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Crusader FAQ

Welcome to the

official Crusader FAQ!

This is a summary of

the most important facts about the upcoming Crusader class. It should help in

answering any questions you might have about getting started in this exciting

new class.

Well then, here we


What are the requirements

for the Crusader class/what do I have to do to be able to create a Crusader?

To be able to create a new Crusader, you need one other

character (doesn't matter which class) on the account that is at least level

60, as well as a free character slot.

Speaking of a free

character slot, I already have 5 characters but I want to create a Crusader. Do

I have to delete a character to create one?

No, a free 6th character slot is being added with

this content, so you can keep all your beloved characters!

Does my character

have to be exactly level 60 or can it be higher?

One of your characters needs to be at LEAST level 60 to

unlock the ability to create a Crusader. Characters higher than level 60 also

meet the prerequisite.

Will I lose my level

60 character if I create a Crusader?

No, reaching level 60 just unlocks the Crusader as a

creatable and playable class on your account.

Will I transfer

skills from my character to my crusader, if I create one?

No. The creation of a crusader is a brand new standalone

character. Already existing characters won't be affected in any way. The Crusader

has its own set of unique skills.

Will my level 60

character be transformed into a Crusader?

No, existing characters will not be transformed, upgraded,

morphed, or changed in any way. You must select your server and create a

Crusader like any other new character.

Is it possible to start

at level 1 with a Crusader?

No. The crusader is designed to be a "hero” class and

therefore provides a kind of special gameplay experience.

Is the 6th character

slot only available for the creation of a Crusader?

No, it is a character slot like any other. You can use it to

create any kind of character you want. You are not forced to use it for a Crusader.

Is the Crusader

limited to only 1 per account/server?

No. If you want, you could even have six Crusaders on a

single account and server as long as there was a level 60 character already on


Is one level 60 character

enough to unlock the Crusader on every server?

No. You can only create a Crusader on a server and account

where there is already a level 60 character present.

What about skill points

and attributes on Crusaders?

Crusaders start with the appropriate amount of skill points

and attribute points upon creation. Also, speaking to Tiros and completing the

quests he offers will reward you with the beginning Crusader skills for free.

And what about


While you cannot do any quests that are not normally

available for under level 60, any and all quests starting at level 60 will be


Will extenders work

for the Crusader?

Yes, Extenders will work. Although Crusaders have Light

Points instead of Spirit Points, SP extenders will still work for LP.

Will there also be a

new level cap raise?

No. There is no level cap raise.

We hope that this FAQ has cleared up

some of the questions you have going into the Crusader release. Get ready for

the brand new adventures that await!
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