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Material Composition Skill Icon Material Composition is the ability to upgrade Materials used for the other Production Skills. To compose the items you will need (x) number of Lower Quality Materials and Alchemy Stones. Lower Grade Materials can be found while out killing monsters or made if above Low Quality. Low Quality Materials and Alchemy stones are sold in Elderine at Item Merchant Nina. Low Quality Materials and Alchemy Stones are bought using Coins.

Material Composition Table

Skill Lv. Icon Product Ingredients Points Recipe Price Recipe Name

Step 1

0 Image:Item-Copper Ore.png Copper Ore (Normal Quality) 4 Copper Ore (Low Quality) 2100Copper Middle-Class Copper Ore
0 Image:Item-Copper Ore (High Quality).png Copper Ore (High Quality) 2 Copper Ore (Normal Quality) 2100Copper High-Class Copper Ore
100 Image:Item-Common Mushroom.png Mushroom (Normal Quality) 11 Mushroom (Low Quality) 3150Copper Normal* Mushrooms
100 Image:Item-Common ToadStool.png Toadstool (Normal Quality) 11 Toadstool (Low Quality) 3150Copper Normal* Toad Stool
200 Image:Item-Silver Ore (Low Quality).png Silver Ore (Low Quality) 4 Copper Ore (High Quality)3200Copper Low-Class Silver Ore
200 Image:Item-Sap.png Sap (Normal Quality) 11 Sap (Low Quality)3200Copper Middle-Class Wood* Sap
300 Image:Item-Vilolet.png Violet 9 Geranium3250Copper Violet
300 Image:Item-Rosemary.png Rosemary 8 Sage3250Copper Rosemary
400 Image:Item-Beast Leather.png Beast Leather (Normal Quality) 18 Beast Leather (Low Quality)3300Copper Middle-Class Beast Leather
400 Image:Item-Beast Dogtooth.png Beast Dogtooth (Normal Quality) 18 Beast Dogtooth (Low Quality)3300Copper Middle-Class Beast Tooth*
500 Image:Item-Chewy Meat.png Meat (Normal Quality) 14 Meat (Low Quality) 3350Copper Chewy Meat
500 Image:Item-Dim Spirit Dust.png Spirit Dust (Normal Quality) 18 Spirit Dust (Low Quality)3350Copper Dim Spirit Dust
600 Image:Item-Crude Leather.png Leather (Normal Quality) 14 Leather (Low Quality)3400Copper Intact Skin*
700 Image:Item-Silver Ore.png Silver Ore (Normal Quality) 2 Silver Ore (Low Quality)3450Copper Middle-Class Silver Ore
800 Image:Item-Spirit's Fruit.png Spirit's Nectar (Normal Quality) 16 Spirit's Nectar (Low Quality)4500Copper Middle-Class Ghost* Fruit

Step 2

1000 Image:Item-Summoned Beast Leather.png Summoned Beast Leather (Normal Quality) 16 Summoned Beast Leather (Low Quality)4600Copper Middle-Class Kylin* Leather
1000 Image:Item-Sign of Trace.png Sign (Normal Quality) 16 Sign (Low Quality)4600Copper Pledge* of Trace
2000 Image:Item-Broken Bone.png Bone (Normal Quality) 22 Bone (Low Quality)41Silver(s) 100Copper Broken Bone
2000 Image:Item-Magic Crystal.png Magic Crystal (Normal Quality) 22 Magic Crystal (Low Quality)41Silver(s) 100Copper Middle-Class Magic Piece*
3000 Image:Item-Dim Soul Dust.png Soul Dust (Normal Quality) 22 Soul Dust (Low Quality)41Silver(s) 600Copper Dim Soul Dust
5000 Image:Item-Dim Gem Dust.png Gem Dust (Normal Quality) 25 Gem Dust (Low Quality)42Silver(s) 600Copper Dim Gem Dust
6000 Image:Item-Silver Ore (High Quality).png Silver Ore (High Quality) 2 Silver Ore (Normal Quality)53Silver(s) 100Copper High-Class Silver Ore
9000 Image:Item-Ramsear.png Ramsear 3 Violet64Silver(s) 600Copper Ramsear
10000 Image:Item-Fragrant Mushroom.png Mushroom (High Quality) 4 Mushroom (Normal Quality)65Silver(s) 100Copper Sweet-Smelling* Mushroom
10000 Image:Item-Dangerous ToadStool.png Toadstool (High Quality) 4 Toadstool (Normal Quality)65Silver(s) 100Copper Dangerous Toad Stool
11000 Image:Item-Ruby.png Ruby 6 Topaz65Silver(s) 600Copper Ruby

