Goblin Camp

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Goblin Camp Loading Screen

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A portal to Goblin Camp exists in Collapsed Prison (which itself has a portal from Elderine).

Goblin Camp is a great fighting zones for those who are grouping and like to have fast kills on large pulls. The monsters in this area are close together and it becomes a challenge at times to only get one monster without using Ranged attacks. If you have a group who can handle more then one monster at a time then this is a dream spot for you.

In a solo cleric's point of view, Goblin camp is a nightmare for solo mobs... Just in case you didn't know, the monsters facing you will chase u even if ur further, but pulling a mob with it's back facing you requires you to get REALLY close to them... And make sure to avoid ranged creatures...

NPC and Maps

Map of Goblin Camp
Non-Player Character
Icon Name Location
NPC Icon Goblin 6I
Miner Icon Roumen Miner Royquin
Portal to Windy Cave
NPC Icon Vegan Goblin 5H
NPC Icon Jax 4D
NPC Icon Chapman 4D

Other Information

Monster Locations in Goblin Camp
Level Name
41 Goblin
42 Prock
43 Goblin Swordman
44 Were Bear
45 Goblin Mage
46 Sand Mushroom
47 Goblin Captain
48 Sand Ratman
49 Mini Lips
51 Weakened Ogre
Elite Monsters
Level Name
46 Werebear Fighter
51 Ogre
Hero Monsters
Level Name Location
45 King Werebear 3C
Chief Monsters
Level Name
48 Goblin King
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Collapsed Prison 4E
Image:Icon-Gate.png Concealed Peak 0E
Miner Icon Roumen Miner Royquin
Windy Cave
Image:Icon-Gate.png Vine Tomb 5E

See Also

Goblin Camp Monsters

Goblin, Goblin Captain, Goblin Mage, Goblin Swordman, Mini Lips, Prock, Sand Mushroom, Sand Ratman, Weakened Ogre, Were Bear, Goblin King (Chief), Werebear Fighter (Elite), Ogre (Elite), King Werebear (Hero)

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