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1000 Copper = 1 Silver(s)
1000 Silver(s) = 1 Gold(s)
100 Gold(s) = 1 Gem(s)


Fame is accumulated through completing daily quests and appears on your character guide page.

Basic Methods

There are a few basic ways of making money in Fiesta.

  • Sell mob-drops to NPCs and Player-Shops.
Selling drops directly to NPCs is the easiest and fastest way to get money, though it will likely also net you the least profit. NPCs 'buy' most materials and items for far less than their potential value in the market. The only items you should vend to NPCs are items you know that noone will buy (eg- low grade materials/poorly-statted equipment/copper/silver/gold lumps) and items that are too much trouble to find buyers for in comparison to their price.
  • Set-up a shop and sell drops directly to other players.
A better alternative to selling to NPCs, setting up your own shop lets you dictate the price you can get for your items and gives you more control. Bear in mind however, that buyers won't necessarily buy at the prices you charge, you have to set a price that you can both agree on. Don't bother trying to sell items that players don't want, you'll only waste space that could have been better used for a better-selling item.
  • Completing quests rewards a small amount of money.
All quests reward an amount of money upon completion along with the Fame and Experience. Though the amounts of money may be small, the number of quests you will undertake will add a not inconsiderable amount to your purse.
  • Develop your Production Skills, refine materials into more useful products (stones/scrolls/potions etc.) and sell to other players.
One of the most time-consuming methods, Alchemists take raw-materials and turn them into stones/potions/scrolls etc. There are five Production Skills that a character may undertake, but only two possible per character. Good use of Alchemy gives you more moneys worth out of your materials.
  • Cash-Shop Method = requires large amounts of real-life cash and a willingness to use it.
Buy large amounts of red and blue enhancement stones and trade in-game money for enhancement 'services.' An 'easy' way to get large amounts of in-game money quickly, but one that costs heavily in real money.
  • Lucky House is like a casino.Of course you need to risk your own money to make more money. Can be payful after level 70 because you can bet 1gold lvl 40-69=100 silver. The more you can bet,the more you can win.
  • What you may also do is, create a noob character. Then join a academy and hurry up and get to level 15. Use the leveling guide that suits your class to help you. After you have reached 15 bank all your money and then withdraw all your money to your main. Good Luck!

The Money Tree

The Economy and its sub-divisions.

  • Farmers - The lowest branch of the tree. They farm materials; since no money is spent acquiring the mats, whatever the revenue from their sale is pure profit. This is one of the best ways to make money.
  • Decomposition - The second lowest branch of the tree. Involves buying materials to decompose and sell. Also provides good profit.
  • The Middleman - Buys mats for a high price. Uses them to create new products, then sells those products for a low price while still pulling a small profit. The goal here is to constantly move products, upgrade your production skills, and sell better products for a cheaper rate so you are constantly buying and selling. It's low profit in the beginning, but only improves with time.
  • The Vendors - People who vend for long periods of time, selling things at retail price. Receives good profit per sale, but sales are generally slow. Similar in profit to the middleman, although much less work is involved in this area as no gathering or making is needed.

Though there are four distinct branches in the tree, no player is purely one or the other. It is very likely that one will adopt a combination of said methodologies and change depending on circumstance.



  • Use the Party-Matching window as a Bulletin-Board.
  • Advertise. Use /shout though don't become too much of a bother.
  • Have a distinctive store-title. Or you'll get lost in a crowd.
  • Establish a network of frequent buyers/sellers. Make a name for having good prices and a good reputation in general. No one wants to deal with someone who may cheat them.
  • Set-up shops where it makes sense. Watch for areas of high traffic-density or choke-points through which lots of people pass. Sell stones and equipment near weapon NPCs, scrolls near portal gates, materials near Storage/Item Merchants etc.


  • Use Material Composition and Decomposition wisely to aid your other Production Skills.
  • Vend items in shop instead of selling to NPC when you can. Only NPC items you know players won't buy.
  • Develop and use your production skills. Refining materials into a finished product multiplies its value.
  • Learn the values of statted-drops. A good rule-of-thumb for the maximum stat-bonus an equip can have, is to take the level requirement of the item and halve it. Thus, a level 50 statted-drop would have a supposed maximum +25 DEX, +25 STR, +25 INT, +25 END and +25 SPR. Equips that reach the thresh-holds of their respective highest possible bonuses can sell for very high amounts, their value multiplying if enhanced. You must of course take into account which stats are on the equipment's bonus, a Mage for example won't pay as much for STR as he might for END. Familiarize yourself with the market and see what you can get away with.

Be Frugal

  • Haggle if you can.
  • Save money. Don't buy equipment or skills you don't really need.
  • Make wise use of your storage. Store valuable items and equipment and NPC low-value items.
  • Keep most of your money in storage. Helps prevent impulse and accidental purchases.
  • Browse Shops while on a mount. You cannot buy anything on a mount so this prevents impulse purchases and accidents.
  • Make multiple characters and use the extra storage. Assign different production skills and use the common storage to move things around.

