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Sand Hill is a Adventure Camp up on a hill surrounded by monsters. Guards protect Sand Hill so while you are there you don't have to worry about the monsters making it into the Camp. The Guards won't kill anything for you so don't run up to them expecting help. Again, they do stand guard and keep the monsters out.

The Secret Society has a large presence here. They have claimed Sand Hill as an outlaying section of their domain. You will also find large amounts of Beasts that inhabit this area.

Sand Hill's Camp has everything you really need for the long haul of the fight. You can stock up on Soul Stones, access your storage, buy new skills, even enhance your items.

Sand Hill is everything you need, nothing you don't. You will find yourself wishing all zones were set up like this one.

NPC and Maps

Map of Sand Hill
Non-Player Characters
Icon Name Location
Blacksmith IconBlacksmith Rohan7D
Healer IconHealer Carol7D
NPC IconJulian7D
NPC IconSand Hill Camp Guard6D, 6C, 7E, 8E
NPC IconSilver Allon7D
Skill Master IconSkill Master Grunt7D
Storage Keeper IconStorage Keeper Drein7D
NPC IconTown Portal Guard
Portal to Elderine, Roumen, or Forest of Mist

Other Information

File:Mobs-Sand Hill.png
Mob Location of Sand Hill
Level Name
29 Wandering Old Tree
31 Spider
33 Wild Desert Archon
30 Secret Society Warrior
32 Secret Society Mage
34 Wild desert wolf
37 Ghost
37 Fox
37 Fire Vivi
38 Hob
39 Bone Imp
40 Earth Spider
Elite Monsters
Level Name
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Burning Hill 5B
Image:Icon-Gate.png Moonlight Tomb 8H
Image:Icon-Gate.png Sea of Greed 1H
Image:Icon-NPC.png Town Portal Guard
Roumen, Elderine,
Forest of Mist, Sand Hill

See Also

Sand Hill Monsters

Baby WereBear, Bone Imp, Earth Spider, Fire ViVi, Fox, Ghost, Hob, Secret Society Mage, Secret Society Warrior, Spider, Wandering Old Tree, Wild Desert Archon, Wild Desert Wolf Wild Imp

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