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70-89 Guide

Okay, lots of people hate these levels. I've seen some extremely promising friends hit the hardest levels in the game (namely 75/76, 84/85) and just completely STOP leveling altogether, or extremely slowly.
This is because at 75/76, mobs in TR turn green, or even WORSE, GREY.
At 75 everything but spade trumpies turn green.
At 76 BCTs and Heart trumpies turn grey. Everything but Spade Trumpies are green.

This is similar to Spirit's 60-70 guide, but you will have to face the fact that you WILL need to grind ALOT in some of these levels. I'm not going to abandon you and say "TR THIS ENTIRE LVL LOL", I know that'd drive you people *crazy*.

If you get really, REALLY bored, do KKP. Its exp kinda sucks, but the rewards are very good.

TR = Trumpy Remains. You will need a party to do any good here (Unless you're a fighter that can solo the basic trumpies for days)
Suprisingly, TR is where tank fighters really shine. They're almost necessary for a good grind party. All you really need is 1 tank, 1 cleric, and 3 DDs. (This is loose, if the tank needs extra backup or cant hold aggro well, 2 clerics are used with 2 dds, etc)

Level 70: 12,358,697 exp needed.
Accept the Noise Pollution quest and the KKP quest.
Don't do the Noise Pollution quest.
Try to do TR as much as possible. Maybe toss in some 6x abyss (It still gives SOMEWHAT decent exp...) or KKP, but your main vice WILL be TR for most of the low 7x's.

[Note: You can do the BCT quest for the license if you like, that's what I did on both Type and Rewrite]

71: 13,370,736 exp needed.
Talk to adrian, get that quest done.
Do Crazy NavarRG 1 - 873,100 EXP.
Buy a BUNCH (I mean a crapload) of elderine scrolls, and do the Crazy NavarRG (344,400 EXP) quest as much as you want.

That, or TR. Or both.

Accept the TR quests from Skill Master Cyburn. Do them if you like.

72: 14,438,305 exp needed.

TR. I know it's bad to hear, but you need to TR as much of this level as possible.

This may get repetetive, but I'll show my reasoning right here:
TR gives great exp at the lower 7x's, while at 75/76 it's one of the slowest places to level in the game. So you'll save your quests and do them at 75/76.

73: 15,558,901 exp needed.
regular Clover Trumpies (In TR) turn green, give less exp. Grind on the blues if you're solo.
Here's where you can start to slack off the TR train a bit. Do some quests (Don't go overboard).

But, alas, eventually you need to go back to TR. Or, at this point, as a fighter or archer, you can start soloing BR (Archers need to be very careful of their defense and HP, fighters not so much.) Mages are still far too squishy and clerics too slow.

74: 16,728,449 exp needed.
At this level, Blue Clover Trumpies will turn GREEN. This means they give less exp then usual, and are therefore less efficient to grind.

Once again, you can slack off a bit and do a few quests. But do not despair, this will likely be your last level in TR.

75: 17,940,946 exp needed.
76: 19,188,027 exp needed.
approc 37.1mil total.

HERE is where time starts to shine. DO THOSE QUESTS YOU SAVED UP!

Bounty Hunters 1-7 [5,604,900 EXP]
Don't be too Greedy - 1,167,700 EXP
Ancient Powers - 1,148,800 EXP
Spirit with lost heart - 1,232,600 EXP
Flame Shot! - 1,202,100 EXP
Bran's Monster Expo - 5,548,100 EXP
Kyle's Invitation - 538,800 x 9
I am stronger then you - 980,300 EXP
Soldier of destruction 1 - 957,000 EXP
Nina's Monster Expo - 1,185,400 EXP
Avon's Monster Expo - 1,239,300 EXP
Sinister Trees 3 - 1,280,700 EXP
Ancient Souls 3 - 1,092,300 EXP
Magic Arrow - 1,281,600 EXP
Karl's Monster Expo - 1,281,600 EXP
Kenton's Monster Expo - 1,252,800 EXP
Forest Destroyer 1 - 1,165,200 EXP
Forest Destroyer 2 - 2,311,800 EXP
Sword of Soul - 1,281,600 EXP
Soldier of destroy 2 - 1,195,200 EXP
Lost Piece of Dreams 1 - 1,438,800 EXP
Lost Piece of Dreams 2 - 1,438,800 EXP
Nus's Monster Expo - 1,496,100 EXP

Oh dear lord! All that work has paid off! You can fly through EASILY THE HARDEST LEVELS IN THE GAME with astonishing ease! With QUESTS TO SPARE!

