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Use the search function in your browser to find instances of a particular monster.

This is a list of maps monsters that are found in each map that exist.

All monster names go by in-game spelling. There are several instances where two different monsters bear the same display name, in which case they are distinguished by context. An example of this is the Skeleton Archer, a regular monster; Skeleton Archer, a monster found in Gold Hill KQ; and Skeleton Archer, a monster in Millenium Robo KQ.

Modification to this list should be accompanied by an identical change in the relevant template.



Slime, Mushroom

Forest of Tides

Blue Crab, Bored Imp, Crab, Fire Mushroom, Gang Imp, Hero Slime, Imp, Joker Kebing, Kebing, King Crab (Elite), Little Lizardman, Mushroom, Mushroom Fighter (Elite), Prock Zone, Slime, Slow Slime, Smart Phino, Speedy Honeying, Speedy Slime, Nest Slime (Hero)

Sand Beach

Angry Wolf (Elite) Blue Crab, Crab, Imp, Fire Mushroom, Honeying, Hungry Wolf Little Hob, Little Lizardman Mara Pirates, Mara Pirate Elite, Mara Pirate Sailor, Mini Greenky, Mushroom, Slow Slime, Speedy Boogy, Speedy Honeying, Speedy Slime

Forest of Mist

Boar, Boogy, Boogy Knight (Elite), Bored Boar, Grave Robber, Joker Kebing, Kebing, Little Lizardman, Mini Greenky, Mutant Wolf (Hero), Phino, Phinofly, Prock Zone, Ratman, Ratman Fighter (Elite), Sharp Boar, Smart Phino

Sea of Greed

Boogy, Boogy Knight (Elite), Grave Robber, Joker Kebing, Kebing, Kebing Speeder (Elite), King Boogy (Hero) Little Lizardman, Mara (Elite), Mara Pirates, Mara Pirate Elite, Mara Pirate Sailor, Mini Pinky, Prock Zone, Smart Phino

Burning Hill

Baby Bat, Glow Wolf, Gold Slime, Grave Robber, Kebing's Dream (Hero), Marlone (Chief), Marlone Archer, Marlone Captain, Marlone Clan Soldier, Marlone Fighter, Marlone Megaton, Kebing Speeder (Elite)

Moonlight Tomb

Bat, Bored Fox, Fire ViVi, Flying Staff, Fox, Ghost Slime (Elite), Grave Wolf, Ice ViVi, King Staff, Lamp ViVi (Elite), Masic Staff, Mutant Zombie (Hero), Piggy Bat (Elite), Spider, Tomb Fox, Wild Imp, Zombie, Zombie Knight (Elite), Zombie Master (Elite)

Luminous Stone

Level 1: Cave Kebing (Elite), Grave Robber, Jewel Grave Robber (Elite), Joker Kebing, Kebing, Kebing Speeder (Elite), Mage Book, Punch Mage Book, Silver Slime, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Fighter

Level 2: Archmage Book, Bat, Flying Staff, Masic Staff, Spider, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Knight (Chief), Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Warrior

Vine Tomb

Bone Imp, Baby WereBear, Earth Spider, Fire ViVi, Ghost, Hob, Hob Fighter (Elite), Mutant Zombie (Hero), Prock, Robo (Chief), Tomb Fox

Goblin Camp

Goblin, Goblin Captain, Goblin King (Chief), Goblin Mage, Goblin Swordman, King Werebear (Hero), Mini Lips, Ogre (Elite), Prock, Sand Mushroom, Sand Ratman, Weakened Ogre, Were Bear, Werebear Fighter (Elite)

Collapsed Prison

Dead Tree Soul, Des Harkan, Elder King Coll (Elite), Harkan, Karasian Arch Templer (Elite), Karasian Solider, Karasian Templer, King Coll, Lighting ViVi, Mutant Vampire Bat (Hero), Ogre (Elite), Older King Coll (Elite), Prisoner, Senior Torturer, Torturer, Vampire Bat, Weakened Ogre, Younger King Coll (Elite)

Concealed Prison

Level 1: Old Archon, Bright Golden Bat (Elite), Elf Knight Soul, Golden Bat, Incubus, Jewel Keeper, Karasian Solider, Karasian Templer, King Spider, Little Cursed Sword, Mini Jewel Keeper, Naiad Soul, Navar, Nox, Nox Captain (Elite), Ratman Elite Knight (Elite), Ratman Knight, Red Stonie, Sparkdog, Stonie, Queen Spider (Elite)

Level 2: Black Incubus, Blue Archon (Elite), Cursed Sword, Gaint Stonie (Hero), Ghost Knight (Chief), Giant Sparkdog, Gold Jewel Keeper, Naiad Demon, Navar, Navar Hunter, Nox Hunter, Old Archon, Orc Captain

Scaffold Execution Ground

Prisoner, Mini Lips


Archon Junior, King Mushroom, Lips, Nox, Nox Captain (Elite), Orc, Orc Hunter, Pinky, Pixie

Ancient Elven Woods

Archon, Blue Clover Trumpy, Clover Trumpy, Elf Knight Soul, Elven Tree, Heart Trumpy, Huge Greenky (Hero), Giant Elven Tree (Elite), Giant Pixy, Greenky, Greenky Big (Elite), Legendary Tree (Chief), Lips, Lizardman, Naiad Soul, Queen Spider (Elite), Red Stonie, Stonie

Forest of Slumber

Ancient Stonie, Blue Archon (Elite), Elf Knight Soul, Flame Slyph (Elite), Gaint Stonie (Hero), Giant Elven Tree (Elite), Greedy Lizardman, Heart Trumpy, Joker Trumpy, Legendary Tree (Chief), Lizardman Knight, Naiad Demon, Old Archon, Orc Captain, Shylph, Spade Guard Trumpy, Spade Trumpy, White Joker Trumpy (Elite)

Burning Rock

Fire Nix, Flame Honeying, Miner Mole, Core Guardian, Ruby Guardian, Crystal Guardian, Skeleton Miner, Jewel Tree, Lava Gargoyle, Magmaton, Giant Magmaton (Chief), Guardian Master (Elite), Diamond Tree

Alberstoll Ruins

Black Bear, Fire Shella, Fire Taitan, Phouch, Brown Bear, Water Alca

Swamp of Dawn

Big Mud Man, Caiman, Caiman Giant, Caiman Junior, Crystal Guardian, Lava Gargoyle, Ping Pig, Mandrake, Mantrap Plant, Mud Man, Phouch, Laplan, Rhinoce, Rhinoce Hunter, Rhinoce Lord, Shadow, Weasel, Wereboar

Tear's Marsh

Dungeon Rhinos, Dungeon Cayman Junior, Dungeon Cayman, Dungeon Rhinoce Lord, Dugeon Cayman Giant, Dungeon Laplan

Temple of Spirit

Big Mud Man, Black Shadow, Fire Shella, Living Statue, Living Stone, Mad Slug, Red Shadow, Rhinoce Hunter, Shadow, Shadow Master, Slug

Adealia Field

Dark Apes, Dark Nepilim, Depraved Mage, Depraved Fighters, Dark Lich, Depraved Ice Lich, Depraved Fire Lich,

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