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Throughout your gaming experience in Fiesta, you will encounter various times where you will be presented with an opportunity to advance your "job," or class. As of now, there are three opportunities to do so: Once at level 20, once at level 60 and once at level 100 where you will have to choose between 2 branches within your class(which are specific to the weapon you favor and the skills you would like).

Level 20 Job Change

The difficulty level is somewhat dependent on your class. Assuming base stats, a mage will have the hardest time. However, with the use of scrolls, there should not be any great difficulty. It is not recommended to enter the dungeon without some kind of temporary stat boost, eg. Endure buff, Vitality + HP + Defense scrolls. More details follow.


You're encouraged to have the following at hand:

  • Surplus of HP and SP Potions (stones are less useful in certain situations - see below)
  • A few sets of Aim, Vitality, Defense, and Evasion scrolls for the dungeon
  • Elderine/Roumen scrolls to save time walking around
  • Your favourite mover

Note: at low levels, having a vitality scroll + buff means the amount of HP healed by a HP stone constitutes a tiny proportion of total HP, and may lead to panic

Starting the quest

When you hit 20, head to Guard Captain Shutian in Elderine and accept the "If you wish to be stronger" quest. You must select the correct answer, "Promotion, right?" in order to continue. Accept the next quest from Shutian, "Road to promotion!" which will send you to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mists. When you've completed "Road to promotion!", Sean will give you another quest, "Over the huddles, to higher places!" and then another quest, "Road to Promotion [Promotion Quest]". When you are fully prepared for the Shadow Dungeon, accept the Road to Promotion [Promotion Quest]".

Grand Master Sean can be found in Forest of Mist:

Before you go to Grand Master Sean for the last part, make sure you have stocked up on all your HP/SP stones, potions and scrolls. This will save some time traversing the Forest of Mist.

Be sure to have at least one open slot in your inventory before entering the Shadow Dungeon to accept the "Sign of Promotion".

Location of Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist

Dungeon of Shadow

Before entering the dungeon, enable the scrolls (Aim, Defense, Vitality, and Evasion are recommended), and have an Endure buff if possible.

You will have 20 minutes to complete this part.


  • Shadow stats:
    • Shadow Fighter: 7980 HP
    • Shadow Archer: 5563 HP
    • Shadow Cleric: 5260 HP
    • Shadow Mage: 4468 HP
    • Shadow Trickster: 6772 HP
  • Death in the Job Change quest will not result in the loss of experience.
  • The Dungeon of Shadow is similar to a KQ. You can obtain KQ titles from this instance.
  • All those groaning about the difficulty of this beginner quest show utter disregard for Scrolls. Tip in the updated fiesta you dont have to find the shadow key.
  • It is helpful to have taken out the Shadow Marlone Clan members before the final room. In the first dark hall, navigate towards the corners. The strange lighting should allow you to see the bleak outlines of these enemies. If you defeat the two mobs here, you will not need to deal with them when you fight your shadow and stone golems later.
  • If you have been kindly Endure buffed and arrive at the final battle in the dungeon with a tier 2 vitality scroll, beware that your HP stones will still heal the normal amount of HP - do not let your HP settle too low. You may have a much bigger HP reserve, but the rate at which you can heal has not changed.


The biggest myth of them all is that your shadow has a replica of your character's equipment. While visually this appears to be the case, in all practical manners the shadow is a just regular enemy with predetermined stats. Approaches such as the 'naked methods' do work at the beginning, if you take off your armor before the first battle, and before you enter the last room. For ranged attackers, the shadow will be treated just like a regular mob in the last battle. Be Warned, the first battle, for ranged and non-ranged, if you move to a farther location, the shadow will act like a ranged opponent.


Upon entry to the dungeon, you will meet your shadow for the first time. If you used scrolls, then the short battle that ensues is trivial. The shadow will flee after its HP has been reduced by a few hundred points, but you may not follow until it has moved far away due to a immobility buff. Right-clicking it to remove the buff enables you to move again. Follow the shadow and encounter 2 Shadow Kebings in the corridor. Again, these are trivial if you have scrolls on. Beware that using ranged attacks at the corner may cause your character to become stuck (and you will have to try again).

The door to the next part opens when the two Shadow Kebings fall. In this hall, there are 3 skeleton archers and 3 skeleton warriors. Pick them off one at a time. These should pose no problem for a scrolled up character. The doorway to the next part opens once the skeletons are defeated.

In the next corridor, three more Shadow Kebings await. After that, proceed towards the next hall, and suddenly darkness will fall. The way to the final battle is along the light's path, but see tips for a better approach.