Work the Market

  • Know the price of things. Do not under-price or overpay.
  • Buy cheap. Sell high. Be on the lookout for bargains and blow-outs, sell for a reasonable but higher price later.
  • Undercut competition. Check who else is selling what you are. Sell for a few coppers lower. Make sure everyone knows it.
  • Some items are more in-demand than others. Certain materials/items are needed to complete quests. Players are usually willing to pay a premium when in a hurry.

Specific Methods

Level 10 - 20:

  • Farm apples from woods in Forest of Mist. Sell them at 1s - 5s.
  • Join an academy. You will get rewards every time you leveled.
  • At lvl 12 you can collect Roumen and Elderine return scrolls by doing the Disease Carriers Quest repeatable quest from Ancient Templar Maria in Roumen. After talking to Ancient Templar Maria, use the teleport portal to go to Forest of Mist. Walk past the bridge and you will find an area filled with Ratmen. Defeat 5 of them, use the portal to teleport back to Roumen and talk to Ancient Templar Maria to claim the reward. Repeat the quest until you leveled. Roumen Scrolls will sell for 100s+ each, Elderine Scrolls sell for 100s-300s each.

Level 20 - 30:

  • Farm materials in the abyss. There is a chance that you will get lucky and blessed stones.

Level 30 - 40:

  • Farm materials in the abyss. LQ Slime Jelly has good demand.
  • Farm boss weapons, boss rings and lvl 20/35 set items from Zombie King in Graveyard of the Dead.

sell them with price 1g-10g.

Level 40 - 50:

  • Farm materials in the abyss. Summoned Beast Leather and Summoned Beast Tail have good demand.
  • Farm boss weapons, boss rings and lvl 35/55 set items from Giant Goblin King in Concealed Peak.
  • At level 47 (only), you can collect T2 concentration scrolls by doing the A Secretive Request repeatable quest from Blacksmith Karl in Elderine. Go to Goblin Camp and kill Goblin Captains to obtain 30 Goblin Captain's Helmets. Every time you complete this quest, you get 2 of T2 concentration scrolls, which can be sold for at least 10g each. Repeat the quest until you leveled.

Level 50 - 60:

  • Farm materials in the abyss. Sign of Trace has good demand.
  • Farm boss weapons, boss rings and lvl 55 set items from Torturer King in Bonds of Darkness.

Level 60 - 70:

  • Run Crystal Castle. You can get rare recipes as well as lvl 55/75 set items.
  • Spider's Assault Kingdom Quest gives good rewards (10 of each random T4 potions/scrolls & 30 of each random stone/potion/scroll materials). The materials can be sold for a good price or be used to produce stones, potions and scrolls.
  • Farm boss weapons, boss rings and lvl 55/75 set items from Giant Orc Captain in Land of Trials.
  • Harvest gold ores from Golden Cave in Uruga. Either NPC them or decompose them into MQ or HQ silver ores and vend those.
  • If you are a mage, after lvl 67 you can start powerleveling lvl 40-55 players in lvl 60 abyss for money. Preferably you have a +10/+9 weapon. First you draw a huge mob, then cast nova and inferno around yourself and suicide. The powerleveled noob will get insane EXP from the mobs which will die from the AOEs (after you suicided). Note: You can get in trouble for plvling so do this at your own risk!

Level 70 - 80:

  • King Kong Phino's Mess Kingdom Quest gives good rewards (15 of each random T4 potions/scrolls & 50 of each random stone/potion/scroll materials). The materials can be sold for a good price or be used to produce stones, potions and scrolls.
  • Farm dangerous toadstools at Uruga or Ancient Elven Woods. Ramsears also have good demand.
  • You can get rare recipes from the lvl 70 abyss if you are lucky.

Level 80 - 90:

  • Run Dragon's Tomb. You can get rare recipes as well as lvl 75/85 set items.
  • Grind in Flaming Mine. Bellow Knight weapons are dropped from Bellow Knights and Bellow Knight Lord weapons are dropped from Bellow Knight Lord.
  • You can get lvl 70 blue weapons from the lvl 80 abyss if you are lucky.

Level 90 - 120:

  • Farm T4 dusts and blue jeweleries in Temple of Spirit.
  • Lvl 100 KQ rewards enhanced T4 weapons which can be dismantled to make karises.

Other methods:

  • If you don't use/care about your fame, you can 'buy' alchemy stones and sell them.
  • Use the composition/decomposition combo. Sign of traces, summoned beast leathers (MQ), common toadstools, violets, HQ copper ores are always in good demand if you can make them.
  • Duo in Tower of Iyzel as far as Dust Golem. Kill only the Golem - ignore the other mobs. Collect the drops and NPC them. At ~20s per run, and each run lasting 3mins, you can get about 400s per hour. Just make sure you can easily take the Dust Golem suffering little or no damage.
  • Make Karis and sell them. Karises are special Enhancement Stones that make weapons from +9 to +10. A Karis can be created by destroying enhanced items at the Healers. Karis can be sold at 500s to 1g, depending on which server. To make a Karis, you need one of the following enhanced items:

- +9 T1 weapon = 1 Karis - +7 T2 weapon = 1 Karis - +8 T2 weapon = 2 Karises - +9 T2 weapon = 3 Karises - +6 T3 weapon = 1 Karis - +7 T3 weapon = 2 Karises - +8 T3 weapon = 3 Karises - +9 T3 weapon = 4 Karises etc

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