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A weird giveaway

This a pretty short and weird tale.

I used to play on Epith during Outspark times. One day (can't remember the date, but I believe it was around 2011), a guy popped on Elderine, around the OX Stadium, stating that he was going to quit the game. Since I can't really remember the interesting details (names), nor do I have a screenshot, I'll just get to the point. He started to giveaway lots of +10 stuff under level 60, and gear with more than 1/2x of the possible stats; as far as I remember, back then < Lv60 weapons and armors couldn't be +10d, and having a, say, Lv50 armor with more than 25 END was impossible. I'm aware +10ing any item was technically possible, since the files allowed to do so, and I think the old armors stats weren't capped, and could have over 1/2x stats. What made it even weirder is that he seemed to have unusual knowledge about the game. To this day, I wonder if he was a hacker, or a staff member in disguise.

Anyway, that's the tale. It's nothing extremely interesting or amazing, but still a weird tale nonetheless.
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