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Chat Commands and Short Cuts

/s to shout. (Must be at least level 6+ to shout)
/w (name) to whisper. Most of the time if you're already in a current conversation, the name will be there automatically after you've typed /w.
/r to reply to the last whisper.
/p to talk to your party.
/g to talk to your guild.
/invite (name) to invite that person to your party.
/trade (name) to trade with that selected person.
/a to talk in the guild academy (guild members can see the chat too).

Action Shortcuts

{{(>_<)}} - Angry

>.< - Angry

(Y.Y) - Cry

T.T - Cry

Q.Q - Cry

(hi) - Greetings

m(_ _)m - Greetings

(*^_^*) - Happy

^o^ - Happy

(^_^) - Laugh

^.^ - Laugh

(u.u) - Laugh

^^ - Laugh

^-^ - Laugh

^_^ - Laugh

^0^ - Laugh

(gogo) - Charge

Q(^.^Q) - Charge

(orz) - Frustrated

(OTZ) - Frustrated

(X_X) - Frustrated

?:? - Surprised

o_o - Surprised

?o? - Surprised

(@_@) - Surprised

(0.0) - Surprised

(00) - Surprised

(OO) - Surprised

(oo) - Surprised


These are the default shortcuts to access various game functions. NOTE You can change them by pressing Esc, going to Shortcut Settings, and adjusting them at your convenience.

Home to enter your house.

h used to open the mini house menu

b to open vendor mode.

q to use HP stones.

e to use SP stones.

w to go forward.

s to go back.

a to go left.

d to go right.

z to walk.

x to enter the cash shop.

f to open your community box.

c to open your character window.

esc to open the game settings window.

Page Up to zoom in.

Page Down to zoom out.

i to open your inventory.

m to open the mini map (map of the area you are currently in).

u to open the world map.

l to open the quest window.

v to open the actions window.

k to open the skill window.

r to open the expedition window.


These are some of the commonly used abreviations within the Fiesta language.

AFK Away from Keyboard

AoE Area of Effect

BRB Be Right Back

BZ Battlezone

CC Crystal Castle (Lv. 60 - 90 Instance Dungeon)/Concussive Charge (Fighter Level 11 Stun Skill)/Crowd Control (AKA Stuns/Slows)/Cross Counter (Level 100 Gladiator Skill). It depends on the context for which meaning it takes.

Clank/'Cl'ank Cleric Tank

DC or D/C disconnect

DD Damage Dealer/DDS Damage Dealers

DoT Damage Over Time

DpS Damage Per Second

FBZ Free Battle Zone

g or G Lower g indicates Gold currency. Capital G indicates Gem currency.
GK Goblin King

GGK Giant Goblin King (lvl 40 boss monster)

GH Giant Harpy (lvl 70 boss monster)

GM Game Moderator/Master/Gordon Master (lvl 80 Kingdom Quest Boss Monster)

GOC Giant Orc Captain (lvl 60 boss monster)

HP Health Points

HQ or HsQ Highest Quality

hq High Quality

KA King Albireo (120 world boss)<br)

KKP King Kong Phino (King Kong Phino kingdom quest boss)

KM King Marlone (level 20 boss monster)

KQ or kq Kingdom Quest

lq Low Quality

Mank/'M'ank Mage Tank

nq Normal Quality/Nightmare Queen (Level 114 Weapons).

rep Repeatable Quest

rev/rez Revive/Resurrect

SP Spirit Points

SQ Succubus Queen Karen (116 world boss monster)

TK Torturer King (lvl 50 boss monster)

TR Trumpy Remains (Level 70 - 86 Dungeon)

ZM Zombie Master

ZK Zombie King (lvl 30 boss monster) / Zombie Knight (lvl 30 elite monster)

Map Names Abbreviations

AEW Ancient Elven Woods
AR Alberstol Ruins
BoD Bondage of Darkness (dungeon)

BH Burning Hill

BR Burning Rock
CC Crystal Castle (levels 60~69)

CP Collapsed Prison (or Concealed Peak - a dungeon)

CP1/CP2 Concealed Prison 1 Floor/Concealed Prison 2nd Floor

DC Dragon's Cave

DotA Dungeon of the Abyss (dungeon)

