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Each class has a distinct weapon type.

  • Cleric: Maces/Hammers
  • Fighter: 1-Hand Swords/2-Hand Swords/Axes
  • Archer: Bows/Crossbows
  • Mage: Staves/Wands
  • Trickster: Dual Claws/Dual Swords
  • Crusader: Blades

Each weapon has pro's and con's. NPC sales of weapons get exponentially more expensive with their level requirements. However, you may obtain them more cheaply from other players' shops.


Weapon Colors

In general, the color of the weapon tells you how powerful and/or how rare the item is. For example, a green weapon is more powerful in stats then a regular "white" named (standard; NPC sold) because it is more powerful in terms of stat boost, critical rates, aim and/or damage. However, there are a couple other kind of weapons:

White: Standard: can be purchased though an NPC. All standard weapons have no added points to abilities and have the same base stats.

Green: Uncommon: These can be obtained from monster drops and are more powerful then the standard white. You may also wish to purchase these from other players because some can prove to be very powerful. Greens have a maximum of (min. level for usage divided by 2) as their cap. on added stats. eg- a Green weapon that you can first use at level 100. may have a maximum of 50 added points in any given statistic (50 End, 50 Str, ,50 Spr, 50 Dex, 50 Int)

Blue: Rare: These can be obtained from KQs (Kingdom Quests) like Giant Honeying and are more powerful than greens because they have better stat boosts, critical rate, damage etc... However, there are currently only 1 kind for each job per levels 50 and 70 but will have different stat boosts.

Special Named Greens: Rare: Also very rare, these kinds should be in the same realm as Blues because they are more powerful then their regular green counterparts but are dropped by either Boss or Elite monsters. They have part of the name of the mob that drops them in the weapon/armor name. An example is the "Staff of the Bellowed Knight".

Purple: Very Rare: These are in a category of their own because they prove to not only have regular stat boosts but also a fixed boost in HP, SP or CRIT % and may improve your abilities when collected in sets. Armor= +HP Pants= +SP Boots= +CRIT. Note that Cash Shop items are also purple-named.

Orange: Extremely Rare: Even rarer than blues, Orange items are difficult to find. Some examples of these are the Hellgait items (which drop from one of the strongest monsters in the game and used to spawn only once-a-day) which are very powerful because their power and stat-boosts are unmatched (many are 5x more powerful then regulars. In fact, there are calls for them to be nerfed due to their negative-impact on PvP), also there are Orange Weapons from the boss monster Malephar and the Luckyhouse Capsule Weapons, which can be obtained from the Red Capsules in the Lucky House

Green Weapons

Green Weapons are rarer monster drops that can be dropped randomly by any monster. They all have randomly selected stat bonuses but they in general the more words in the prefix the better it is. Like Storm War would be better then just Storm (again this is a guess).Prefixs with Moon/Lunar are only for wands and staves.

The more '+'s the more bonuses.

Prefix Damage Aim Crit. Rate
Wind ++
Sun ++
Solar Eclipse ++ ++ 1%
Thunder 3%
Lightning + 2%
Raging Wind + +
Storm + 2%
Moon ++
Sad Moon + +
ShdwMoon + 2%
Spirit Moon + 2%
Lunar Eclipse 1%
Mutant Wolf (level 15) +++ +++ 2%
King Boogy (level 15) +++ +++ 2%
Mara's (level 20)
King Marlone (level 20) +++ +++ 2%
Zombie King (level 30) +++ +++ 2%
Giant Goblin King (level 40) +++ +++ 2%
Chief Guard (level 50) +++ +++ 2%
Giant Orc Captain (level 60) +++ +++ 2%
Giant Harpy (level 70) +++ +++ 2%
Guardian Master (level 80) +++ +++ 2%
Cursed Knight (level 80) +++ +++ 2%
Cursed Knight Lord (level 90) +++ +++ 2%
Shadow Master (level 100) +++ +++ 2%


  • Green Shield: +1% block
  • Green Armor: No bonus
    • Green Mage Armors: provide more def, m. def, and eva then normal mage armors

Weapons Comparisons

Fighter Weapons

The fighter has three choices for weapons. One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords and Axes.

One-Handed Swords Two-Handed Swords Axes
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Can use a shield
  • Higher aim
  • Quickest attack rate
  • Lower attack
  • Lowest critical-hit percentage
  • Average Damage
  • Average Attack Speed
  • Can not use a shield
  • High critical-hit percentage
  • Highest attack
  • Slowest attack rate in the game (1.5 sec/att)
  • Can not use a shield
  • Poor Aim

Cleric Weapons

The Cleric has two one-handed weapon choices. The Mace and the Hammer (available at lvl 20). Both allow use of a shield.

Maces Hammers
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Higher accuracy
  • 1.1 Attack Rate
  • Less damage
  • More damage
  • Higher Crit Rate
  • Less accuracy
  • Only 5 Master levels
  • 1.3 Attack Rate

Archer Weapons

The Archer has two ranged weapon choices. The Bow and the Crossbow (available at lvl 20).

Bows Crossbows
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Faster attack speed than crossbow
  • More aim than crossbow
  • Less damage than crossbow
  • Lower critical % than crossbow
  • More damage than bow
  • Highest critical % in game
  • Less aim than bow
  • Slower attack speed than bow

Mage Weapons

The Mage has two ranged weapon choices. The Staff and the Wand (available at lvl 20).

Staff Wand
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Higher accuracy than wands
  • Slightly faster attack rate than wands*
  • Less damage than wands
  • Lower critical rate than wands
  • Better magic attack power than staves.
  • Higher critical rate than staves.
  • Lower accuracy than staves
  • Slightly slower attack rate than staves*
  • Note: The speed of the spells are independent of the attack rate of the weapon.

Trickster Weapons

The Trickster can choose between the dual claws, or dual swords(available at lvl 20).

Dual Claws Dual Swords
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
  • Higher accuracy
  • Higher crit
  • Faster attack
  • Less damage
  • More Damage
  • Less accuracy
  • Less crit
  • Slower attack

Crusader Weapons

Crusaders just have one weapon, a blade.

Cash Shop Weapons

This is temporary information on Cash Shop weapons. Most are subject to change in the next few weeks once the english Fiesta Online has them added to the Store.

  • Weapons from the Fiesta Store are permanent.
  • Weapons are sold for each class.
  • Weapons tend to be better then In-game Weapons.

View Cash Shop Weapons

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