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NBA 2K: twenty five years exceeding perfection

Sports video games are a curious species: to be based mostly on sports and actual leagues, where between the following can change players, teams and even rules, are made to launch an yearly version. There's no potential delay, no matter how much someone comes up with a great idea: September arrives, the competitions start and the game on the flip needs to be on the shelves. This pace of frenzied development requires that any development be incremental: little changes almost negligible between editions that are taking the game in a specific direction, which may simply be seen clearly when looking at the franchise with the space and perspective of several years.

Moreover, reaching a specific amount of simulation, improving things becomes exponentially more difficult. For obvious reasons, the basis of a sports game is always the same: barring particular modifications in the rules (there have been many in a hundred decades of sports background ) basketball is fundamentally the same. One can enhance artificial intelligence, visual representation, setting... but in the long run that the basketball doesn't change, therefore the differences between one edition and another, in this time, can not be that significant. This seems pure common sense, however there is NBA 2K to choose the opposite. For quite a while now, annually the critic arrives to conclude it is a perfectly flawless basketball game... and twelve weeks later, somehow perfection extends up yet another step.

NBA 2K, this year receives the honorary prize for a whole saga at the Fun & Serious Games Festival, has attained a closeness to the sport it represents that amazes anyone who understands a little basketball. A few decades back, in a round table online sports simulation in the Festival where Antoni Daimiel (probably the voice that most relates the current viewer together with the NBA) and Vicente Salaner (pioneer of American basketball in Spain), both agreed to point out that may be recognized to the players by the mechanisms of shooting. It's a spectacular example, but it is only the tip of the iceberg: the addition of the actual moves standard of each and every one of the players was among the milestones that popularized NBA 2K, but in the end it's nothing more than accumulate personal animations. That"just" requires time, resources for great motion capture technologies and artists that have a good eye.

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