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Hi, this newbie needs some help

Hy guys hi to all,
look I am new in fiesta but not playing mmorpgs
the lvling isnt a proble for me is the making money ....
in fiesta there are to many ssytems to make a sale like the vendor ..
if a want to sale my stuff in store i only choose sale vendor and i set the price .. i am i nthe rigth way???... but un purchase store is diferent why i cant sell the items at the price that the purchase store of the player set .. why is always a lower price??.... and how in hell do i trade thing i always wanted to trade some stuff with some friends but it doesnt allow me to push the accpet button why is that??? if any one can help me i will be really greatfull
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OK, in the stores when you are selling to a vendor, when you move your cursor over the item you are selling, it will show the price that the item would sell to an NPC (non player character). This price is NOT what you receive - you get the price that the vendor has set. This system is a check for you to see if the vendor is selling for more than the NPC, in other words a way to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Now, when trading, it happens in a certain sequence. You and the other person will place the items and/or cash to be traded in the squares. Next, each of you has a small button to the left to lock in your trade. Each player HAS to click this button to lock in the trade. Finally, each player then has to click the Approve button. This action will complete the trade. Now, if you lock in your side of the trade and the other player then changes something on his side, your side unlocks as a safety measure so that you don't get tricked into something you did not agree to. If this happens and still want to trade, lock your side again and then finish out the trade.

I hope this helps. Also, feel free to click the Wiki button on the top of the page to learn more about the game.
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Welcome too
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