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[Outspark] August Fiesta Feature - Fiesta's Next Top Model: Live Tour! [08.01.09]

Originally Posted by GM_Nekopon View Post

August Fiesta Feature
Fiesta's Next Top Model (STAR Edition): Live Tour

Official thread

Have you heard of Fiesta's Next Top Model? The proud owner, sponsor, and host of this event is the lovely Adrichiang! She started this event to show her "appreciation for Fiesta and all those people who make up the Fiesta community". We appreciate her doing all of this, too! The contest started in the forums and after seeing how elaborate and popular it was we thought it was time to show a little love back. For a while now, GM Nekopon and Adrichiang have been working together to form the ultimate community event from the forums to the amazing in-game live show!

The three finalists for the contest were lenore_lurks, Shonenhero, and princessyfeather. Each of the models had to apply with a screenshot of their character and at least a paragraph to answer their challenge questions for each week. There was also Mr./Miss Congeniality for those that did not make it to finals but were still excellent models. The winners from first to fourth were sinful_delicious, caliab, Lucky_Lukasz, tied in fourth with gigibunny, and Shadow_Claw13. They also won prizes and a place on the live stage.

The live show was a tour that appeared across all servers. Several GMs were at the event, including Nekopon, Straega, Silkypico (If but for a brief moment!), Cynical, and SKiNG. Our lovely Master of Ceremonies was the host herself, Adrichiang, and Nekopon. Here’s a list of the events: An Introduction, Costume Show One, Costume Show Two, Models Q&A, and Ending Ceremonies. It was especially loud in the Apoline server as it is the home of all three of the finalists, and the final tallies were presented in Cypion where the Live tour ended.

In the introductions, each model was invited to take center stage and pose for the audience. They have the choice of using in-game poses or doing form flashy spells or skills. They told us a bit about who they are and a small description about them was presented by the host. There was a lot of cheering from the audience for their favorite models.

“Sausha has a dominant relationship personality. She loves to help those around her and lend a helping hand. Her talents for making mad siggies for her fellow players made her one of the most requested artist to date on the forums.

Neoshaman has a centered personality, who loves to make his audience laugh! His talents are through his funny sense of writing which can be shown in one of his Fan Fictions called Battleship Apoliner.

lenore_lurks is all about action! Lenore would not hesitate to immediately go into action to help those in need around her. Her talents include the ability to see the good things even in bad situations. Her witty forum remarks have motivated many around her to resolve their issues in a positive manner.”

Secondly, we had the costume show that was split into two parts. Each model dressed in different combinations of the following costumes: Tribal, Summer Love, Summer Boop, Tropical, Mango, and Palm. The models dressed into two different costumes per server. From there, the MC would ask them several questions about what they thought about their costumes.

Nekopon: “You’re pretty hot in that Palm swimsuit set, Sausha! What do you think of it?”

Sausha: “This swimsuit is really nice, the black is really hot!”

As for the Model Q&A, it was a time for everyone to learn a bit more about the models themselves with Nekopon asking them with slightly more difficult questions. Each model went out to center stage and sat with Nekopon for a little one-on-one:

Nekopon: “Neo, you’re wearing the new Summer Love set! What do you think, will you wear it outside of this show?”

Neoshaman: “Well, probably not as a complete set. I think the Summer Love pants will look good accompanied by the Mango shirt!”

Nekopon: “You’re right, they’re a very colorful pair!”

As mentioned before, Cypion was special because it was the last stop where the final tally took place. The final tally was important because it combined all of the forum poll votes along with the Outspark Staff votes to get the final winner for the contest! And the winner was lenore_lurks! She performed with the utmost skill and spoke with beautiful language, including every difficult question Nekopon threw at her. One of the most memorable questions were:

Nekopon: "Your Summer Love swimsuit look really good on you. Do you think you'll attract a mate with that?"

lenore_lurks: "Well, it's an excellent swimsuit, so I'd say yes."

Nekopon: "Which do you prefer, spicy or salty?"

lenore_lurks: "Spicy."

Nekopon: "I also heard you're married to Neo, do you think he's spicy?"

lenore_lurks: "lol, well, it's always nice to have a guy who is little spicy, and he's got just the right amount ^.~."

lenore_lurks and her final speech for the contest:
"The final event was more than I could have imagined. For me, the day started at 5am (silly Aussie time zone, gah!) and I got ready to strut my stuff, hot chocolate in hand. We travelled through the servers, and overall had the most incredible experience, interacting with the GM’s, friends new and old, and the communities that inhabit each server. I felt each server reacted to our presence there in different ways, some negative but generally they were pretty positive, especially on Teva and our home server of Apoline. I would encourage everyone to give Fiesta’s Next Top Model a red hot go in future cycles!

Of course… there has to be a winner, and even though each contestant put in many hours for each submission and racked their brains for answers to random questions during the event, I was eventually marked as the winner! Such a thrill, the suspense was just about killing me waiting to hear whose name would be called, my heart beat faster and I almost tapped a hole through my desk with nervousness… I was so happy when my name was called, it felt wonderful. I’m so thankful for having this opportunity and will do my best to be a great representative! I was thrown by a few questions, like pancakes or waffles, or what tattoo I would get IRL and why (since I was wearing the Summer Tribal at the time), but I powered on through and gave honest answers. I didn’t hold back, had a lot of fun with it, interacted with the crowd when I was able to keep up with the comments, and made sure those tiny bikinis stayed in place!

I want to give a massive shout out to my mates (here we go… long list~!) ChronicleFighter (ilu nubcake), Ewoyn (rawrs), SonnEngel (Jun~!), Kat, Raela, lolyina, andiiiiiii, lana~!, Patty, Icchi, Kyax, Boom, Ako, Koko, Aure, Cecilia, Moppy, Killer, Healy & Hotty (SB 4 life), Gedface, Knivy, DeviousDailey, Holy_Tears, Kiri, LdyMystra, Ryda, Nam, Taki, Lowe (I will read that book!!), Ceri, Ray, Shio and teeeee~!
Also to my guildies from Ithilien, and past guildies from Superbad and Dunedain.

A huge thanks to the GM’s who helped out with this (Neko, you’re amazing chickadee), and much love to all contestants of Cycle 3, you guys are amazing <3

Special thanks to Neo for being the most incredible support and friend from start to finish, I could not imagine this competition without you <3"

Lastly, we’d have the ending ceremonies. All the models and special guests were invited to present their bows to thank the audience that joined us for the big event! Also thanks for those who attended the event and cheered for all the models! Couldn't have done it without you!

For winning the event, lenore_lurks was awarded with a SparkCash outfit of her choice! Make sure to participate in future forum and in-game events to be part of the next big thing here at Outspark!

Editors: Nekopon, Bribbo
Photographers: Silkypico, sauecracker, Celtic_Princess
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Nothing here, move along.

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LOL xD Nice.

Too bad i was in kkp when it was going on. .________________.

I would pwn them with my mango suit~~ (:
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You'd expect models to have a little more fashion sense...
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After a gazillion edits... all I'm gonna say is... Lame >_>;;

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