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What do MMORPGs Have in common with sex?

No, I’m not talking about cybering in a chat room. Just picture yourself thinking of having sex for the first time, EXCITING right. Then you hear your buddies talking about it then you get all curious and want to try it. So you go out into the world and find that special someone or in many cases it just happens. Then you actually have sex, and it’s fantastic. Once you tried it, you start to run around like a bunny on Red Bull, looking for it every chance you get. Sooner or later, though, almost everyone reaches the point where just sex isn’t enough. You start fantasizing about trying different things, whether it be trying new things or trying new thing with new people. You ask yourself why?
Because sex is additive. Sooner or later, no matter how much fun it is, the “same old thing” gets old and tiring, and you look for something to spice it up a bit in an attempt to recapture that exciting feeling you got when you first tried it.
Which leads us to MMORPGs. When you first encounter the game, it’s all exciting. You’ve never experienced anything like it. Your friends are right this is the best damn thing that ever happen to you. You become addicted, just like sex you start running through your day like a bunny on Red Bull just to get through with the requirements of life so you can get back to spending intimate time with your new love. While some even start neglecting their life and put all their focus and time into it.

Eventually, though just like sex the excitement wanes a bit. You start realizing there are different MMOs out there. Those MMOs start seeing how dedicated you are with the MMO you are currently playing, they all start flirting with you like you are the last person on Earth. You also start thinking that some of the other MMOs out there look pretty damn good, and you want to give them a try. This causes you to actually think of just trying the new MMOs out and see how it goes.
But chances are you’ll wind up getting back together with a previous love. Usually when you realize that your new love doesn’t really offer anything your old one didn’t, except you’re used to the quirks and foibles of your last relationship. You try to weigh out the goods and bads with your new love and your previous. This will cause you a big headache.
Especially if you discover that your new love is completely insane. That’s when you find out you are tied up on a bed post with nothing on and the only person to discover you are your neighbors. While all this is going on, you find out your new love was just using you for your money to buy fancy clothes to seduce other people.
Or even worse..they are just boring in the sack.
This is the trap that I feel most MMOs fall into. They’re not building a relationship, they’re just showing you all these fancy stuff to get you in for a month or two. To me, this is why the most important part of a MMO isn’t the graphics, the gameplay or the setting, it’s the entire package taken as a whole.
When you fall in love, you overlook the various inadequacies of your love, because you love the sum of their parts. They try their best to make you happy no matter what the resources they have. But if it’s just a fling based on physical attraction, that’s all that is going for them and you start to notice it which you will be jetting for the door in no time.
Developers should quit trying to put breast implants, tummy tucks and dye jobs on their games, and start trying to make a MMO you’d take home to your Mom. Stop designing for flings and start developing something that looks worthy of a relationship. In the end, developers have to know that if we are to commit to something we need more than just fancy graphics, new cool battle systems, or unlimited class choices. We need the whole package and sometimes even more. Yes call us selfish if you want, but remember you are the one that wants us to settle and build a home with you. So in the beginning we might just try it and see how you treat us, but once you start to give us empty promises and false hopes. We’ll hit the road and go back to our first love because they will always be there for us in tough times.
The MMO community is past the fling stage and are now looking for that one special MMO to spend the rest of their life with.
So to speak - If all fails and you can’t find that special someone just remember…Hookers are recession-proof.
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