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What's your opinion on the Bright Kingdom Soundtrack?


For those who aren't familiar with all the Fiesta versions out there, Bright Kingdom (specifically, Bright Kingdom ver. Fiesta) was a game released on Japan around 2007 (by a company Hi5, if I remember correctly). The thing is, it's the only Fiesta version to have ever released an official OST. Having listened to it, I must say it was quite... interesting, to say the least.

Let me explain. The OST has two discs.
  • The first disc contains the actual Bright Kingdom OST. It's really different to what we're used. While it's far from being bad, it's simply too energetic for the game. Makes it feel more like a platformer rather than an MMO.
  • The second disc contains a good chunk of the OST we all knew from the old Outspark days. The music is slighty different, there's a really small difference in length on most tracks (and some of them never got released in posterior Fiesta versions).

I would like to hear your opinions on the soundtrack. It's never been uploaded to YouTube however; there is a series of videos named Bright Kingdom Soundtrack, but this is not the CD version. If someone wants to hear it, it can be downloaded online (not in the right way, if you get what I mean, but if you don't mind, I can share the link if you want it or you can't find it.

It can still be bought on Amazon (though, I must say, it's quite expensive, at least for me). Here is the link to buy it:
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