumen is where all adventures in Isya start out. When you first enter the world of Isya, you will find yourself looking at Element Helper Remi (Location: 5G). She will give you the starting quest "First Steps" which will in turn lead you to Healer Julia (Location: 6E). Healer Julia will give you your second quest "More Baby Steps". These two quests will make up most of your level 1 experience within a few short minutes.

Roumen has all that an explorer needs within it's small area. Skill Master Ruby (Location: 5E) sells Class Skills up to level 20 or Production Skills up to Tier 2. Blacksmith James has all your equipment needs for the first 20 levels. You will most likely wish to stop by Storage Keeper Raina (Location: 7H) to drop off stuff as your backpack inventory starts to fill up.

From Roumen you have access to Sand Beach (Level 5 - 11), Forest of Tides (Level 2 - 8), Sea of Greed (Level 14 - 20), and the Town Portal Guard (Level 10 and up) which takes you to Sand Hill, Elderine, and Forest of Mist.

NPC and Maps

Map of Roumen
Non-Player Characters
Icon Name Location
Templer IconAncient Templer Maria2H
NPC IconBattleZone Gatekeeper2F
Blacksmith IconBlacksmith James4E
Helper IconElement Helper Remi5G
Guild Manager IconGuild Manager Brom3F
Healer IconHealer Julia6E
Item Merchent IconItem Merchant Pey5F
NPC IconRobin2D
Skill Master IconSkill Master Ruby5E
Storage Keeper IconStorage Keeper Raina7H
NPC IconTown Chief Roumenus4F
NPC IconTown Portal Guard2F
NPC IconVietree7H
Weapon Title Merchant IconWeapon Title Merchant Zach3E

Other Information

Monster Locations in Roumen
Monster Locations
Section Slime Mushroom
1 3 0
2 6 0
3 2 3
4 3 3
5 3 2
6 3 3
7 3 2
8 3 3
Level Name
1 Slime
2 Mushroom
Icon Name Location
NPC Icon BattleZone Gatekeeper
Free BattleZone I
Image:Icon-Gate.png Forest of Tides 0A
Image:Icon-Gate.png Sand Beach 8C
Image:Icon-Templer.png Sea of Greed 2H
Image:Icon-NPC.png Town Portal Guard
Roumen, Elderine,
Forest of Mist, Sand Hill

See Also

Roumen Monsters

Slime, Mushroom

World Map

Main Cities: Roumen | Elderine | Sand Hill | Uruga | Alberstol Ruins | Adealia | Bera

Other Cities: Sea of Greed | Forest of Tides | Forest of Mist | Sand Beach | Luminous Stone | Burning Hill | Moonlight Tomb | Goblin Camp | Vine Tomb | Collapsed Prison | Concealed Prison | Dark Passage I | Dark Passage II

Scaffold Execution Ground | Ancient Elven Woods | Forest of Slumber | Burning Rock | Flaming Mine | Swamp of Dawn | Temple of Spirit | Dark Land | Kahal Plains | Tomb of Helga | Island of Eya | Pagel's Battlefield | Ominous Valley | Twilight of the Void

Event/Other: OX Field

Special Maps

Dungeons: Marlone Clan's Hideout, Graveyard of the Dead, Concealed Peak, Bonds of Darkness, Land of Trials, Trumpy Remains, Guardian's Holy Shrine

Instances: Tower of Iyzel | Devildom mine | Devildom Barracks | Crystal Castle | Devildom Territory | Dragon's Tomb | Leviathan's Nest | Secret Laboratory | Devildom Fortress | Burning Adealia

Mining Caves: Echo Cave, Windy Cave, Golden Cave, Thorn Cave

Event/Other OX Field

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