Collapsed Prison

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Collapsed Prison Loading Screen

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Collapsed Prison is a Prison that is overrun by Prisoners and Torturers. This zone is connected to Elderine directly so you can get all supplies you need in Elderine or 2 zones the other way will land you in Uruga for other supplies you might need.

Collapsed Prison is a heaven for people who like AoE groups. There are different sections where large numbers of mobs hang out together.

NPC and Maps

Map of Collapsed Prison

There are no NPCs in Collapsed Prison.

Other information

Level Name
50 Harkan
51 Weakened Ogre
52 King Coll
53 Lighting ViVi
54 Vampire Bat
55 Prisoner
56 Dead Tree Soul
56 Torturer
57 Senior Torturer
58 Des Harkan
58 Karasian Soldier
59 Karasian Templar
Elite Monsters
Level Name
51 Ogre
51 Younger King Coll
52 Older King Coll
53 Elder King Coll
59 Karasian Arch Templar
Hero Monsters
Level Name
55 Mutant Vampire Bat
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Bonds of Darkness 4J
Image:Icon-Gate.png Concealed Prison 1st Floor 7C
Image:Icon-Gate.png Dark Passage I 0B
Image:Icon-Gate.png Elderine 1I
Image:Icon-Gate.png Goblin Camp 2I
Image:Icon-Gate.png Scaffold Execution ground 0H

See Also

Collapsed Prison Monsters

Dead Tree Soul, Des Harkan, Harkan, Karasian Soldier, Karasian Templar, King Coll, Lighting ViVi, Prisoner, Senior Torturer, Torturer, Vampire Bat, Weakened Ogre, Elder King Coll (Elite), Karasian Arch Templar (Elite), Ogre (Elite), Older King Coll (Elite), Younger King Coll (Elite), Mutant Vampire Bat (Hero)

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