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  • Cleric Guide
    …em on yourself so you can keep your party-mates alive if they have several mobs or more on them. …htfully spam-able. Thus, it is very useful when tanking massive amounts of mobs, or keeping yourself alive in PVP.
    14 KB (2539 words) - 23:41, 15 February 2014
  • Forest of Tides
    …. Please note that while the zone is set up for levels 2-8 there are many mobs that are too difficult for a level 8 to solo. This, therefore, encourages …
    4 KB (542 words) - 23:23, 15 February 2014
  • Forest of Mist
    …orest of Mist is a great spot for a wide range of Adventures. It has many mobs needed for Quests. This is a place you will spend quite a bit of time wit…
    4 KB (540 words) - 23:23, 15 February 2014
  • Sand Beach
    … Please note that while the zone is set up for levels 5-11 there are many mobs that are to high for a level 11 to solo. This allows for Groups of level 1… … for the more advance groups is below the [[Forest of Tides]] Gate. These mobs range from level 16 - 18. Please note these locations and keep in mind th…
    4 KB (548 words) - 23:23, 15 February 2014
  • Job Change Quests
    …llow you to see the bleak outlines of these enemies. If you defeat the two mobs here, you will not need to deal with them when you fight your shadow and s… …llow you to see the bleak outlines of these enemies. If you defeat the two mobs here, you will not need to deal with them when you fight your shadow and s…
    24 KB (4265 words) - 00:59, 27 June 2017
  • Millenium Robo Plot
    … the ranged monsters will take out the last runner, scattering the trained mobs back onto the rest, and very likely killing everyone. …rty to handle, they may start to converge in the center while dragging the mobs.
    16 KB (2921 words) - 02:56, 30 September 2009
  • Money Making
    …d yourself and suicide. The powerleveled noob will get insane EXP from the mobs which will die from the AOEs (after you suicided). '''Note: You can get in… …Iyzel]] as far as Dust Golem. Kill '''only''' the Golem - ignore the other mobs. Collect the drops and NPC them. At ~20s per run, and each run lasting 3mi…
    11 KB (1935 words) - 15:44, 7 September 2014
  • Harkan
    … of the gate path. They are fairly dangerous in groups, and are usually in mobs between [[King Coll]]s and such. Their HP may be considered High to some c…
    952 B (132 words) - 12:14, 10 August 2014
  • Mage Leveling
    …Slumber, may be hard to find a party; Passage of the Abyss, great exp from mobs, try to find an aoe party
    2 KB (397 words) - 18:25, 23 February 2009
  • Archer Guide
    …ir Area-of-Effect skills, they become monsters who excel at defeating huge mobs of monsters. …king the player/s) is an effective tactic in both solo hunting (to prevent mobs from mobbing you) or party hunting (so the party can focus on one target a…
    10 KB (1808 words) - 23:45, 16 February 2013
  • Luminous Stone
    …will find mobs that are harder then the normal above ground counterparts. Mobs in dungeons have slight increase in abilities due to living their lives in…
    5 KB (703 words) - 23:22, 15 February 2014
  • King Slime
    ===Spawn Mobs===
    1 KB (151 words) - 14:07, 25 June 2009
  • Imp
    …ttack with a slightly elevated power but attack somewhat slower than other mobs. The observant may notice that they attack with a sword/club-like object i…
    1 KB (195 words) - 12:40, 10 August 2014
  • Little Lizardman
    Formerly one of the first aggressive mobs. This is no longer true, and are currently a neutral mob. In rare cases, c…
    1 KB (146 words) - 20:34, 22 September 2021
  • Lost Mini Dragon
    …/efficiently enough, it is recommended that a spare Fighter Mock the spare mobs and drag them them to a secluded area. After defeating the Dragon, a numbe… …It is recommended to pull Mini Dragon out from the mob-spawn and leave the mobs untouched.(most Mini Dragon Hardcore fails here)
    4 KB (656 words) - 00:34, 28 December 2014
  • King Kong Phino's Mess
    … Phino and Phinoflie, gathering all of the mobs up. All DDs should AOE the mobs. While the group is killing the mob, the main tank should run up and grab … …i Dragon, the Phino does various power ups, and spawns mobs. At first, the mobs contain just regular monsters, but eventually he spawns Mara, Marlone, and…
    2 KB (347 words) - 21:57, 2 December 2010
  • Beginner's Fighter Guide
    … played, the MT focuses on damage mitigation and keeping the aggro/hate of mobs. Basically, your role in parties and KQs would be to keep everyone safe -… - Pick up loose mobs.<br>
    19 KB (3408 words) - 23:43, 16 December 2008
  • Mage Guide
    | Can't use on Mobs only PVP
    21 KB (3547 words) - 23:45, 9 March 2019
  • Moonlight Tomb
    …[[ToadStool|Toadstools]] and [[Mushrooms]] for [[Scroll Production]]. The mobs are very well organized and you will quickly find a favorite place in this…
    3 KB (359 words) - 23:21, 15 February 2014
  • Collapsed Prison
    …e who like AoE groups. There are different sections where large numbers of mobs hang out together.
    2 KB (315 words) - 11:30, 16 October 2013

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