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Can someone help me find old Fiesta installers?


Before I make my request, I find it proper to give a little bit of backstory. Like most people here, I'm a big fan of Fiesta. Having started around the 79 cap, I developed quite a lot of nice memories with this game, and so I started to learn more about it. Eventually, I learnt that the game had actually been released in other countries under different names; I was especially curious about the different interfaces and soundtracks, so I began to collect as many setup/installers I could.

Sadly, a few months ago, the HDD where I had stored all of my Fiesta collection, as well as other important stuff, broke. I lost everything. And so here I am today, asking you to help me find old Fiesta clients; hopefully some of you still have those old .exe setup files laying around. I'm looking for these:
  • The Outspark CBT client
  • The Fiesta Online client from RunUp (or the Korean one)
  • The Bright Kingdom ver. Fiesta Client, circa 2007 (I NEVER found this one though)

I would really appreciate if someone could help me find these files, specially any of the CBT clients, so if you or any of your friends happen to have the installers (or, at least, the actual client, even if it's a .zip or a .rar), please help me; this collection meant a lot to me.

If anyone happens to be curious about other Fiesta versions, I can either post screenshots or share the files I've found.

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I think there were plans for a Filipino one that never got to be, but other than that, that's all that exists for released for Fiesta. I played the Japanese version (Bright Kingdom). There really wasn't much of a difference except for the cash shop content and how they operated.
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