[Note: If you did too many quests in the beginning, you can always do PVP KQ as Spirit says later in this thread, but imo it's no different then TR's rate of exp (Since you will *not* get a good placing when 7x facing BK +9s and cookied people)]

77: 20,458,453 exp needed
Here's where you can REALLY REALLY slack off, because you have great repeatable quests.
Do whatever quests you want, but do the Mosnter Collector 2 quest to really get your leveling mojo flowing.

Drunken Lump - 1,266,900 EXP
Uruga's young ladies missing 1 and 2 - 1,373,400 EXP and [1,033,100 EXP - Repeatable]
Soldier of destroy 3 and 4 - 1,390,500 EXP and 1,281,600 EXP

To be quite honest, I entirely ignored all the other quests and went straight to lizard knights:

Monster Collector 1 - 1,592,100 EXP
Monster Collector 2 - 2,688,300 EXP (More then 10%!)

78: 21,737,517 exp needed

Do the quests if you like, but continue the Lizard Knights.

Letter from Bran [CURRENTLY BUGGED]
Kyle's Monster Expo - 1,548,600 EXP
Myzen's Monster Expo - 1,548,600 EXP
Changed tree 4 (the god of greedy, GhostKnight) - 1,602,300 EXP

79: 23,006,326 exp needed.

Lizards are over ;_; OH WELL, ON TO THE NEXT REPEAT - NIXES.

Soldier of Destroy 5 - 1,566,000 EXP [<---you can ignore this crappy quest.)
Slay the Fire Nixes - 1,618,500 EXP [<----SPAM THIS QUEST.]
Curly's ruined outfit - 1,638,000 EXP

80: 24,477,474 exp needed.
Continue the nixes. Do other quests if you like.

81: 28,529,900 exp needed.
Contacting Wing Wing and I Despise Moles are both acceptable. With 200 required each, you can either do the Cores alone, Cores AND Moles, or just Moles. Because the Mole-only spot is rather slow, I suggest either cores or cores and moles.

You may also noticed that the repeat quests from 77 were about 10% each, these two quests are at about 9%. This number will lower as time goes on.

From 81-89, quest saving is rather lax since you have repeat quests to rely on. Get a license for the mobs if you like, but don't expect to max it - you'll outlevel the quest before the lic is maxed. (With one exception that i will get back to later.)

82: 35,131,369 exp needed.
Do quests, fall back on cores/moles. pvp kq is possible, but you really want to have a BK +9 to really win. So, while you're leveling, start looking around for enhancers/stones/BK weapons to +9, because that weapon will be your pride and joy, the pinnacle of your achievement (I know it's mine.)

[Note: The exp needed increases at an INSANE rate from now on. You'll be needing 100mil exp before you know it.]

83: 42,540,894 exp needed
Here is where things start to slow down. You'll lose the Core quest and only have Moles to do...

There's a mole only spot in BR, with 3 spawns of 5-6 each. It goes from G6 to H7, along the bottom of the cliff there.

84: 51,616,286 exp needed
Moles are lost! Now you have one of the worst repeat quests in the game: KIDMONS.

Let me say this first and foremost: kidmons made me want to quit..
Kidmon repeat quest is the only BR repeat that doesnt give you uruga scrolls
This means be ready to A)fork out lots of money on uru scrolls B) run back and forth so much the mobs blur together or C)get teva.

