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A Mage Book

General Monster General Monster File:Monster-Elemental Icon.png Elemental
Level: 22
HP: 531
Aggro: <33
Inflicts Drain Mind Regeneration
Perodic Bleeding Damage
Found in:

Luminous Stone

License: Destroyer - 335




  • Scroll Material:
    • -
  • Potion Ingredients:
    • -
  • Stone Material:
    • -
  • Quest Items:
    • -
  • Misc:
    • -
    • Cards:
      • -
    • Weapon Gem Sockets:
      • -
    • Green Weapons and Armour:
      • Level 2x:
        • -
      • Level 3x:
        • -


  • -

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Level 1: Grave Robber, Joker Kebing, Kebing, Mage Book, Punch Mage Book, Silver Slime, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Fighter, Cave Kebing (Elite), Jewel Grave Robber (Elite), Kebing Speeder (Elite)

Level 2: Archmage Book, Bat, Flying Staff, Magic Staff, Spider, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Knight (Chief)

Image:Monster-Elemental Monster Icon.png Elemental Monster Image:Monster-Elemental Monster Icon.png

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Image:Monster-General Monster Icon.png General Monster Image:Monster-General Monster Icon.png

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