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Crime.. hmmm..

I have been going to the same community college for three years, and for the first time since I started there, there was a report of an "Armed Robbery."

I'm thinking there is way more to the story than just a "random act of violence/terror." Lately, I feel like violence or petty crimes seem to be happening a lot more around me. I'm not saying that, you know, the world is against me or that it says anything about the area I live in or areas I go to. I just find things happening a lot lately, to be really unsettling.

Killings (Children killings are especially unnerving)
Missing persons
Domestic Violence
(Armed) Robberies

I know, these are all considered "normal," anymore, but it's something that just hasn't been as big as in my life as it has been as of late. Hell, I know of someone who was recently taken away by Federal agents because they have some sort of connection to two people that were recently killed in Westland, MI (I believe it was Westland). I don't know anymore details other than them being taken, but still.

Why am I sharing or posting? I guess because I still have some anonymity here, and I feel as though a lot of people on (my) Facebook, would either ignore (like most do anymore), or say some terribly ignorant ("excuse my French") shit - like something racial, "political," or otherwise uninformed.

Just curious if:

1. Anyone else is noticing a crime rate rise? (Remember can't just go by statistics/national releases of data/rates because not everything is reported in them) I mean.. personally notice anything? Sure, what you hear locally (news/whatever), but also what might not be released publicly.. things you know or hear because you actually live in the area/experience first hand. I'm rambling, sorry

2. What are your thoughts on this stuff, in general? Even if there hasn't been much activity around you? Assuming we all agree these are terrible things ;)

3. (Speaking of U.S. here) They say over last 10-20yrs crime rates have gone down.. So what's your take on all these news-covered incidences? I think rates have, indeed, gone down (overall), but what was included in that census? What types of crimes? From my experience those statistics don't include everything, and you would be surprised what they leave out and how it ends up it was left out. What's your opinion of the news outlets we have? (Feel free to share about your "news outlet" experiences from other countries!! Would love to hear)

--Not here to rile anyone up.. haha. Also, not necessarily thinking there's some huge issues (really could just be "It happens" and nothing is getting worse). I've just never dealt with a lot of what I am dealing with now. Makes me curious about others. I suppose you could just say as you get older, you experience more (shrug), but let's be real, that doesn't make it okay aha
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This is a few day late... I should really surf on here a bit more often..

I think I went through a phase like this, where I'm suddenly more aware of the horrible things that goes on around this world. I personally think it's just that we're older now, being in the adult world, we notice news about these things more. I used to think "surely these didn't happen 10-15 years ago, what's happening to our world!" but then it's probably just that 10-15 years ago I never watched the news.

Here in Aust there's been lots of campaign in domestic violence in the last year or two and it's through these campaigns that I realise how often it happens. You start off by questioning "why don't the women just leave?" but then you learn about how hard it is to just leave when often the violent partner has been limiting them access to money and communication, or they stalk, or they left but partner finds them and worst of all kills them.

I joined a FB mums group, and I'm amazed at how a community like that can help each other out. People know other people that just ran away from a violent partner with children and has nothing, and lots of people are willing to donate spare bits and pieces to help others.

I don't think I've noticed much of a rise in crimes in my circle of information, but have definitely noticed a lot more people living under the poverty line, also notice the lack of funding in mental health supports, if these people with mental health does not get the support they need, I presume that's mostly where crime happens (esp the ones you've mentioned).

We can all do a little bit to help, volunteer your time to a local community organisation, I've done simple things like donate sanitary pads to homeless women, or even just simply look out for people around you, we have a thing called "Are you OK day" that focus on just checking on your friends to see if they're OK as often people with issues bothering them does not show it. Maybe check out other depression type charities and see how one can help. Helping at a charity is probably the best way to understand what other people go through.


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I don't really pay much attention to the local news here so I'm not sure about the crime rate. Have you looked into the last two census' for your area?
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