They are annoying little buggers that have way too much hp for a ranged mob, run away at the slightest poke, and they HEAL. THEY FREAKING HEAL. Anyway, you'll need to utterly massacre these things.

The only good thing about them is that they spawn rather sparsly throught the entire lower right BR area.

Do quests if you like, the Memories quest is pretty good exp and somewhat faster then kidmons...

[Forgotten note: Suspicious Spell of Destruction is good and all, but once you hit the 5th quest and need Ruby [s]pubic[/s] hairs, you should stop. the hairs take WAY too long to drop.]

85: 62,813,048 needed.
You can do the Dragon's Tomb instance quest for about 30-50%, it gives insane amounts of exp.

Do quests, do kidmons, do quests, do kidmons.

Fighters can solo in GHS if they like, it's decent exp...especially the outer rooms with crystal guardians. Archers can too, if they have +9 armors. Kiting is almost out of the question. They just take way too long to die, pile up, and eventually you hit a corner wrong and they all hit you at once </kiss floor>

You can also do the Dragon's Tomb constantly, but the exp isnt that great.

86: 76,721,653 needed.


Now, your repeat is Jewel Trees. They're similar to kidmons, but much much much less annoying, as they have less hp, less defense, and have more spawns. Use the island at D1, get a party, massacre them, etc etc.

Get a Jewel Tree license. This is the only repeat quest that you may actually max out the lic before you outlevel the quest (It ends at 89, cap.)

Do quests, do trees, do quests. It takes forever, but that's natural. You need 76,000,000 exp. Anything you do takes forever.

[Note: alot of people stop here, me included. This is because we can still enter the 7x abyss and TR, both to help guildies and settle pvp disputes.]

87: 94,111,893 exp needed.

Jewel trees still apply. Get to it!

88: 115,992,909 exp needed.

Here, you have two choices: Red Nixes in flaming mine, or continueing Jewel Trees. If you have a JT lic, i suggest jewel trees (If you've been doing them, you're probably at 2-4% crit already)

Red Nixes are okay too, it's just a farther walk back to them with slightly more exp and a faster quest.

89: 143,694,745 exp needed.
Being capped is boring. Get an alt.

Lvl 89 Fighter == Arun
Lvl 87 Archer == Typewritten
Lvl 75 Mage == Rewrite
Lvl 66 Paladin == Shiirn
Goal:Get 1 gem before cap raise.

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Cool, I'm 71 right now and I haven't done any quests (except one bounty hunter quest). Sigh, I hate TR, even though I've only went there a few times.
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I LOL'd at 76. You sound so excited HAHAHA.
Very useful! I see a lot of TR's in early levels ._.
Thanks for the guide! (:

{ enraya ! }
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Will be useful
Spirits guide help loads, and im soon going ot be 70 :3 (Hoping to be 68 tonight)
(Im trying to cap before we get to 89. SOOOOO boring to level .___;...too bad cant play in school.)

Ah well, will be printing this sensei.

level 71. Seems soooooo boring.
you might want to add that mages should solo in 7x or Tr.

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Omg so helpful you made 7x sound...easy 0.0
Once I get to 70 I will definately use this.

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Where shall we wander?

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Good guide.

Pity I can't follow it exactly if I get back to playing. Turning in all my 72 quests was the last thing I did ;__;
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It was easy up until I hit 83 from 77. Now I'm exactly where you mentioned... stuck at 84. D: -waits for the other half of the guide-
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What do you recommend for a level 75 cleric who already turned in all of her quests? xD Its a little too late for me to save those now... xP
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Corgi Addict

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I remember 84 being a pain in the butt.

88-89 was surprisingly easy O_O

As a tip... when you get 88, ditch JT, do fire nixes. Get an archer, have them kite through the place, and you can get 10% an hour.
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Originally Posted by Peach64 View Post
What do you recommend for a level 75 cleric who already turned in all of her quests? xD Its a little too late for me to save those now... xP
Get lots of good luck, if you can. LOL.
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