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"Glitter / Fated" is the 41st single by Japanese pop singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki, to be released by Avex Trax on July 18 2007 in Japan.<ref name="Tower"></ref> This is set to be Hamasaki's first single of 2007 and first single in over a year, since the release of Blue Bird in June of 2006.



The first signs of a new single emerged when Hamasaki stated on her Team Ayu fanclub blog on April 26, 2007 that she had just finished writing a new song and was preparing to go record it.<ref></ref> On May 17 2007 the title was revealed on Tower Records' website.<ref name="Tower"> On the same date, it was announced that like last year's summer song Blue Bird, Glitter would be used as a tie-up to promote Zespri's golden kiwi once again.<ref></ref> On May 18, the single was announced officially on Hamasaki's official website.<ref name="Off Site1"></ref> It was stated that this single would be the opening of her "third chapter."<ref name="Off Site1"> Upon availability for preorder on May 19, Glitter / Fated topped the CD sales chart on Japanese music vendor "Neowing" and it's English counterpart "CDJapan" because of the amount of pre-orders that it received.<ref></ref> On May 22, several Japanese news websites and vendors reported that Fated would be the theme song of the Japanese film Kaidan.<ref name="Hochi"></ref> It was reported that the theme song would not only be used for the film's release in Japan, but it would also accompany the film's release in over 50 countries. On May 30 2007, Hamasaki reported on her Team Ayu fanclub blog that she would be flying to Hong Kong after her Asia tour performances in Osaka to film a new short film alongside actor Shawn Yue.<ref></ref> The film will feature both glitter and fated and is actually a short movie that runs approximately 18 minutes. She would also share her first onscreen kiss in this video. <ref></ref> On June 12th the songs Glitter and Fated were both leaked in their entirety.

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Short Film "Distance Love"

Rather than having two conventional music videos, both songs are featured in one short film starring Hamasaki herself alongside Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue.<ref></ref> Hamasaki flew to Hong Kong on June 1, 2007 to begin filming the short film which took a total of eight days of filming to complete.<ref></ref> This was the first time Hamasaki had ever worked with a Chinese actor.<ref>,4136,132975,00.html The Electric Newspaper, Singapore</ref> Hamasaki had three translators with her at all times and Shawn Yue had two.<ref></ref> Despite the large number of translators present, Yue stated that it was hard to get close to Hamasaki on a personal level because of the number of people constantly around them as well as the language barrier.<ref></ref> Although this was difficult for Yue, he stated in phone interview with that he and Hamasaki are now, in fact, friends.<ref></ref> During the filming one scene towards the ending of the film, Hamasaki wore a beautiful yet heavy wedding dress and ran around frantically for at least ten takes.<ref></ref> Despite the 30ºC (86ºF) weather and several rain showers, Hamasaki continued filming relentlessly.<ref></ref>

In the beginning of the glitter video that aired on July 10th, we can see Ayumi being mobbed by paparazzi. One of her bodyguards (played by the heartthrob Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue) grabs her to move her away from the paparazzi. Ayumi's eyes meet with the bodyguard's; meanwhile, the paparazzi gets a picture of them looking almost as lovers. Hamasaki can later be seen eating at a restaurant and getting a magazine that had the picture of herself and Shawn on the cover.

Later, Hamasaki is seen shooting a music video in a large glass "hallway." Shawn, being her bodyguard, is watching closely. When one of the studio lights falls off and hits the floor, it shatters and leaves pieces of glass. The bodyguard runs to protect her, thus escalating the situation. A piece of glass that would have reached and cut Ayumi ends up cutting his hand. Ayumi is seen typing in an electronic device, likely an electronic translator. She types the words "thank you" in Japanese, which are translated into Chinese by the device. She then closes it and runs to hand it to him.

In the next scene, Hamasaki is seen walking through the streets of Hong Kong with her head down, wearing a hat in order to hide herself from her fans. However, fans find her and Shawn, who walks by and grabs her to run away. They get away from sight and go have a night out in the town. They have dinner and walk through the city. Hamasaki later takes off her necklace and puts it on him. Then, she gives him a kiss.

In the last scene, Hamasaki and Yue are seen walking together out in Central and holding hands. A car pulls up and Hamasaki rips her hand from Yue, but looks at him with a sad look, knowing that they aren't supposed to be together. As Hamasaki drives away, the video ends.

The second video, fated, begins with Yue reminiscing about Hamasaki while taking a bath. It shows a scene where she gives him a necklace which seems to be important to him.

The next scene is outside. It is raining and they stand apart, continually pushed apart by different people (physically, but it most likely means that they're mentally pushed apart by the press). He has a blue umbrella and she has a pink one. When the people finally go away, she hugs him and they kiss.

Then Hamasaki is at a press conference for glitter/fated, where she continues to glance at him and he tries not to look at her because he is her bodyguard. She knocks over a glass to the ground, reminding them both of him saving her from the glass set breaking.

Then something is typed onto the device ("Meet me at the promised place okay?") and given to him. The next scene shows Hamasaki running happily in a wedding dress for a certain area. An ambulance goes by, which she slows down to watch but then continues to run. She eventually meets up at a place where there has been an accident and all that remains is a motorcycle and some other items scattered across the ground. When she realizes that it was Yue, she starts to think about him and picks up both the necklace and ring that were left on the ground. By her sobbing and holding the items it's safe to assume he's either dead or hurt really badly.


CD Maxi Single<ref></ref>

  1. Glitter
  2. Fated
  3. Secret
  4. Glitter (Instrumental)
  5. Fated (Instrumental)

The single contains the track "Secret", the title track of her most recent studio album. This marks the first time she released a track on a single in its original form after it was featured on an album.


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Live performances

Ayumi promoted glitter/fated by live performances on the following networks:


Physical Sales Charts

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Chart Peak
United World Chart (Singles) TBA
Soundscan Singles Chart<ref></ref> TBA CD+DVD
Soundscan Singles Chart<ref></ref> TBA CD-Only

Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
July 18 2007 Oricon Daily Charts #1
July 18 2007 Oricon Weekly Charts TBA
July 18 2007 Oricon Monthly Charts TBA
July 18 2007 Oricon Yearly Charts TBA

Digital Sales Charts

Chart Peak
iTunes Japan Top Songs #4 / #11
iTunes Japan Top Albums* TBA
Recochoku Chaku-Uta<ref></ref> #3 / #9
Recochoku Chaku-Uta Full<ref></ref> TBA
Recochoku Chaku-Uta Mellody<ref></ref> #3 / #6
Recochoku Chaku-Uta All<ref></ref> #3 / #8
Oricon Mobile Full-Song<ref></ref> TBA
Mu-mo Song Download Chart<ref></ref> #1 / #1
Dwango Truetone Ringtones (Chaku Uta)<ref></ref> TBA
Dwango Polyphonic Ringtones (Chaku Mero)<ref></ref> TBA

*Note: As iTunes does not have a chart specifically for singles and EPs, they are sent to chart on the albums chart.

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Airplay Charts

Chart Peak
Tokio Hot 100<ref></ref> TBA
MTV Japanese Chart Express<ref></ref> TBA
CDTV Top 100<ref></ref> TBA
ZIP FM Hot 100 (Nagoya)<ref></ref> TBA
Osakan Hot 100 (Osaka)<ref></ref> TBA
Kiss FM Kobe Hot 40<ref></ref> TBA
FM Osaka 851<ref></ref> TBA
Toyama Countdown Top 50<ref></ref> TBA

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