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The Weekly FONA: Farewell Soda and BlackSky Descends!

Dear community,

This Weekly FONA has come out a bit later than usual. As a result it won't have the latest maintenence or patch notes. Instead it will have a bunch of announcements from stuff that has happened recently.

First of all, our beloved Community Manager [CM]SodaPoppin has departed from Isya and from our lovely Fiesta NA Team. He will be missed and if you wish to say farewell to him then please head over to his goodbye thread, linked here: Soda's Departute

Since SodaPoppin has left Fiesta NA, [CM]BlackSky will be taking over as the Community Manager of Fiesta NA, so please contact him instead of SodaPoppin for any problems that requires a CM's attention.

In case some of you haven't realised, we now have a Discord Server! (Thread here: [Info] Discord) If you wish to join and speak to us on Discord, then all you have to do is click on this link:

In regards to the Island of Eya issue, we have posted this thread (Thread here: [Suggestion] Your dream island) and are allowing you the oppotunity to suggest where to best position Mobs and Herbs within the map. There are some rules and instructions on the thread so please follow them and please note that the deadline for this is Monday 05/15/17 at 06h00 (PDT).

Let's see what the team has been up to lately!

Tis the end of the month and things were looking gloomy for the Fiesta NA team.

The reason for their depression was due to the sad departure of Sodapoppin.

Auxiliary and Dice were hugging each other, they cried endless streams of tears down their faces.

“PWEASE DON'T GO!!!” cried Aux and Dice, begging in between their sobs.

HoneyTeddy and Nah were were also crying and they too did not wish for Sodapoppin to leave. So they did everything within their power and cling onto his legs like children.

“Come on girls, let go of me… I'm finally free!” said Soda as he struggled to walk out of his empty office.

At this point Kobal walked passed Soda and handed him a box of curry. He patted Soda on the shoulder, gave him a reassuring thumbs up and a wink. ‘Good Luck old friend!' was the silent mental message Kobal had given to Soda, but Soda couldn't quite pick up the message nor understand what Kobal was getting at and was feeling rather worried.

Kira then frighten the life out of Soda as he suddenly appeared behind him like a ninja and handed him a piece of line paper.

“Good luck Soda, if you have anybody you hate… just jot their name down on that piece of paper and make sure you have a clear image of their face. Muahahahahaha.” said Kira, walking away whilst laughing like a maniac.

Fenir on the other hand was hiding in the corner of the room mumbling the words, 'my precious' as she stroked a bottle of champagne that was supposed to be used for Soda's farewell party.

Epix had a bottle of soda ready, knowing full well that Fenir would take the alcohol and hide it. She poured the soda into some cups and prepared to bring them out into the office so that the team could toast him farewell.

Meanwhile Kuroneko and Youko were bickering over who was now in charge of the show and who should take over Soda's abandoned office.

After the team toasted Soda a farewell, the sky suddenly turned dark and BlackSky descended upon the HQ. He kicked the door open and said in a loud and majestic voice.


Kuroneko and Kira slowly raised their hand wondering who this mysterious intruder was, BlackSky swiftly grabbed the two of them by the collar and dragged them into the meeting room for a serious discussion.

The rest of the team was stunned and they followed after their three leaders and this mysterious person, but the meeting room door was slammed in their faces and all they could do was pile up on the door and eavesdrop.

Indistinguishable noises could be heard, like a high pitch fast forward recording and a minute later there was a high pitch fast forward sounding laugh and more noise. Another minute passed and the meeting room door was opened.

Kuroneko and Kira were sprawled out on the floor, having been lectured, beaten and defeated by BlackSky who had beaten them up and established himself as the Alpha, of the team.

“Now then… so… this handsome… gorgeous… amazing… new CM… is Blacksky… o-our… new boss… he also gets to keep Soda's office and… yay… new boss…”” said Kuroneko sounding a bit scared and depressed that he didn't get to have a private office to himself.

“You may have won, but I have my eyes on you…” muttered Kira, giving BlackSky, the I will beat you L look.

“Now that's settled, why don't we have a party!” said BlackSky and with that the team rocked on and party hard throughout the night and into the morning, in celebration of their new CM.


~Your Fiesta Online Team

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