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I Was Checking Out Runescape As A Lurker On These Forums

Have fewer artificial barriers. That is a huge immersion breaker. If cliffs were tight but took time and gear, if boundaries weren't literally wooden fences we might jump over, if rivers were not literal walls but rather obstacles that OSRS gold would be drifted more than if you had the ideal gear, which would be fantastic.

There is monsters, but nothing to bind you to the fights, there's training areas, but no reasons to utilize them. You do not get lost in the fantasy of the landscaping because there's nothing to get lost in other than aesthetics, and you're just twiddling your thumbs waiting to get into the next port of call, which, may go partially hand in hand with your proposal of increasing the problem, but it is going to require more than that. Very very good point. Jagex has completed a couple of things to adress this, but it does not work for veteran players. The key ones are: Quests. I moved to Karamja to quest, same as I went to the desert and Morytania. That's the big reason to go to those regions, but the problem is that after you're done there, you're done. That could direct you to a fight, and the point is that you travel to those areas to fight. Regrettably, a lot of slayer is bound up in dungeons, but that is a necessary result of making some areas accessible to everyone: unless I am wearing the proper equipment, I can not realistically run through an area with, say, aberrant spectres. Hunter. This was an interesting ability for Jagex to add, since it allowed them make people use more peaceful areas. Chinchompas, Kebbits, even birds (before BurthoTav) needed one to get out in the wilds to capture them. That was a good way of making people go from civilisation. You had to go to Karamja to receive the best fish. Authentic in members to the dwelling rock caverns.

Woodcutting. Teaks and Mahoganies were/are infrequent jungle trees. Unless Cheap RuneScape gold they add many unique resources to every single map place, what do you propose they do? Most resources need to be implemented very carefully to be useful: Mahogany had the construction ability, some hunter regions needed , and so on.
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