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Elderine Loading Screen



Elderine is the Capital City of Isya. Here you will find Merchants for almost anything. Elderine is a large City that fills the entire map (there are no monsters). It is a good center point for your travels in Isya. You will find it to be very nice for a stay while you work on production skills or even selling your own stuff. Being the heart of the greater world around it, almost everyone finds time to visit Elderine regularly.

Elderine has a full line of merchants and a very long list of good that are carried here. If you are looking for it, there is a chance you can find it here.

NPC and Maps

Map of Elderine
Non-Player Characters
Icon Name Location
NPC IconBattleZone Gatekeeper0G
NPC IconBattle Field Guard8G
Blacksmith IconBlacksmith Karls7D
NPC IconDreian Uriel1C
Skill Master IconEnchanter Master Wishis3D
NPC IconGrandma Myzen7F
NPC IconGuard Archer9E, 8E, 8E, 4A, 1E, 1E
NPC IconGuard Captain Shutian4E
NPC IconGuard Nus8H
NPC IconGuard Spearman9E, 4A, 7I, 7I, 7G, 7H, 6H, 7I, 6I, 4I, 3I, 1D, 1E, 1E, 1E
Guild Manager IconGuild Manager Fredrick0E
Healer IconHealer Avon7C
Item Merchant IconItem Merchant Kenton5D
Item Merchant IconItem Merchant Nina8F
NPC IconKid Woz7E
NPC IconOX Quiz Guard6G
Skill Master IconPaladin Master Keast4F
Skill Master IconScout Master Deikid4D
Storage Keeper IconStorage Keeper Kyle5F
NPC IconTown Portal Guard2H
Skill Master IconWarrior Master Marty3F
Weapon Title Merchant IconWeapon Title Merchant Bran6C

Other Information

Elderine is a city and has no monsters living there. Occasionally, GMs will hold events in which they will summon monsters in Elderine. These Monsters can be any monster in the game ranging from Slimes to Helga.

Level Name
Elite Monsters
Level Name
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-NPC.png BattleZone Gatekeeper0G
Image:Icon-NPC.png Battle Field Guard8G
Image:Icon-Gate.png Collapsed Prison4I
Image:Icon-Gate.png Forest of Mist9E
Image:Icon-Gate.png Moonlight Tomb4B
Image:Icon-Gate.png Sea of Greed7J
Image:Icon-NPC.png Town Portal Guard
Roumen, Elderine,
Forest of Mist, Sand Hill

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