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How to make a customized video and screenshot capturer

I've been working hard and I have finally done it, I found an in-game video recorder(also takes screenshots) and have made a slight change so that there is no expiration/fee and a small watermark or stamp on exported files(exports .gif,.jpg,.avi,.gcf). It has a built in movie editor and signature-creator for making your videos, and it makes them small enough to put on a hosting site or paste into a sig for the forums. This probably won't make the makers of the application very happy but it works extremely well. Sadly, the exports do have a url-stamp of the website but I am working on getting a full version to attempt to fix the problem.

Let me first say that Fiesta has a built in screenshot taker and I prefer it over the screenshots this recorder takes, but either way they both work.

The Download

Go to this site to download the original camera.

You may have to download XVid for it to work.

Now you have the camera

Now you have 15 days before the actual modding will matter. So you can spend 15 days trying to create a cool heading that will be displayed on top of the videos you create.(read below for more info)

Go to this domain:C:\Program Files\Growler Guncam. Wow, all of the files and application add-ons. Now is the time where you can change the LOGO of the camera. After 15 days of using the camera it stamps the application logo onto all of the .avi and .gif exports. Well here is where you can change the logo to watever you want so you dont have a logo you dont want on the video.Yay!

Ok now is the customization part

Edit the file called"guncam_logo"with either photoshop or ms paint. Then save it. Your done.

A Bit of Organization

  • Forward the screenshot directory(of either fiesta or the camera) to a new folder in your docs. ( the domain of the fiesta screenshots folder is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Outspark\Fiesta\screenshots")
  • Forward the video EXPORTS to that same folder.
  • I made the logo that displays above your videos to 1 pixel so I didnt have to worry about making one(tired of using photoshop).Just edit it with paint and resize it to nothing and save.

Conclusion & Credits

Yeah thats it, if you have some questions I check my Outspark pm's every 3 hours at least, I'd prefer for you to use that rather than this forum (sorry im here for wiki mostly).

This is a guide to teach you how to take screen shots and make videos.


To take a screenshot, press Prt Scrn. A "Fiesta" folder should automatically appear in your My Documents folder, with the screenshot(s) inside. If that is not the case, in which sometimes it is, you may have to reset your mode. IE: Go from Windows Mode to Full Screen mode, or vice versa. If it still doesn't work, downloading a program like Fraps, that allows you to take screenshots, may be helpful.


Again, downloading a program like Fraps, is required. Unlike screenshotting, this doesn't come by default on the game.

- Removing the interface can clear up the screen and give it a clean look.
- Using different angles adds creativity.
- Getting other players in on the video can make it fun.


Raw video streams must be transcoded (treated with compression and/or crop with reduction in fps) for practical purposes. Sometimes this is done by the recording software after the recording finishes; sometimes you are left with an awfully large (a few GB for a few minutes of 1280x800 footage) raw video file that you must transcode yourself. A free software such as MediaCoder can be used for this.

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