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Crystal Castle Loading Screen.

Crystal Castle is the third instance dungeon the the game of Fiesta Online for levels 60-90 [Originally 69 before patch].


How To Enter: Find the Crystal Castle in Uruga (J7).

Level Requirements: 60-90 [Originally 69 before patch]

Layout and Creeps


Crystal Castle tenth floor.

The tower consists of 10 floors with different monsters on each floor every time a party goes in.

The map is a linear path in which the party will have to defeat all the monsters on the current floor in order to past to the next room which is accessed via stairway. When all the monsters on a floor are defeated a guard will speak to you encouraging you to go further and give warnings.

As you approach each floor, you can also see the Floor number displayed in roman numeral on the right hand side of door way.

When a party defeats the last boss they will respawn in Uruga in front of the tower. Currently, there is no map for the tower.


Each tower floor from 1 - 9 are made up of any of the following list monsters. There are general 4 sets of monster spawns:

  • Chief Monster & General/Elite monster - where when the Chief is killed, all General/Elite monsters also die.
  • Mixture of monsters - 1-3 different monsters, all need to be killed individually.
  • Some floors will have Dark Present Box/Dark Coffin/Dark Ore - a room full of chest/coffins/ores, the correct one needs to be harvested in order to proceed, if an incorrect one is opened deadly Dark Zombie/Dark Marlone Clam Archer spawns. This can get very irritating to Crystal Castle goers.

List of Monsters (incomplete), all monsters are level 69.

Chief & General / Elite Monsters
Chief Monster General Monster
Gigantic Jewel Keeper Dark Jewel Keeper
Gigantic Dark Gold Jewel Keeper Dark Gold Jewel Keeper
Dark King Mushroom Dark Mushroom
Cursed Dark Navar Dark Navar
Gigantic Dark Spark Dog Dark Sparkdog
Gigantic Dark Archon Dark Archon
Gigantic Dark Lips Dark Lips
Dark Ranger Dark Skeleton Archer

Mixture of Monsters
Orc Chaser Fugitive Orc Assassin Marlone
Dark Skeleton Knight Dark Skeleton Commander --
Magic Immunized Bat Magic Immunized Vampire Bat --
Magic Immunized Tomb Raider Magic Immunized Goblin Swordman --
Hard Skin Lips -- --
Hard Stonie Hard Red Stonie --
Dark Stonie Commander Dark Stonies --
Dark Pinky Dark Pixy --
Dark Greenky Dark Sylph --
Dark Skeleton Warrior Dark Soul Skeleton --
Dark Marlone Clan Archer -- --
Magic Immunized Goblin Swordman -- --
Jewel-aiming Tomb Raider Jewel Defender Goblin Swordman --
Dark Lizard Man Dark Lizardman Commander --

Dark Magic Staff
Dark Zombies
Dark Legendary Tree

Dark Present Box/Dark Coffin
Dark Zombies

Dark Ore/Dark Present Box
Dark Marlone Clan Archer

Floor 10 consist of the boss.

General Monster Chief Moster Boss
Dark Orc Cursed Dark Orc Guardian of the Tower Great Orc
Dark Sniper Skeleton Archer Tower's Pillar of Light Jewel Golem
Dark Lizard Man Dark Lizardman Commander Guardian of the Tower Lizardman

Note that in a patch, the last floor will have 2 Tower's Pillar of Light for lizard/orc boss, and 4 for Jewel Golem. For 2-pillar floors, one controls Physical Damage resistance and Magic Damage resistance. For 4-pillar floors, all have to be destroyed to remove the Jewel Golem's Unatttackable state. [ They will re-appear when the golem is at 25% health]

The Tenth Floor

The gates at the bottom of the stairs of the 10th floor will lock when a party member reaches the top of the stairs. It is best to make sure the entire party is on the stair case prior to going into the last room to pull mobs though clerics, archers and mages can still cast skills through the locked gates.

If all party members on the 10th floor die, the gate at the bottom of the stairs will re-open.

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