Step 3

12000 Image:Item-Gold Ore (Low Quality).png Gold Ore (Low Quality) 3 Silver Ore (High Quality)136Silver(s) 100Copper Low-Class Gold Ore
14000 Image:Item-Summoned Beast Leather (High Quality).png Summoned Beast Leather (High Quality) 4 Summoned Beast Leather (Normal Quality) 137Silver(s) 100Copper High-Class Kylin* Leather
14000 Image:Item-Basil.gif Basil 6 Rosemary137Silver(s) 100Copper Basil
16000 Image:Item-Beast Leather (High Quality).png Beast Leather (High Quality) 5 Beast Leather (Normal Quality)138Silver(s) 100Copper High-Class Beast Leather
16000 Image:Item-Sap_(High_Quality).gif Sap (High Quality) 8 Sap (Normal Quality)138Silver(s) 100Copper High-Class Wood* Sap
18000 Image:Item-Beast Dogtooth (High Quality).png Beast Dogtooth (High Quality) 5 Beast Dogtooth (Normal Quality)139Silver(s) 100CopperHigh-Class Beast Tooth*
20000 Image:Item-Glowing Spirit Dust.png Spirit Dust (High Quality) 5 Spirit Dust (Normal Quality)1311Silver(s) Shining* Spirit Dust
22000 Image:Item-Summoned Beast Fighter's Tail.png Summoned Beast Fighter's Tail 5 Summoned Beast's Tail1312Silver(s) 100Copper Kylin* Fighter's Tail
24000 Image:Item-Iron Badge.png Iron Badge 4 Master Commander's Badge1313Silver(s) Iron Badge
28000 Image:Item-Lustered Gem Dust.png Gem Dust (High Quality) 5 Gem Dust (Normal Quality)2015Silver(s) Shining* Gem Dust
30000 Image:Item-Tender Meat.png Meat (High Quality) 7 Meat (Normal Quality)2016Silver(s) Tender Meat
32000 Image:Item-Intact Bone.png Bone (High Quality) 6 Bone (Normal Quality)2017Silver(s) Intact Bone
32000 Image:Item-Tough Leather.png Leather (High Quality) 7 Leather (Normal Quality) 2017Silver(s) Solid Skin*

Step 4

35000 Image:Item-Clean Water (High Quality).png Spirit's Nectar (High Quality) 6 Spirit's Nectar (Normal Quality)20 18Silver(s) High-Class Ghost* Fruit
35000 Image:Item-Magic Crystal (High Quality).png Magic Crystal (High Quality) 6 Magic Crystal (Normal Quality)20 18Silver(s) High-Class Magic Piece*
40000 Image:Item-Preserved Sign.png Sign (High Quality) 6 Sign (Normal Quality)20 21Silver(s) Precious Pledge*
40000 Image:Item-Lustered Soul Dust.png Soul Dust (High Quality) 6 Soul Dust (Normal Quality)20 21Silver(s) Dim* Soul Dust
45000 Image:Item-Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (Normal Quality) 2 Gold Ore (Low Quality)20 23Silver(s) Middle-Class Gold Ore
55000 Image:Item-Premium Mushroom.png Mushroom (Highest Quality) 5 Mushroom (High Quality)26 28Silver(s) Best* Mushrooms
60000 Image:Item-Deadly ToadStool.png Toadstool (Highest Quality) 5 Toadstool (High Quality)26 31Silver(s) Lethal* Toad Stool
75000 Image:Item-Salvia.png Eucalyptus 5 Ramsear26 38Silver(s) Salvia
80000 Image:Item-Gold Ore (High Quality).png Gold Ore (High Quality) 2 Gold Ore (Normal Quality)26 41Silver(s) High-Class Gold Ore
85000 Image:Item-Sap (Highest Quality).png Sap (Highest Quality) 3 Sap (High Quality)26 43Silver(s) Best* Wood Sap
90000 Image:Item-Marigold.png Marigold 3 Basil33 46Silver(s) Marigold

Step 5

100000 Image:Item-Beast's Head.png Beast's Head 4 Beast Dogtooth (High Quality) 40 rare drop Beast's Head
100000 Image:Item-Strong Bone.png Bone (Highest Quality) 3 Bone (High Quality) 46 rare drop Strong Bone
100000 Image:Item-Spirit's Fruit (Highest Quality).png Spirit's Nectar (Highest Quality) 3 Spirit's Nectar (High Quality) 46 rare drop Best Ghost* Fruit
100000 Image:Item-Shining Gem Dust.png Gem Dust (Highest Quality) 3 Gem Dust (High Quality) 53 rare drop Colorful* Gem Dust
100000 Image:Item-Summoned Beast's Tooth.png Summoned Beast's Tooth 4 Summoned Beast Leather (High Quality) 40 rare drop Kylin Tooth*
100000 Image:Item-Mermaid's Scale.png Mermaid's Scale 4 Beast Leather (High Quality) 46 rare drop Mermaid Scale
100000 Image:Item-Magic Crystal (Highest Quality).png Magic Crystal (Highest Quality) 4 Magic Crystal (High Quality) 46 rare drop Best Magic Piece*
100000 Image:Item-Tasty Meat.png Meat (Highest Quality) 3 Meat (High Quality) 46 rare drop Best Meat
100000 Image:Item-Ancient Sign.png Sign (Highest Quality) 3 Sign (High Quality) 46 rare drop Pledge of Ancient*
100000 Image:Item-Premium Leather.png Leather (Highest Quality) 3 Leather (High Quality) 46 rare drop Brown Best Skin*
100000 Image:Item-Shining Soul Dust.png Soul Dust (Highest Quality) 3 Soul Dust (High Quality) 46 rare drop Colorful* Soul Dust
100000 Image:Item-Shining Spirit Dust.png Spirit Dust (Highest Quality) 4 Spirit Dust (High Quality) 46 rare drop Colorful* Spirit Dust
100000 Image:Item-Sapphire.png Sapphire 6 Ruby 33 rare drop Sapphire

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