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The OSKI: Lucky House, Bug Fixes, & MORE!

The Outspark InsiderJune 28th, 2011Fiesta Game News Hello fellow Fiestans! It's Tuesday and you know what that means? It's time for our weekly server maintenance! Did you know that the Festival of Sparks summer events is currently happening? Check out the event calendar and the event page to see all the awesome events the GMs have planned for you this summer! To start things off, WishBone is still waiting for payment on the race he had with LightBurb. WishBone is beginning to think that LightBurb is going to stiff him. Check out LightBurb's blog on the news section of the Fiesta Outspark page for more info on what went down. WishBone celebrated his winning by taking everyone on the Fiesta Team (minus LightBurb) to dinner. The funny part was WishBone left early and left the $1000 dinner bill for the team to pay! This led to some payback for WishBone. Upon returning to the office the next day, WishBone found that his desk was covered in post it notes and his chair had magically transformed into a plastic kid chair. After removing all the post it notes from his desk, WishBone asked the rest of the team to do work and not play anymore practical jokes. The Fiesta Team has worked long and hard to make sure bugs got fixed for you! Aside from all the goofing off, we have some bug fixes and more! Continue reading for more information!
The servers will be shutting down starting at 10:00PM PST, and the maintenance has a planned completion time of 1:00AM PST, for a total of 3 hours. Check the server announcements located in the Fiesta forums for updates in case the process is completed any sooner (or later).

- Implementation of the Lucky House: Players are now able to enter the Lucky House to play the ever popular Dice Game!- Vendor bug has been fixed!- The text size of the new character name display has been made smaller- The Entrap Skill properly shows its animation- The skill Hard Blow can now be purchased with the required Fame and in-game currency
- Closing the "Helping the People" Event Quest
Errors and Bugs
- Horai Boots & Tanatos Boots now correctly gives the 7% critical rate boost- Skills Scrolls requiring Fame now show the correct binding attributes- Fixed text issues where set effects were not correctly displaying in skill descriptions- Fixed text issues where enhancement effects were not correctly displaying in skill descriptions- The Trickster Set Effects are properly shown on the Gabriel Set- The 5 piece set effects for the Neglect Set now gives the proper effects- Poison Shot duration bonus effect for Medusa Pants, Armor, and Boots works correctly- The 3 piece set effect for Intellect Set now functions correctly- When empowering healing spells, empower rates now correctly increase healing spells and not damage- All set armors with debuff related set effects now function properly
In Progress, Discussion, or Review
- Treasure Box from GM event drop items- Secret Lab difficulty and drop rates- Helga difficulty- Charm Icons- Missing T5 Composition and Decomposition Skills- Estate refresh
Maintenance Cool Catch: Sleep Over Pack
To celebrate maintenance, we have a very special Cool Catch of the Day for you! For two hours only from 11:30PM PDT to 1:30AM PDT, the Moo Cow Bonnet (30 Days)will be available in the Fiesta Store at a 10% discount. Only a limited quantity will be sold, so be sure to grab your comfy sleeping clothes while supplies last!

Maintenance Cool Catch: Moo Cow Bonnet (30 Days)

We'll see you all after the patch Isyan!
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its my imagination or the mobs in the abyss got faster after the update? :/
(or im just lagging ?.. )

Cuuuuuuuuteee :3
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