DP1/DP2 Dark Passage I/Dark Passage II

Eldy Elderine

FM Flaming Mine

FoM Forest of Mist

FoS Forest of Slumber

FoT Forest of Tides

GC Goblin Camp

GotD Graveyard of the Dead (dungeon)

HT Helga's Tomb

LoT Land of Trials

LS/LS1/LS2 Luminous Stone/Luminous Stone 1/Luminous Stone 2 (dungeon)

MT Moonlight Tomb

PotA Passage of the Abyss (dungeon)

SEG Scaffold Execution Ground

SH Sand Hill

SoG Sea of Greed

TR Trumpy Remains (dungeon)

Uru Uruga

VT Vine Tomb


Respawn Map

There is a set place that characters respawn to when they die.


  • Cave of Echo
  • Forest of Tides
  • Sea of Greed
  • Sand Beach


  • Burning Hill
  • Cave of Wind
  • Collapse Prison
  • Concealed Prison
  • Goblin Camp
  • Scaffold Execution Ground
  • Moonlight Tomb
  • Vine Tomb


  • Ancient Elven Woods
  • Burning Rock
  • Forest of Slumber
  • Golden Cave
  • Swamp of Dawn
  • Temple of Spirit

Forest of Mist

  • Forest of Mist
  • Luminous Stone

Sand Hill

  • Sand Hill

Alberstol Ruins

  • Alberstol Ruins

FAQs asked by new players

  • Q: How do I get money/copper?

A: Since monsters don't drop money, you have to sell the drops by either going to an NPC and selling it to them or sell them in your vendor (press b and then click 'sell' to get it started). But if you want to put the drops to use, you can take up production skills and sell the things that you make with them. Questing also gives you money.

  • Q: How do I sell stuff to NPCs?

A: Right clicking the item will sell them one by one. Ctrl+right click it and it'll sell as a stack, you may also hold Shift+right click to be more specific over how many items you want to sell. (Also works with purchasing.) But you usually want to sell or let other players buy from you even though it will take longer because you will make more money.

  • Q: How do I get into Kingdom Quests?

A: Bring up the Kingdom Quest menu, located on your map (the little hour-glass). The next earliest is at the last Kingdom Quest on the list. There is a time there. Kingdom Quests are even hours, i.e. 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, etc. Wait until the Kingdom Quest says "recruiting" next to it, then press "participate". You may or may not get in.

The best way to get in is to use shift+z to reduce the lag(you can only do this in Elderine and Roumen). GOOD LUCK!

  • Q: How do I get that apprentice _____ next to my name?

A: This is called a title, and you can attain it by reaching level 10. After you are level 10, press "c" and click "change" on the right top corner. This is your title list. You can have a lot more than just one or two. Check here for the list of titles and info on them (incomplete). Click the title you want and click register. Once you do this, it should be by your name.

  • Q: What is fame for?

A: For purchasing alchemy stones, certain recipes, Level 20 and Level 60 special skills. Fame can be obtained from quest's.

  • Q: How do I get that wooden horse?

A: Go to Item Merchant Pey down by the stairs in Roumen, and she'll have a wooden horse available for 500c.

You also need flotation stones also sold by Pey, the riding skill, sold by Skill Master Ruby, is also a requirement.

  • In general terms, it's called a "mover." There is more than just a wooden horse but most mounts are bought from the Fiesta Cash Shop.

  • Q: How do I buy things from other players?

A: You use the vendor button, 'B' and choose to buy. Once the box opens up, you put the item you want to buy in one of the boxes and put in how many of it you want and how much you are paying. Make sure to leave it where there are a lot of people who have that item(s) go by there. Also, make sure you have at least one of the item(s) you want to buy. Also.. finding vendors with pink titles is also a way to buy things. Just find a vendor that is selling the items that you want.

  • Q: How do I get tier 2 production scrolls?

A: They are now sold beside tier 1 production scrolls. You buy tier 3 with fame. Some production skills are only obtainable by events and monster drops.

  • Q: How to get skills?

A: Go talk to Skill Master in town. For Roumen, it's Skill Master Ruby. You need the required level to use the skills. You also have to buy those skills. Once you buy it, right click the purple scroll in your inventory to learn the skills.

