Dragon's Tomb

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Dragon's Tomb is a fairly easy dungeon, unlike the previous Crystal Castle or Tower of Izyel, this dunegon gives insane amounts of experience. There are four Mini bosses that are optional if you dont want to go straight to the boss (Cornelius). It is important that you STAY TOGETHER! It is easy to get lost here, and mobs are waiting to strike around the corner of every turn.


It is important that you have at least a tanker with more than 5.5k health or someone with over 2.3k def. The Fire Titan can hit up to 2.9k crit and still keep hitting. A cleric is nessacary as with all dungeons, and it is recommended that you have at least a mage and an archer if you can. Two tankers is OK, but three tankers and a ranged attacker are nearly impossible. If possible though, get two clerics. The most common way through Dragon's Tomb is to kill the first mobs and then head up the tunnel at the left and confront the Magmaton and Mudman boss first. Parties can restart if they do not get drops. Afterwards, go down the same tunnel and to the next bosses, the Weasel and Fire Titan. A common glitch is found with the Weseal, if you kill the mobs before the boss, there is a low percentage that the weseal will drop anything, while killing the boss first results in a drop. Drag the Weseal out and try not to attract the mobs. He summons caravans to help him. Along with all of the bosses, he heals 3k which is easily dropped. The Fire Titan is a tricky boss, he hits with magic which hits hard. Clerics make sure to use Rejuvinate and Heal, Quicken and then Invincible to provide 20 seconds total of protection for tankers. It is important at the final boss (Cornelius), that you dont attract the boss first, but kill the mobs around it. Cornelius summons when he is halfway through health (Fire Shellas, Spirits and finally, the loathsome Nerpa). He casts a debuff that takes 486 health per second, so it is important to heal and cure very fast in order to keep the tank(s) alive. If you have a second fighter, he would serve as the backup. Cornelius AoEs by jumping on top of the tanker and therefore is better to span the room (everyone goes to a specific spot away from each other) rather clump together.

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File:Dragon's Tomb lvls.jpg
Monster Locations in Dragon's Tomb
Level Name
Dungeon Caravan
Dungeon Gargoyle
Dungeon Kruger
Dungeon Nerpa
Chief Monsters
Level Name
Dungeon Cornelius
Icon Name Location

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Dragon's Tomb Monsters

Dungeon Caravan, Dungeon Gargoyle, Dungeon Kruger, Dungeon Nerpa, Dungeon Cornelius (Chief)

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