HINT: Before following the blue beam, take off your armor until the room lights up. Then, put back on your armor. You will see your shadow with no armor on. This will make a big difference, making the fight easier.

When you reach the glowing orb at the end, the room will light up, and if you move back a little, your clone will attack you. At this point, if you have not defeated the Shadow Marlone Clan Fighter and Shadow Marlone Clan Archer in the previous dark hall, they will run towards you and attack you as well. As you fight in this room, the stone figures on the side all around will animate themselves and target you at regular time intervals.

The best approach is not to panic and simply pick off the easy enemies first. The idea is that although you may have a bigger HP reserve with Endure buff and vitality scrolls, you can still only heal as fast as you could before. Therefore you do not want a possible group of 4 enemies hitting 40 each per turn. Start with the Shadow Marlone Clan members if you have not done so previously, then the Stone Golems. If you followed the recommendation of deploying a set of scrolls, you should find that it is sufficient to use only tier 1 potions to maintain your HP reserve. Be calm, and remember not to panic or flee. Due to both HP and SP potion triggering the same cool down timer, if you are not a cleric, be sensible about when you use an SP potion. Clerics should also be sensible about using Heal - if possible, use HP potions instead so that you actually deal damage.

At the end of the quest, after talking to Grand Master Sean to finish it, you will get a level up announcement about your character.

Success notice

Level 60 Job Change

This job change quest has 3 parts, good luck!

Over Time and Space 1

Part 1: Talk to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist

To start the quest, talk to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist. He will ask you to deliver something to Town Chief Roumenus, this quest item will appear in your inventory.

Grand Master Sean will then teleport you to a "fake" Roumen, where you'll see a few level 1 NPCs with "???" as names and Town Chief Roumenus by the fountain. Click on Town Chief Rumenus and all of them will turn into Bloody Zombies. Buying anything will not work, so it is advised to restone before entering.

Zombies can cast poisons, but they don't hit too hard (from a Cleric's point of view). Kill all the zombies, work your way up the town to where Grandpa Robin would be and you should find all the Zombies.

When you've killed all the Zombies, (it will count down for you from 10 Zombies), you'll be teleported back next to Grand Master Sean in Forest of Mist. DO NOT talk to Sean again unless you want to kill Zombies again. Go to the real Roumen and to the Town Chief to cash in your quest.

Part 1: The "Fake" Roumen
Part 1: Zombies

Over Time and Space 2

Once you talk to the Town Chief Roumenus you will be teleported to a weird room comprised of cards and everything you associate with a casino. In the center there is a roulette. You simply pick a dice and spin the roulette by clicking the pole thing in the middle. If your lucky the marker will land on the dice that you selected. In which case a barrier to another room is opened.

If you aren't lucky and the light didn't land on your dice, then some mobs will appear, which you have to kill before trying again.

The Archers which spawn (Slave of Joker) are easier to kill than the Fighters (Slave of Gamble), so kill off the Archers first.

You then simply kill the Gambler King Joker. He's relatively easy but he stuns, so use your potions and don't be stingy. Kill him and its over. You will be teleported back to Roumen with the Town Chief.

Part 2: Choose a Dice and Spin the Roulette
Part 2: Gambling King Joker

Over Time and Space 3

Talk to the Town Chief in Roumen again. This time something strange happens and you are ported back in time, into the Ancient Elven Woods. You will be given 5 minutes to find Elf Chief Elderine and Hero Roumen (which isn't hard at all, just follow the path and it turns towards the right). You will find Elderine and Roumen standing by the campfire.

Then the next part lasts 20 minutes. Chaser Elves and Hunter Lizardmen will spawn. Your task is to keep Roumen and Elderine alive for 20 minutes. Monsters will spawn in waves, each wave with more monsters. Within the last minutes you will be flooded with tons of monsters coming from both directions.

The monsters themselves are pretty weak, but your goal is to keep the two alive. Fighters can mock and devastate to control aggro. The mob's deal very little damage so you can easily tank up to 30 or 40 monsters as an axe user. Archers can AoE poison and area shoot to keep aggro. Mages of course can AOE the heck out of the monsters. Clerics may have a more difficult time as they cannot cannot heal Roumen and Elderine, although they could keep aggro by healing large amount( only for monster thats not attacked by NPCs)

In the last waves there are more monsters than any classes' AOE can handle. In which case your main goal is to keep as many of the monsters off of Elderine and Roumen as possible.Roumen and Elderine will heal over time in between waves, however if either of them dies before 20 minutes are up, you'll have to do part 3 all over again. When the timer runs out, any remaining mobs will disappear.

