Concealed Prison

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The Concealed Prison(CP1) consists of the ground and first floor of the Concealed Prison. It is resident to many varied types of monsters, the recommended level range being 50+

NPC and Maps

A Map of Concealed Prison Floor 1

Other Information

Monsters in Concealed Prison Floor 1
Level Name
58 Karasian Soldier
59 Karasian Templar
60 King Spider
61 Mini Jewel Keeper
62 Little Cursed Sword
63 Orc Hunter
64 Nox
64 Incubus
61 Ratman Knight
68 Sparkdog
66 Stonie
66 Naiad Soul
68 Jewel Keeper
69 Elf Knight Soul
70 Red Stonie
76 Golden Bat
Elite Monsters
Level Name
63 Queen Spider
64 Nox Captain
64 Bright Golden Bat
65 Ratman Elite Knight
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Collapsed Prison D2
Image:Icon-Gate.png Concealed Prison 2nd Floor D9

Monsters in Concealed Prison Floor 2
Level Name
71 Giant Sparkdog
71 Navar
72 Gold Jewel Keeper
76 Cursed Sword
78 Black Incubus
78 Ancient Stonie
Elite Monsters
Level Name
75 Blue Archon
75 Giant Stonie
78 Ghost Knight
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Concealed Prison 1st Floor

See Also

Concealed Prison Monsters

Floor 1: Archon, Elf Knight Soul, Golden Bat, Incubus, Jewel Keeper, Karasian Soldier, Karasian Templar, King Spider, Little Cursed Sword, Mini Jewel Keeper, Navar, Nox, Orc Hunter, Ratman Knight, Red Stonie, Sparkdog, Stonie, Naiad Soul, Bright Golden Bat (Elite), Nox Captain (Elite), Queen Spider (Elite), Ratman Elite Knight (Elite),

Floor 2: Ancient Stonie, Black Incubus, Cursed Sword, Elf Knight Demon, Giant Sparkdog, Gold Jewel Keeper, Navar, Navar Hunter, Naiad Demon, Nox Hunter, Old Archon, Orc Captain, Blue Archon (Elite), Giant Stonie (Hero), Ghost Knight (Chief)

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