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Pets are accessories that appear on a character's shoulder. They grant a +1 to +100 boost to all stats. They can be acquired from kingdom quests, events, and the item store and from Treasure Chests around Isya

Pets List

Pic Name Bonus to all stats Picture
Image:Item-Mini_Slime.png Mini Slime 1 Image:Slime.png
Image:Item-Mini_Kebing.png Mini Kebing 1 Image:Kebing.png
Image:Item-Mini_Honeying.png Mini Honeying 1 Image:Honeying.png
Image:Items-Wedding_(Mini_Couple_Lulu).png Wedding [Mini Couple Lulu] 2 Image:WeddingCoupleLulu.png
Image:Item-Mini_Boogie.png Mini Boogy 2 Image:MiniBoogy.png
Image:Item-Mini_Phino.png Mini Phino 2 Image:MiniPhino.png
Image:Item-Mini_Phinoflie.png Mini Phinofly 2 Image:MiniPhinofly.png
Image:Item-Mini_Imp.png Mini Imp 2 Image:MiniImp.png
Image:Item-Mini_Rudolph.png Mini Rudolph 2 (was +5 for a week as an event) Image:MiniRudolph.png
Image:Item-Mini_Santa.png Mini Santa 2 (was +5 for a week as an event) Image:MiniSanta.png
Image:Item-Mini_Crab.png Mini Crab 3 Image:MiniCrab.png
Image:Item-Mini_King_Crab.png Mini King Crab 3 Image:MiniKingCrab.png
Image:Item-Mini_Ratman.png Mini Ratman 3 Image:MiniRatman.png
Image:Item-Mini_Kebing_Speeder.png Mini Kebing Speeder 3 Image:MiniKebingSpeeder.png
Image:Item-Mini_Fox.png Mini Fox 3 Image:MiniFox.png
Image:Item-Mini_Wolf.png Mini Wolf 4 Image:MiniWolf.png
Image:Item-Mini_Bat.png Mini Bat 4 Image:MiniBat.png
Image:Item-Mini_Devil.png Mini Devil 5 Image:MiniDevil.png
Image:Item-Mini_Marlone.png Mini Marlone 5 Image:MiniMarlone.png
Image:Item-Mini_Chick_2.png Mini Emperor 10 Image:MiniHina1.png
Image:Item-Mini_Chick_3.png Mini Empress 10 Image:MiniHina2.png
Image:Item-Mini_Samurai.png Mini Samurai 5 Image:MiniSamurai.png
Image:Item-Mini_Captain.png Mini Captain 5 Image:MiniCaptain.png
Image:Item-Mini_Keby_(Blue).png Mini Keby (Blue) 5 Image:MiniBlueKeby.png
Image:Item-Mini_Keby_(Red).png Mini Keby (Red) 5 Image:MiniRedKeby.png
Image:Mini_Medals.png Medal 5 Image:MiniGoldMedal.png Image:MiniSilverMedal.png Image:MiniBronzeMedal.png
Image:Item-Hat_Ghost.png Mini Witch Hat 6 Image:MiniHat.png
Image:Item-Mini_Skeleton.png Mini Skeleton 6 Image:MiniSkeleton.png
Image:Item-Gentle_Ghost.png Mini Ghost 6 Image:MiniGentleGhost.png
Image:Item-Mini_Fire_Vivi.png Mini Fire Vivi 6 Image:MiniFireVivi.png
Image:Item-Mini_Pinky.png Mini Pinky 6 Image:MiniPinky.png
Image:Item-Mini_Greenky.png Mini Greenky 6 Image:MiniGreenky.png
Image:Item-Mini_Boar.png Mini Boar 6 Image:MiniKingColl.png
Image:Item-Mini_Uncle_Sam.png Mini Uncle Sam 7 Image:MiniUncleSam.png
Image:Item-Mini_Chick.png Mini Chick 7 Image:MiniChick.png
Image:Item-Mini_Sparkdog.png Mini Sparkdog 8 Image:MiniSparkdog.png
Image:Item-Mini_Archon.png Mini Archon 8 Image:MiniArchon.png
Image:Item-Mini_Stonie.png Mini Stonie 8 Image:MiniStonie.png
Image:Item-Mini_Dragon.png Mini Dragon 9 Image:MiniDragon.png
Image:Mini_Sakura.png Mini Sakura 10 Image:MiniSakura.png
Image:Mini_Reaper.png Mini Reaper 10 Image:MiniReaper.png
Image:Mini_GreenRanger.png Mini Green Ranger - Image:MiniGreenRanger.png
Image:Mini_RedRanger.png Mini Red Ranger - Image:MiniRedRanger.png
Image:Mini_Summer.png Mini Bug Catcher END and SPR +20 Image:MiniSummer.png
Image:Mini_Ice_Princess.png Mini Ice Princess 10 Image:MiniIcePrincess.png
Image:Mini_Gingerbread_Man.png Mini Gingerbread Man 7 Image:MiniGingerbreadMan.png
Image:Mini_Oliver.png Mini Oliver 7 Image:MiniOliver.png
Image:Mini_Otter.png Mini Chubs STR and INT +15 Image:MiniOtter.png
Image:Mini_Domo.png Mini Domo 10 Image:MiniDomo.png
Image:Mini_Legel.png Coat Of Arms - Legel 3 Image:MiniLegel.png
Image:Mini_Cypion.png Coat Of Arms - Cypion 3 Image:MiniCypion.png
Image:Mini_Bijou.png Coat Of Arms - Bijou 3 Image:MiniBijou.png
Image:Mini_Epith.png Coat Of Arms - Epith 3 Image:MiniEpith.png
Image:Mini_Teva.png Coat Of Arms - Teva 3 Image:MiniTeva.png
Image:Mini_Apoline.png Coat Of Arms - Apoline 3 Image:MiniApoline.png
Image:Mini_Pretzel.png Mini Pretzel 10 Image:MiniPretzel.png
Image:Mini_Kuchen.png Mini Kuchen 10 Image:MiniKuchen.png
Image:Be_Still.png Be Still 10 Image:BeStill.png
Image:Enchanted_Gifts.png Enchanted Gifts 7 Image:EnchantedGifts.png
Image:Mini_Bloom.png Mini Bloom 7 Image:MiniBloom.png
Image:Mini_Bunny.png Mini Bunny 7 Image:MiniBunny.png
Image:Mini_GA.png Mini Chirper 7 Image:MiniChirper.png
Image:Mini_Octopus.png Mini Octopus 10 Image:MiniOctopus.png
Image:Mini_O_Malley.png Mini O'Malley 10 Image:MiniOMalley.png
Image:Mini_Quackers.png Mini Quackers 7 Image:MiniQuackers.png
Image:Mini_Red_Panda.png Mini Red Panda 7 Image:MiniRedPanda.png
Image:Mini_Snickle.png Mini Snickle 7 Image:MiniSnickle.png
Image:Mini_Steamer.png Mini Steamer 10 Image:MiniSteamer.png
Image:Mini_Sunflower.png Mini Sunflower 7 Image:MiniSunflower.png
Image:Mini_Teddy.png Mini Teddy 7 Image:MiniTeddy.png
Image:Mini_Trickster.png Mini Trickster 10 Image:MiniTrickster.png
Image:Item-Mini_Slime.png Mini GA 50 Image:MiniGA.png
Image:Item-Mini_Slime.png Mini GM 100 Image:MiniGM.png

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