Alberstol Ruins

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Alberstol Ruins Loading Screen



Alberstol Ruins is a quite large Outpost on the far side of Isya. It is surrounded by monsters.

Even thought it is an outpost, Alberstol Ruins was lucky to find volunteers to live there, providing the adventurer everything needed for the long haul of the fight. You can stock up on Soul Stones, access your storage, buy new skills, even enhance your items in Alberstol Ruins.

NPC and Maps

Map of Alberstol Ruins
Non-Player Characters
Icon Name Location
Blacksmith IconBlacksmith Marcudos2H
Healer IconHealer Runadilla2F
NPC IconAlberstol Chief Kiera2F
Skill Master IconSkill Master Paella3E
Storage Keeper IconStorage Keeper Rell2F
Item Merchant per IconItem Merchant Geric3G
NPC IconTaylor2F
NPC IconWater Stone2H
NPC IconFire Stone1D
NPC IconWind Stone3E
NPC IconTree Stone4F
NPC IconEarth Stone4H

Other Information

File:Mobs-Alberstol Ruins.png
Mob Location of Alberstol Ruins

Level Name
103 Incomplete Subject
103 Mutant Snake
104 Phouch
106 Black Bear
107 Brown Bear
108 Red Bear
109 Water Elca
110 Fire Shella
Elite Monsters
Level Name
110 Ghost of the Battlefield
Icon Name Location
Image:Icon-Gate.png Secret Laboratory H8
Image:Icon-Gate.png Origin of Life E6
Image:Icon-Gate.png Swamp of Dawn I6
Image:Icon-Gate.png Dark Land B4

See Also

Alberstol Ruins Monsters

Brown Bear, Black Bear, Fire Shella Incomplete Subject, Mutant Snake, Phouch, Red Bear, Water Elca

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