Part 3: Find Elf Chief Elderine and Hero Roumen
Part 3: Hectic Group of Mobs

When you're done, you'll be spawned back to Town Chief Rumenus and CONGRATULATIONS! You've completed your second Job-Changes Quest.

Job Change Quest Tips

  • Do not panic.
  • Completing the Job Quest without enhanced equipment or scrolls is very possible, but not recommended. Apply common sense.
  • Clerics will have the most difficulty with this Job-Change. Players have to keep the NPCs alive but this is difficult for Clerics as they cannot heal the NPCs.
  • Don't bother removing the poison the Zombies debuff you with in the first part. They have a high chance of inflicting it so it's only a waste of time.
  • Remember in the 3rd part of the job changing quest, you have to "keep aggro" from the NPCs.

Control the Spawn

  • When monsters spawn, they usually do so in two groups on different sides of the map. Try to run up to one group and have them attack you first. You can see where they are going to spawn because of the spawn animation on the map. The other group will likely target the NPCs, so concentrate on those first.
  • The monster's spawn points are fixed, but the position of Roumen and Elderine is not. So move Elderine and Roumen, with the help of the mobs(the NPCs attack the mobs, and the mobs attack/follow you). It works as long they are attacking, because after that they move slowly back to their bad original position. During every lull period after a mob-spawn, move up to the camp where the monsters will spawn. And because they can't find Roumen and Elderine (who you moved away from the camp) they will all attack you. Move back and wait for the next wave, but make sure to keep aggro.

Choose your Targets

  • Kill the Lizardmen first, for they have less hp and do more damage.
  • Try to prioritize taking mobs first off Elderine, then Roumen. Roumen can take more damage.
  • If you have already taken a majority of the mobs off Elderine and Roumen, attack what they are attacking. This not only prevents the mob from targeting the NPCs but the combined damage from your attacks and Elderine's/Roumen's will kill them faster.
  • At many points in this part, monsters and NPCs are often overlapping and clustered together making it difficult to individually target the mobs attacking the NPCs. This is only a problem for Clerics and their lack of AoE skills. Move slightly away from Elderine and Roumen, this will drag the monsters that you've already aggroed out of the group, and make it clear which monsters are left that you have to get off the NPCS.

Aggro Control

  • Contrary to popular belief, trying to attract aggro through spamming Heal and Rejuvenate is not effective. Healing yourself does however increase aggro on Mobs that have already targeted you. Mobs who have targeted the NPCs and have already been attacked by the NPCs should be killed first, as they are hardest to attract the attention of.
  • There's less chance of Roumen and Elderine dying if you prioritize taking aggro off the NPCs rather than trying to kill the monsters. Especially if you are a Cleric, try to draw all the mob's aggro to yourself instead of killing the mobs.
  • Another Cleric-specific tip. You can choose either to kill all the mobs as quickly as possible, or lower your defense to attract more aggro through healing.


    • Most Clerics who go into the Job-Change buff up using scrolls and potions. Using a high-tier defense scroll will negate mob-damage and using a strength increase potion kills off the mobs quicker.
    • The unusual tip is to remove your armor/to not use a defense scroll or in summary, do the Job-Change with decreased defense. The benefit to removing your armor is contrary to common sense; so that one may receive more damage and thus aggro more by healing. Because Heal/Rejuvenate generates only so much aggro as it heals, if it heals only a small amount, only a small amount of aggro is generated. This will greatly help you keep aggro on those mobs that are already targeting you but note that you still have to attack those mobs attacking the NPCs to get their attention.

Level 100 Job Change Quest

The third Job Change is called "Prestige". You get to choose between two class splits. This is by far the easiest and most boring job change yet. Just talk to NPCs.

  • Talk to Fire Stone, then Wind, then Tree, then Earth and then Water.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in AR.
  • Talk to the Blacksmith in AR.
  • Talk to the Skill Master in AR.
  • Talk to the Item Merchant in AR.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in AR twice.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Roumen.
  • Talk to Lord Elbama in Elderine.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in Uruga.
  • Talk to Dark Elf in Forest of Mist.
  • Talk to Kid Woz in Elderine.
  • Talk to Town Chief in AR twice.
  • Talk to Fire Stone, then Water, then Earth, and then Tree.
  • Talk to the Town Chief in AR and then choose your class. You will get a green server message for everyone to see your achievement.
  • Then, after that, go to NPCs in all towns and accept the rewards. They range from things like T5 scrolls, potions, etc.

Note that you do not recieve a weapon like the other job changes.


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