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tale of the 2 knights

sry for the typos XD but heres peace of my mind :.

the rebirth....

long time ago the world of isya was ruled by the four grate kingdoms the powerful enchanters the scouts the paladins and the grate warriors in that time a grate war started btween the four kingdoms witch results turened out amazingly distructive alot where killed and alot where in pain but at that time four grate heros manged to save the earth and end the grate war...

these four heros had the enough power to master all four classes and where called protecters.... Azure the grate mage ..... orpheste the grate fighter.... hast the grate archer.... and angelos the grate cliric....

thay manged to defeate the evil spirts around the world of isea and bring peace back to the 4 kingdoms but sorrwfuly thay had to sacrifice there lifes doing so orpheste angelos and hast died after the grate war had ended but no one ever found Azure......

200 years after the grate war of isya in the ancient elven woods.

*calm voise*: huh why do i feel this pain.
*peaceful vosie*: so you are alive .
*calm voise*: alive huh?
*peaceful voise*: its been 200 years already?
*calm voise*: this pain it is like my blood is freazing inside of my vains.
*peaceful voise*: calm down Azure this is just the world crying.
*Azure*: huh u know my name... the world crying hm.. who are you
*peaceful voise*h im aura the hope in your heart .
*Azure*: the hope in my heart ?
*Aura*: you Azure are the chosen one you survived the grate war.
*Azure*: i survived ... what ! did my brothers die ?
*Aura*: sadly yes... but you you are the hope leaft for this world.
*Azure*: where am i its so cold in here.
*Aura*: theres no time you are to wake up and save the world now sadly your powers are gone and you have 2 learn every thing from scratch...

the voises faint away..

far from that plasse in a town called roumen...

*chearful voise*: wow its winter already im finally ready to go hunt silmes !!!!
*calm voise*: calm down Zero we stell got all winter 2 train you know .
*Zero*: Lima u know how long ive been waiting >.<.
*Lima*:aaaaah alright alright lets go warm up a little .
*Zero*: ALRIGHT !.
*Lima*: im not sure wich way to go so we should be careful.
*Zero*: ill lead the way .
*Lima *: wait up !

as Lima trys to keep up with Zero running...

*Zero*: woooow look at the mushrom.
*Lima*:eeek we should run.

Zero gets closer 2 the mucherom...

*Zero*: its just a normal mushrom lets take it and make a mushrom soap !

fire mushrom looks at Zero and blast him away.

*zero* outch ! what the hell.
*Lima* its a fire mushrom u ideot its gona kill us now ! * heal*!
*Zero* : just heal me ill take care of it *slice and dice !!!!
*Lima*: wow its fast you missed it .

mushrom blasts zero away and blasts lima

*Lima*: outch *heal*
*Zero*: heal ur self Lima !!!
mushrom charges at Lima with a fire blast ready...

an arrow flys by with upnormal speed
mushrom lys down dead
lima opens her eyes : wow im not dead
*Zero* : wow that was close im sorry Lima.
*Lima* : u idot u almost got us killed ... AGAIN !
*Zero*: again when was the first time ?
*cool voise*: you kids arnt gona get this lucky every day you know.

Lima and Zero look up on the tree...
the guys jumps down the tree
*Zero*: wooow who are you mister.
*cool vosie *: hmph im Ray and yah im a ranger.
*Lima*: cool thank you for saving me .
*Ray*: will if a ranger dosnt get to save one or tow beautiful women like you every day what would he do .
*Lima*: bluches.
*Zero*: my god are u gonna end this flirting setion or what.
*Ray*: you tow should head back home here you go.
handels them tow green scrolls
*Zero*: what do we do with these.
*Ray*: read them and you will see.
*Zero*:..... nothing happened wa wa waaaaaow
*Ray* : that toke care of it ...

back at roumen.

*Lima*: im never gona go hunting with u ever again u almost got me killed !
*Zero*: ur the one that didnt heal her self
*Lima*: this is useless im goin home !
*Zero*: argh ill go get my self a slime candy or sumthing your boring !.

thus a day in isya was over.....
ok that was the end of vol 1 hope u guys liked it ^^ tell me if i should make another episode XD sorry for the typos btw
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Blaaaaaah 2 u 2
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You need an editor. I'm not going to slog through all of that without any sort of attention to conventional grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you mention e.e. cummings I just may shoot you, fair warning.
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im sorry im just not that good at writing english any ways i promice for less typos at vol.2 ty for reading

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nice nice hope for vol 2
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im hoping there will be 1 soon if people liked it and its gona be alot beter ^^
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