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love xp12345

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Cleric's Solo Guide

~Cleric's Solo Guide~

Table of Contents
  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 2.0 Pro's & Con's
  • 3.0 Clerics Skills
  • 4.0 Builds
  • 5.0 Skill Empowerments
  • 6.0 Mace/Hammer
  • 7.0 Parties & Kingdom Quests
  • 8.0 Tips
  • 9.0 Frquently Asked Question

1.0 ~Introduction~

Hello im love xp and i usually found find clerics class the most boring because lots of people think cleric are supportive charecters that heal and buff though only some people succes to become a fighting cleric instead of a healing bot.

2.0 ~Pro's & Con's~
You will be able to heal while fighting multiple monsters
You will be able to level faster than the other Cleric types
You will be able to go fight solo or with a party

You might get banned from a party because your not healing

4.0 ~Builds~
25 SPR Rest STR (Best for PvP)

25 SPR 25 END Rest STR (Party and Solo Cleric)

25 SPR 25 END 25 STR then continue 1:1 END:STR (My Build)

Dont forget to add 10 DEX for aim.

5.0 ~Skill Empowerments~
5 points into Power
5 points into Decrease cool time

5 points into Power
5 points into Decrease cool time

5 points into Duration

6.0 ~Mace/Hammer~

Mace is really the best weapon for a healer it has a low ciritcal rate and is faster than a hammer but for damage dealing i like to use a hammer for the add ciritical rate but you can choose any of them choose the one that suits you style.

7.0 ~Parties & Kingdom Quests~
In parties solo cleric's can choose two paths eigther a healer or a DD
in most parties cleric's become healers but when i party i like to deal lots of damage its really what you want to become.

In KQ's i like change here i hate to fail a kq so i choose to become a healer here as there's lots of DD which i need to look after thier health but if theres only some DD and many Clerics i usually go and DD

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niceone D i made my cleric when i was a noob but now i think it can become a nice cleric it use mace but think it doesnt matter at all :P thanks for the guild ^^

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my main is a solo cleric
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Hero Slime
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Thanks! Looking forward to improving my cleric!
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Any up-to-date guide?
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