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Sand Beach is the second area outside of Roumen where you can fight monsters. This zone is for levels 5-11. Please note that while the zone is set up for levels 5-11 there are many mobs that are to high for a level 11 to solo. This allows for Groups of level 11 to be able to fight within the zone.

From Sand Beach you can visit Roumen, Forest of Tides, or Echo Cave.

Key attractions to Sand Beach are the Beaches where you can harvest Starfish and Clams for quests. There is also an good supply of Mushrooms, Wood, Herbs at the entrance from Roumen. Sand Beach has a lot to offer the low level adventurer.

Higher level mobs are placed off to one side by their selves. The location for the more advance groups is below the Forest of Tides Gate. These mobs range from level 16 - 18. Please note these locations and keep in mind that they are for Advance Groups.

NPC and Maps

Map of Sand Beach
Non-Player Characters
Icon Name Location
Miner IconRoumen Miner Palmers
Portal to Echo Cave

Sand Beach is a Hunting Ground. It is not set up to supply the adventurer with anything other then Monsters. Please keep this in mind while hunting here. If you need any supplies you will have to either Hunt for them or go back to Roumen and pick them up. If you have not entered Sand Beach yet please double check all your supplies to make sure you have the amount you need. Sand Beach is a good place to look for monsters needed for the low level quests.

Other Information

Monster Locations in Sand Beach
Level Name Location
1 Slime Check Map
2 Mushroom Check Map
3 Speedy Slime Check Map
4 Imp Check Map
5 Fire Mushroom Check Map
6 Crab Check Map
6 Slow Slime Check Map
7 Speedy Honeying Check Map
8 Little Hob Check Map
10 Hungry Wolf Check Map
10 Honeying Check Map
11 Mini Greenky Check Map
16 Mara Pirates Check Map
17 Mara Pirate Sailor Check Map
18 Mara Pirate Elite Check Map
18 Speedy Boogy Check Map
Elite Monsters
Level Name Location
8 King Crab Check Map
11 Angry Wolf Check Map
Icon Level Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Town Roumen 3H
Image:Icon-Gate.png 5 - 11 Forest of Tides 6F
Image:Icon-Gate.png 11 and up Forest of Mist 3C
Image:Icon-Miner.png 7 and up Roumen Miner Palmers
Echo Cave

See Also

Sand Beach Monsters

Blue Crab, Crab, Fire Mushroom, Honeying, Hungry Wolf, Imp, Little Hob, Little Lizardman, Mara Pirates, Mara Pirate Elite, Mara Pirate Sailor, Mini Greenky, Mushroom, Slime, Slow Slime, Speedy Boogy, Speedy Honeying, Speedy Slime, Angry Wolf (Elite), King Crab (Elite)

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