Eventually you will buy your skills in Elderine from either Master Keast, Wishis, Marty, or Deikid.

  • Q: How to use skill points?

A: Once you click on the skill empowerment box, you will see 4 different icons. The first one with a fire sword picture is to increase skill power/damage. The second one with a blue orb icon is to decrease SP consumption when using a skill. The third icon is to increase buff time. This empowerment is only used on buff skills. The last icon is to decrease cooldown time, which allows you to use the skill again sooner.

  • Q: How to empower skills?

A: You will have to click and drag a skill icon to the empty box. There are up and down arrows and you have to click the up and down arrows to empower. You can empower a particular skill to a max of 5 points per type of empowerment.

  • Q: I can't seem to empower certain skills, why is that so?

A: Some skills cannot be empowered in some areas, Ie: buffs cannot have Basic Power(damage)empowered. Also, you can only empower each empowerment area by 5 points max.

  • Q: How do I leave a party?

A: At the top left hand side of the screen you see your character's face. Right click it and click 'Leave Party'.

  • Q: How do I change a loot to be sequential instead of free allocation?

A: All you have to do is to right click your character's face, press free allocation, then click sequential allocation. In sequential, everyone gets a turn to loot the item.

  • Q: Is Fiesta fun?

A: Fiesta is a colorful online Role-Playing game with a lot to do and achieve. Everything from questing to producing products to sell is at your fingertips. Friend's can be made and groups will be formed as you progress through the game. Then again it really varies on wether you are into MMORPG's.

  • Q: What is a "GM"?

A: It stands for Game Master. The GM's are in charge of in-game issues and events.

  • Q: How to become a GM?

A: Apply for the job like any other job. There are certain areas you have to have experience in, and you have to work your way up.

  • Q: Do GM‘s have infinite money?

A: GM's have certain access of the Fiesta Online Database. Therefore they can; with a few clicks and a few key strokes edit any part of a characters inventory or their own.

  • Q: Whats the highest amount of money in Teva in GnG?

A: There's no telling. Some players are well over 10gem.

  • Q: Whats the highest amount of money in Fiesta?

A: Again, no way to tell. 999 gem is the highest amount allowed on a person at all times.

  • Q: What is a Fiesta Mini-Game?

A: These are games that you play using SC(Sparkcash): Remi's rare finds/James' forge. By spending SC; purchased with real money, you have a chance of winning items being common or rare.

  • Q: How to change my house outlook?

A: You have to buy the house from an item merchant. Press [H] to change the house outlook; select the appropriate one and placing it on the middle slot next to the picture of the house currently selected.

  • Q: What is PVP?

A: It stands for Player VS Player. You can PVP in battle zones(there is one for each city), battlegrounds(one for each level group 30+), or guild wars. Guild wars are held by guilds fighting each other after they have declared war status.

  • Q: What is a title?

A: A title is put in front of your name -- it's for fun and to show minor accomplishments in-game. They also give minor stat boost's or slight decreases in some stats. You can change titles by pressing [C] and pressing "Change" and then choosing a title from the list.

  • Q: Must a cleric pump INT? Must a archer pump full DEX? Must a warrior pump full STR?

A: No, your build is completely up to you. It all depends on what you want effected. Reading up on what each stat does is highly recommended.

  • Q: Why do some monsters have different name color?

A: They are ranged from level in comparison to yours. Low<---[Gray~Green~Yellow~Orange~Red]--->High. The lower the level, the less exp you get from them. The higher the more, but killing the highest leveled monster you can does not guarantee the best experience in the end. You only receive 1 exp from monsters that are 30 levels higher than you.

  • Q: What is a treasure chest? What is inside?

A: A treasure chest is a bonus box in the game, You can find scrolls, mats, enhancement stones, and pets from a chest. They spawn in random areas all over the game world. The only town so far that can have a treasure chest is Uruga out in the field, other than that no other town is known to have treasure chests.

  • Q: How do you get 'Supreme (class)' titles or 'Fiesta Ace' titles? Why does a cleric have an Apprentice Archer title (or something of that sort)?

A: Those are glitch titles. They are random, and if you got one of those titles, good for you.

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