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MMOexp: These can go on a variety of weapons

1 - Bloodblade (S Tier)

Bloodblade was made in S tier pick due to its massive damage buff and the Damage detection on the weapon part, so you can use this at close range and absolutely shotgun blast people with damage and bleed build up. This is one of the best ways to get bleed first pops right now in the entire game, it's one of the best ways to burst down bosses and it's insanely effective in PvP because of that as well. You can entirely rely on just the Ash of War in all content where bleed is relevant that's why it's obviously S tier and remains that.

2 - Seppuku (S Tier)

Seppuku is no longer what it once was obviously, they've made the deal more damage to you when you use it the effect you get less AR and the blood buildup is not as stupid as it was. However still really good, if you have two weapons with Seppuku, you're a bleed machine you're terrifying and that has not changed, there's just a bit more of a cost to actually running it and that's fair enough, but that doesn't mean it's not S Tier.

3 - Giant Hunt & Lion's Claw (S Tier)

These can go on a variety of weapons, most commonly seen on strength weapons and colossal swords at that. Between the two, Giant Hunt was actually buffed in the previous patch to have better recovery, but more importantly better Poise damage allowing for better trading and staggering in PvP and PVE, so we think it's slightly better than Lion's Claw because of that, but it is of course more of a thrust so in PvP its damage is technically worse in the counter-attack aspect. They're super interchangeable because of that they're both incredibly strong where you can entirely rely on them in both both sides of the content. But we suppose you can get Lion's Claw a bit earlier so maybe that weighs into your personal rating.

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