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What is harvesting?

Harvesting is gathering natural resources. People harvest these resources for alchemy, selling, quests, or other things. The diagram to the right shows the main things used in harvesting. The object is where you gather the resource from, the player is you, and the harvest bar, is a way to get the resource early.

Normally it would take several seconds to harvest the resource, but you an cut the time short if you have good clicking accuracy. In the harvest bar, there is a moving green bar and an orange line. If you can click on the orange line as the green bar hits it, you will instantaneously get the resource, thus saving time. "It's only a few seconds, what does it matter?" I hear you say. Well, sometimes another player could interfere with you, and you might want to beat them at getting the resource. Or maybe you're trying to collect the resources as quickly as possible. Or maybe you're just up to a challenge. Either way, it's a useful tool.

Please note for mining ores you need a pickaxe and the mining skill (from a skill master).

So how do I harvest?

It's very simple. All you need to do is find an object (explained below), and double click it. A good idea is not to harvest something that another person is harvesting, as they could easily get annoyed. Harvesting takes only seconds, but when there's alot around, this can seem like too much time, especially when there are other people nearby! Remember when you finish harvesting to pick up the resources, although sometimes you won't get any.

Locations of the objects

These objects can be found virtually anywhere outside of a town! Great places to harvest are in hunting grounds, and other off-town areas. Ores can be found Echo Cave (Copper), Windy Cave (Silver), and Golden Cave (Gold).

Main Resource Locations

Note: Resources are not exclusively located in their respective lists.

  • Ores
    • Copper Ore Echo Cave (Access located in Forest of Mist, Sand Beach and Sea of Greed)
    • Silver Ore Windy Cave (Access located in Moonlight Tomb & Goblin Camp)
    • Gold Ore Golden Cave (Access located in Uruga)
  • Gemstones
    • Topaz Echo Cave (Access located in Forest of Mist, Sand Beach and Sea of Greed)
    • Ruby Windy Cave (Access located in Moonlight Tomb & Goblin Camp)
    • Sapphire Golden Cave (Access located in Uruga)

Different type of objects

All help appreciated.

Object Quest Resource Potion Mat Scroll Mat Stone Mat Other/Unknown
Flower Petal (Blue)
Petal (Yellow)
Petal (Red)
Happy Seed (Event Item)
Isya Blossom (Event Item)
--- --- --- Medicinal Petal
Medicinal Honey
Wood Firewood
Fine firewood
Wood for making furniture .Apple
--- Sap (Low Quality)
Sap (High Quality)
Sap (Highest Quality)
--- ---
Herb Herb root
Herb stem
Herb leaf
--- --- Marigold
Mushroom Sea Mushroom --- Plain Toadstool
Common Toadstool
Dangerous Toadstool
Deadly Toadstool
Spoiled Mushroom
Common Mushroom
Fragrant Mushroom
Premium Mushroom
Copper Ore (Object) --- --- --- Copper Ore (Low Quality)
Copper Ore
Copper Ore (High Quality)
Blessed Lix 1
Lucky Lix 1
Lucky Xir 1
Silver Ore (Object) --- --- --- Silver Ore (Low Quality)
Silver Ore
Silver Ore (High Quality)
Blessed Lix 2
Lucky elrue 2
Lucky Lix 2
Gold Ore (Object) --- --- --- Gold Ore (Low Quality)
Gold Ore
Gold Ore (High Quality)
Lucky Elrue 4

See Also


Stone Materials: Spirit Dusts, Soul Dusts, Gem Dusts, Gemstones, Ores

Scroll Materials: Leathers, Beast Leather, Beast Dogtooth, Summoned Beast Leather, Summoned Beast's Tail, Slime Jelly, Mushrooms, ToadStool (Mushroom & Toadstool Locations) , Sap (Sap Locations)

Potion Materials: Meats, Spirit's Nectar, Magic Crystal, Bones, Signs, Herbs (Herb Locations)


Aim, Shield Increase, Divine Magic, Magical Defense, Nature's Agility, Vitality, Mentality, Speed Increase, Concentration Increase

Production Skills

Stone Production, Scroll Production, Potion Production, Composition, Decomposition

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