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Originally Posted by Chanty View Post
well i have a problem 2 with the graphics since hte new patch i re-installed the game but it still doesnt work i'll try to get a screenshot with this message :PAttachment 237 anyone know what to do??

This has been what it looks like ever since I installed fiesta too. Even some monsters (mostly anything with wolf or the goblins in 4x abyss) have been completely invisible. I believe it has something to do with your RAM or graphics card. My bro's laptop downloaded fiesta in 30 mins (O_O) on the same internet connection and he has 1g of RAM. Everything looks perfect on there.

love you so much baby
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when i try to open any of the links it either says the thread is invalid or my acc doesn't have enough privilege, or however u spell it lol
help o.o

edit: my launcher was updating by itself.... then it just stopped *o*

edit-edit: nvm fiesta was just being greedy with my bandwidth so i couldn't do anything while it was downloading >.< but i'm back online xD
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i think the thread you linked to was removed,i can't access it.

I'm having this issue when i attempt to log in to the game:"servers unable to connect" or something like that </3
and i put in my username and password correctly,i even checked my email to make sure...

also what does manual patch mean?
and might it help if i uninstall then reinstall it?

P.S. I've not even got to play the game yet
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You have to do it a couple times after you first install it. I had to do the same thing. just keep trying and don't run anything else while it's going, just let it sit, and if you try enough times you will get in. Then it won't be as bad next time you do it.
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