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Intro to the Crusader

Having played this character a bit now, I wanted to give a brief intro to the Crusader and my thoughts on it. First, this character starts at L60, and you must have a L60 character of another class in your stable to create a crusader. You begin on the bridge in Elderine next to Tiros, the crusader NPC. A quick look in your inventory will show that you have been given scrolls, HP potions, and other useful items. By speaking to him and completing 1 simple kill (in Moonlight Tomb, nothing like killing something 30+ levels below you), you are given all of your beginning skills, armors (all have random stats), and your weapon.
The crusader is a combination hero class, combining cleric, fighter, and mage into one character. An example of an early attack sequence would be throwing a light ball at a mob (M), casting a regen spell on yourself as it approaches (C), then attacking with your light sword (F). The crusader uses a new system to Fiesta, using Light Points instead of Spririt Points for each skill. Each crusader has 100 LP, and these regenerate at a rate of 10HP/second. You never have to stone to replenish your LP, as the crusader draws in light energy from it's surroundings. I have not seen the LP amount increase as I have leveled, but of course Gamigo sells a LP extender in the cash shop.
My initial experience with the crusader is that it tends to be a bit squishy. I have died more with it than any other character that I have played, and I am just 4 levels in. My build is currently 25 into spirit for the crit bonus, then even split between strength and intelligence. For now, it seems like playing a solo cleric in attack style, since it has no true stun and doesn't handle large amounts of mobs well.
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